“Desert pizzas… yeah, we’re eatin’ desert pizzas.”
“Pizzas of the desert.” “Oh man… this is weird.” “Is that cream?” “It smells kind of fruity? I don’t know…
Is that cheese?” “It just looks so wrong.” “It smells like Christmas.” “Oh no.” “Oh no.” “Oh god no.” “Not impressed.” “I’m expectin’ savory, and I don’t know what I’m eatin’.” “So that is actually… straight up rotten.” “There is cheese!…
WHAT THE F***!” “There’s no sugar. It needs more sugar.” “And then there’s pumpkin, is it?” “The second bite was better.” “If I either… ordered dessert… or pizza…” “Mmm…”
“…I’d be disappointed.” “It’s not that it’s bad or anything…”
“Now that you know that you know the flavors.” “Yeah… yeah.”
“… it’s a bit better.” “It’s just wrong, anyway.”
“Third bite’s not as good.” “It kind of separates the men from the boys… if you can’t eat this pizza, you’re not a real man.” “I feel like I’m after seeing a very handsome man and I don’t know how to handle it… I’m like, ‘Oh hello~'” “In fairness, this is actually what I thought… when I heard, ‘dessert pizza.'” *sniffs*
“Oreos?” “You’re a dirty little slice, aren’t ya?” “Ohh… nope. Already no.” “I don’t know but that was terrible… I was like, ‘What is this taste?'” “Oh mama.” “Mmm… it’s so nice!” “Oh, it’s so good.” “This is just– someone just had some like, pizza distance left over the bridge.” “What can I put on this? Whatever you want, Billy.
Whatever you want… it’s your birthday.” “I don’t want to leave anyone.” “I really like it… it’s very sticky.” “This is just so– this is just hisssskfdkfld…
You?” “So Banana Oreos and my fingers are covered in white stuff now… so I guess I liked ’em.” “I don’t think this qualifies as a pizza.” “Somebody brought cake to a pizza party.” “You know, if you want to identify as a pizza, that’s your ow– that’s your own thing.” “What do you–”
“I think it’s peanut butter.” “Aw, goddammit is it peanut butter?” “This, it looks kinda like apple tart with a cookie on it!” *gags* “This is so good.” “Ah, you know, I’m kinda disappointed.” “It’s shit. It’s peanut butter.” “No, it’s a bit dry.”
“Bit dry.” “It’s really nice. I’d finish this.” “I like peanut butter. So it’s nice.” “I wanna drizzle this. In Nutella.” “It’s a shit kick and this… smeared shit on top of it.” “Ah, I’m such a fatty.” “This is a cake! Whaddaya gonna hate a cake for, you cook?” “S’mores!” “Oh mama.”
“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!” “You’re just givin’ up on the whole pizza business.” “I think it looks amazing.” “Came apart in my hands.”
“That’s not good.” “And it’s got the little drizzle.”
“And the marshmallows look toasted!” “Ah…”
“Oh my god.” “Whaddayou think?”
“No.” “It’s a bit too chocolate-y.” “It only needs its– the tip… for that” “That’s amazing.” “It’s a bit too rich for my interest “Like I wish you didn’t like that just so I could finish it.” “Just when you think there’s no more, there’s like another level of amazing-ness.” “It’s the best.” “It’s a s’mores pizza, and I’d like s’mless.” “I want s’more pizza~” “TV? No. Internet? No. Medicine? Piss off.
Pizza is the greatest invention of all time… … and you’re ruinin’ it for me… YOU’RE RUININ’ IT!” “What–what–what are they?” “I hate fruit.” “This is classy~”>>”When the queen has pizza…”
>>”… this is her pizza.” “This one’s heated slightly.” “Is this gonna be savory? Or sweet? I don’t know.” “It smells rotten.” “Bree. Ugh, the worst character in Desperate Housewives.” “What is this?”
“Whut? How?” “Nope.”
“Aw…” “You don’t like it? You’re like, ehehehdkld~~” “Popcorn taste?”
“What am I–” “Nooo… it was goin’ so well!” “Augh– just the aftertaste– it’s like in my palette.” “I’m tryin’ to figure it out… and it doesn’t get any easier when you get to the raspberry thing.” *gags* “It’s kinda like a… toasted sandwich.” “Why am I goin’ back? Ack….” “I-I can’t with the smell of that.” “I’m actually really diggin’ this. Is it weird? “It’s like Schrödinger’s Pizza: it’s both disgusting and amazing at the same time.” “It’s like havin’ a great day and then gettin’ hit by a bus on your way home.” “You know, the comments are just gonna be like, ‘Ugh, those two husbands are real picky about their food.'” “Ugh….”
“Who’s flustering now?”