I came, I saw, I conquered. My puppy takes me for these walks every day. I was standing next to the neighbour’s fence. I was noticing these beautiful red berries
on this bush just on the other side of my fence in the neighbour’s yard. I looked at them, and I thought “I’ve
never seen these before.” There were little white flowers. I thought this is very interesting, and it’s
very pretty. I’m going to take a photo, and post it on
Facebook and say; What are these? Are these crab apples? Will I die if I eat one? So I posted it on Facebook. My friend from Burning Man, one of my campmates,
he’s a medical doctor in Florida. He says that’s an Arbutus unedo and it’s
edible. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it’s the
Irish Strawberry Tree. And then I went back and I ate one. Two the first day. Then anorther friend posted on Facebook about
finding one in Vic West. And how he collected two bins full, and put
them into his freezer for dessert smoothies. So today for your entertainment, you can also
come, see, and conquer. Right. Thank you very much, Carolyn.