We’ve been in Sofia Bulgaria for one
month now and today we’re going to share with you exactly how much it does cost
to live here Hey guys I’m Ross and I’m Bek! We quit our jobs in Australia and rented out our home started working online and well
we’ve decided that we’re going to travel the world full-time so we go from city
to city one month at a time and we try and share as much as we can with you we
love food and all the different things that you can do in these cities so if
you haven’t checked out our videos check them out! To share our cost of living
for a one-month period we have eight categories we think they’re the most
important they’re the areas that we spend our money on so we’re staying in
an airbnb and it’s an awesome location right in the center of Sofia there’s a
lot of buzz happening in this area we near the Vitosha Boulevard which is the
big shopping street here our apartments really simple it’s spacious we have
separate rooms have a big bedroom a big living area and a nice kitchen it’s an
old building but a really really good value and all the little amenities that
you need as well total cost is 974 Lev so on your travels if you want to use
airbnb like we use it whether a short-term or long-term check out down
below there’s a discount for you just waiting all you have to do is click on
the link and make your first booking you’ll get a discount and it helps us on
our travels to now being located right in the center of
the city is awesome for transport because you can catch little trains and
trams to any specific spot that you want but to be honest like we just walk
everywhere and we use it as a chance to get some exercise and get around the
city and so fears not the vast spread out and you can get from one side of the
city to the other quite easily on foot so yeah very often we didn’t even have
to pay for anything we just kind of walked from one spot to the other but
the trams and trains are very cheap our only other cost is the taxi that we got
from the airport to our Airbnb and it’s about 15 Lev total cost for transport
was the 35 live for the month now if you’re staying for a short period
of time just go out and eat all the traditional foods the pastries and
everything for breakfast and for lunch it’s delicious we being here for a month
had a mix of you know you starting a day pretty healthy in our apartment with
some cereal or fruit and then we might duck out for something to eat for lunch
really yummy different foods are coming from Greece previously yeah it’s just a
different cuisine there’s a lot of influences that are similar but yeah
probably a little bit more heavy if anything than some of the Greek food
total cost for one month was 316 LEV dinner we’ve all got away we all have to eat and well in case you don’t know you Bek
and I we’re really passionate about hunting down all the best local
traditional foods that any city has to offer so we always spend a little bit
more here every night we’re trying to get out and find you know and uncover
those gems right across the city so Bulgarian food is meat and vegetables
and lots of different variations of that it is really yummy quite heavy but yummy
our total cost for the month was 739 LEV Bills is always the best topic
everyone loves bills we are a lot of questions on Bill’s travel insurance is
one of our biggest ones and we protect ourselves but also equipment that we
have A big one guys is a VPN we use a VPN
to help change the location of our computers or our mobile phones so that
we can get around Geographic restrictions things like banking or
Netflix or you know just security and privacy as well so if you’re interested
in using a VPN check it out below because there is a special discount that
you can get with the one that we use now Bulgaria is a cheap place to become an
alcoholic for 1.50 LEV maybe up to 2 LEV You can get a big pint can of
any beer that you want really any good European beer from kind of anywhere in
Europe delicious beer you can go out to some of the pubs and maybe pay three to
four LEV for that beer and but yeah off the shelf really really good value
on the pint cans wines maybe up to 10 LEV Maybe a 15 LEV if you want a
really good bottle and but yeah again really affordable so we didn’t find
ourselves kind of getting into a bit of a rhythm with booze this month
and our total cost was a 130 LEV the water because we’re right near this
Vitosha Mountain they have natural spring water I guess it is that just
comes in and they actually have fountains right across the city where
locals are filling up their bottles the water here is delicious just straight
out the tap so it doesn’t cost you anything really! Coffees all very very cheap couple of levy to 2.50 Lev for a coffee! really well done, Barista made coffee yummy we quite often though would just buy in from the
supermarket and the best brand coffee that they do here and we’ve got a coffee
machine in the Airbnb that we use and yeah it works out a treat so total cost
of a 32 LEV. so the final category is Every good budget needs an
other category and this is like household stuff health stuff many
haircuts and you know other little top-up bits, might buy some clothes or
little things like that it’s really cheap here for all of those things our
total cost was 71 LEV. total cost for the whole month in Sofia a 30 day period
was….drumroll! 2,559 LEV now we think that’s pretty good some people who travel on a budget might
do it for less than that some might do it for more but we have
lived really comfortably here we haven’t gone without anything overall it’s a
bloody good city and I have to say it’s such a beautiful city if you go for a
walk such big strong buildings and beautiful architecture right across the
city the people are so lovely if you’re interested in hearing more about Sofia
we’re going to drop a video on our honest opinion and a bit of a city guide
of Sofia be sure to check it out and if you haven’t already and you like hanging
out with us hit all the buttons that you need to hit the bell that’s the one that
you need to hear we hope you enjoy it and we will see you very soon