– [Narrator] This week Macy’s
and Bloomingdale’s bans the sale of fur. Canada turns 165,000 square
miles of ocean into a sanctuary. Suzy Amis Cameron has convinced Oprah to do a 30 day plant-based challenge, and Pizza Hut launches vegan
nuggets and cheesecake. All this and more on
Livekindly’s Weekly Vegan News. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the Leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the Bell icon to
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like and comment below. Retail giant Macy’s announced
that it will stop selling fur by the end of 2020. With more than 680 stores and more than 190 outlets
in the United States, it’s the biggest American retail chain to announce a fur ban. Once known for its high priced mink coats, the company which also owns
luxury department store Bloomingdale’s says it will
shut down its fur vaults and salons that have long
offered fur storage and repairs. Jeff Gennette, Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer of Macy’s INC said,
“Over the past two years, “we have been closely following
consumer and brand trends, “listening to our
customers and researching “alternatives to fur. “We’ve listened to our colleagues, “including direct feedback “from our Go Green
employee resource group, “and we have met regularly on this topic “with the Humane Society
of the United States “and other NGOs. “Macy’s private brands “are already fur-free, so
expanding this practice “across all Macy’s Incorporated “is the next natural step.” The ban doesn’t include
materials considered byproducts of other animal industries, such as shearling, sheep
skin, calf hair and cow hide. But the move points to the end of an era as major houses including
Versace, Gucci, Prada and Chanel have all banned fur from their lines. Pizza Hut UK is expanding its vegan menu. The fast food chain just
introduced vegan chicken nuggets, cheesecake, and a new pizza. The nuggets are Quorn
Southern Fried nuggets. For dessert, Pizza Hut now has the I Can’t Believe it’s Not Cheesecake, a vegan cheesecake with
biscuits and caramel. The new pizza, the vegan
All About Mushrooms Pizza is the chain’s 5th vegan pizza option. It features mushrooms, garlic, tomato sauce, and Violife cheese. Pizza Hut UK first experimented
with vegan pizza in 2017. Positive feedback, and the
public’s growing interest in meat-free food motivated the chain to test another pizza in January 2019. The Jack and Cheese,
which features sweet corn, red onion, peppers, barbecue jackfruit, and dairy-free cheese
was offered for one month to celebrate Veganuary. The chain said if it sold 10,000 vegan pizzas during the month it would keep the item on the menu. The vegan pizza was ordered 17,000 times, and became a permanent menu item. It now also offers
barbecue jackfruit rolls and cinnamon bites. In the US, Pizza Hut trialed its first ever vegan meat topping this week. A store in Phoenix,
Arizona offered a pizza topped with Incogmeato vegan sausage made by Kellogg owned Morning Star Farms. Coming up: Helsinki University bans beef. Coming Soon: Apparel by Livekindly. Sign up using the link in the description to get 10% off your first order. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are eating more vegan
food to stay healthy. A vegetarian since the age of 12, former No Doubt singer Stefani
follows a mostly vegan diet. Shelton, her partner and fellow coach on The Voice is a long time meat eater. According to Globe
Magazine, Shelton is trying to get healthier and
lose weight, so Stefani is encouraging him to eat
fewer animal products. A source reportedly told the publication Gwen’s told him the way to lose it is to stay the hell away
from meat and bad carbs. Stefani and Shelton are
not alone in ditching animal products for their health. Fellow musician Will.i.am
and a coach on the UK’s version of The Voice went vegan in 2017. According to the rapper, he was sleeping for four hours a day and
eating mostly processed foods before changing his diet. Helsinki University is banning beef to lower its carbon footprint. Beginning next February,
all cafeterias owned by the school’s student union will drop beef dishes
from their lunch menus. Beef will also be removed from cafe items including sandwiches and wraps. According Uni cafe’s calculations, removing beef will reduce its food-related carbon footprint by 11%, The
equivalent of 240,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually. The university serves around
11,000 meals a day, with beef accounting for 15% of the meat served. While beef will replaced
by other animal proteins, chicken and pork, the
university will also introduce more vegan and vegetarian options. Ilva, the company that handles day-to-day operations at Helsinki
University’s cafeterias aims to increase sales
of vegan and vegetarian meals to more than 50%
by the end of next year. Meat-free meals currently
represent 40% of sales. Plant-based proteins will
be placed at the start of the cafeterias’ self-service counters, making them the first
options students will see. The cafeteria business operations director Leena Pihlajamäki said,
“Its proven that this is “one of the most effective
ways of doing it.” Several other universities
have removed beef from the menu for sustainability reasons, including Goldsmiths,
University of London, University of Coimbra and Portugal, and Cambridge University. According to a 2018 study
from the journal Science, beef generates six times
more greenhouse gasses compared to plant-based
proteins like peas. A new British reality television show will make people think twice
about the food on their plates. Meat the Family looks at the ethics of eating meat by forcing
