John: If there’s one thing Americans do well, two things, war and then desserts as well. Paddy: Ooooh, John: Two contributors, one bowl. Tom: Ooh, what is this stuff on top of ice cream and ruining it? Diane: Is that like banana? Offscreen: Uh huh John: Do you know how I knew it was banana? It’s cause so many times, in my life, I left a banana at the bottom of my school bag, and by the time I found it, it looked a bit like this. Tom: I wanna start with just some ice cream, just to experience some pleasure before you ruin it with this weird banana piece-of-shit. Justine: Oh, It’s cinnamon! Diane: That is so good. Paddy: Oh my god. Tom: Oh, the texture of it is stupid. No wonder it’s been fostered, if I was its parent I would have given it away too. Paddy: There’s something there, but you don’t really know what it is. John: Now I’ve been to America, and I’ve not seen Bananas Foster. Justine: I’m American and I’ve never had Bananas Foster. John: Oh, we all know what these boys are… Paddy: Aw, brownies! Justine: Are they “fun” brownies? Tom: You know Facts. is messed up, when I’ve just kinda assumed that you’ve like spiked it with drugs Ashling: That’d be great. Paddy: So moist. Ashling: Mmm, good texture. John: It’s like biting right into an angel Tom: Get that into you in one bite. *muffled* I always do this. Justine: This is unreal. Like I have nothing else to say. Other than that it’s unreal. Diane: That looks amazing. Tom: It looks like a word I should know. Like a “flam” or something. Like a flam-like a- like Justine: Cheesecake? John: I think that is cake…of cheese Offscreen: No, it’s fairly simple actually. Ashling: Baked Cheesecake? Justine and John: Ooh John: So what’s it taste like? Rats? Tom: Alright, okay, I’m just going to go in and take a proper chunk Diane: It’s so good. Paddy: It’s really light and fluffy. John: I don’t know much about New York there isn’t too much to talk about, but the cheesecake is great. Tom: You know what they say about New York, If you can bake it there, you can bake it anywhere. John: That’s amazing. Justine: Really, really good. Tom: Yeah I give the New Yorker Cheesecake nine out of eleven. Tom: Chocolate chip cookies up in here. John: Spoiler: we do have cookies here Paddy: Feels a bit crispy. Tom: Oh, these are excellent. Ashling: Yeah, very good. Tom: Congratulations Facts. Ashling: They’re not like overcooked so that they’re like *sound of cookie splitting* Paddy: That is a decent cookie. Tom: This is like my mouth’s favorite thing. Paddy: Why haven’t we got a glass of milk with this? Okay. Well, how is it? Diane: Wetter. Justine: And they’re all gone This is the first time I’ve finished everything. Tom: Even the crumbs are good. How do you make the crumbs good? Ashling: Because the crumbs were once part of the whole thing. Tom: Oh, yeah. Paddy: Red Velvet cake. Diane: I’ve heard about this. John: Santa Claus Cake? Tom: #Oh, Black Betty# *mumbles* Does that not suit Red Velvet? Ashling: No. Paddy: Okay, it looks really good, looks really nice. Tom: It-It does- yeah- it’s a very red Red Velvet cake, I have to say. John: Here’s to, Diabetes. Tom: I know color don’t have taste but if they did, this definitely doesn’t taste like red. It tastes like a light purple. Justine: Like I know the sensory but there is no really real flavour, other than sugar. Diane: If it wasn’t red, I’d just think it was a sponge cake. Tom: It does taste fluffy, like you could eat a lot of it and you wouldn’t really know what happened. Justine: Red Velvet sounds a bit sexy though doesn’t it? Look at my Red Velvet cake. John: No more Red Velvet cake for you. Ashling: Sometimes I forget there’s like all these people in the room with us. you know? Tom: I’m not afraid of you I know you say shit about me in the comment section but I’m not afraid of you, so it doesn’t even matter.