So we have students everywhere, and it’s great. And people come back to me all the time with
great feedback, Saying our students are professional, well
trained, And hungry for the position. Well I think College of the Canyons, Our iCue Department (Institute for Culinary
Education), We have small class sizes, we have the best
chefs Teaching our students, We have over six chefs, with over 300 years
experience In the industry, teaching our students right
now. And it’s a small atmosphere and they learn
a lot. Right now we offer three certificates We have a Culinary Arts certificate, We have a Baking and Pastry certificate, And we also have a Wine Studies certificate. Once they complete with their certificate, They can actually go out and work in the food
service industry. So right away they can start as a line cook
or a prep cook. And we have some students working Throughout the Santa Clarita valley right
now. My vision is, in the near future, we’re going
to offer An associate’s degree in Culinary Arts, Which is very exciting to keep us competitive. We’re also planning on opening our brand new
facility A 7 million dollar, 5 kitchen facility on
the Valencia Campus. So we’re very excited about that, We’re about a year and an a half out right
now, But it’s going to open so many possibilities For the students and the community.