families to choose between eating their pets
or becoming vegetarian. The show is described
as a social experiment. It will recruit four meat-eating families and give each a farm
animal: a chicken, calf, lamb or pig as a pet. The families must care for the animal as they would a dog or cat. According to the show’s description, they treat the new arrival
like a beloved pet, taking it for walks and playing with it, in a bid to understand its intellectual and emotional capacity, and
to see if living with it makes it less palatable to eat. The families will travel the globe to learn about animal agriculture, including how meat is processed. They will also be
educated about the impact of eating meat on animal welfare, the planet, and their health. After three weeks the families must make a decision:
go vegetarian forever and send the animal to a sanctuary, or remain meat-eaters and
kill their new best friend. Television and media
analyst Virginia Mouseler spoke to the Daily Mail about the premise. “It is not sex or drugs anymore. “Meat is becoming the next taboo. “The question they are asking “is how you can cuddle your dog “while you are putting
another animal in the oven?” Coming up: More than
half of London parents want processed meat banned from schools. Canada is creating two marine sanctuaries in the Arctic Ocean. The conservation efforts called Tuvaijuittuq and Tallurutiup
Imanga could help tackle climate change
and protect ecosystems. The ice in the Arctic
keeps polar regions cool and helps keep the global climate at a safe temperature. As the climate crisis worsens, the Arctic is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the planet. This leads to the loss of sea ice, which
exacerbates climate change and puts marine species at risk – Youth my age definitely believe that climate change is happening and that’s what we call it. We usually get at least five
blizzards a year in winter. Last year we had one. Permafrost melting, hotter summers, those are huge changes that I’ve seen. – [Narrator] According
to National Geographic, the new sanctuaries will
cover 165,000 square miles of ocean, protecting 14% of Canada’s marine and coastal areas. It surpasses the country’s
goal of protecting 10% of these areas by next year. The larger sanctuary, Tuvaijuittuq Marine Protected Area, will prevent new human
activity in the area for up to five years, with the possibility of an extension. Exceptions can be made for conservation research and activities related to emergencies. The second sanctuary, Tallurutiup Imanga National
Marine Conservation Area is located in the south
of Ellesmere Island. It is a habitat for 75%
of the world’s narwhals and 20% of Canada’s belugas. It’s also home to the largest
population of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic,
as well as walruses, bowhead whales, and sea birds. The majority of parents in London want processed meats cured with nitrites banned from primary schools. A poll including more
than a thousand Londoners with children between
five and 11 years old found that 69% of parents
want meat products, including bacon and ham,
removed from school menus. Half of the participants back a complete ban on nitrite-cured meat for health reasons. Nitrites and nitrates are naturally occurring chemical compounds that contain nitrogen and oxygen. They are added to cured animal products like salami, ham, bacon and some cheeses to prevent bacterial growth. Dr. Amanda Cross, a professor of cancer epidemiology at
Imperial College in London says researchers have
noted an increased risk of cancer linked to nitrate
and nitrites in meats. In 2015, the World Heath Organization classed processed meat
as a group 1 carcinogen, meaning it increases
cancer risk in humans. Cigarettes and asbestos
are also in this category. According to WHO, eating just 50 grams of processed meat a day, the equivalent of less than two slices
of bacon, could raise the risk of developing
colorectal cancer by 18%. The Global Burden of
Disease Project has revealed that nitrite-cured
processed meat is to blame for 34,000 cases of
bowel cancer every year. Coming up: Oprah tries a
30-day vegan challenge. Vegan musician Billie Eilish spoke out against the mink fur
trade, urging her fans to think twice about
supporting the industry. The 17-year-old
singer/songwriter shared images of a mink on her Instagram story. Eilish wrote, “Just so
you know, this is a mink. “you (bleep) getting mink lashes “and mink slippers disgust me. “Where yo heart at?” she said to her 40 plus
million Instagram followers. Mink fur is falling out
of favor with the public, but the industry still takes the lives of millions of minks every year. According to Copenhagen
Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house, global fur production has dropped by 1/3 in recent years, with 54 million minks
killed worldwide in 2016 compared to 72 million in 2015. Eilish went vegan in
2014, noting that a lot of reasons motivated the
change, including dairy’s negative effect on the
body and animal welfare. – Animals bro, like I just
don’t understand the point. Why would you eat an animal when you could eat some chips? (laughs) – London’s Met police recently ordered extra vegan meals to cater to detainees from the Extinction Rebellion protests. According to the Guardian,
the Met made 1,828 arrests and 164 charges have been laid so far. Back in April when
Extinction Rebellion held mass protests across
the capital, the Met ran low on vegan options for
those held in custody. This time, according to
Inspector Brain Smith of Brixton police
station, there are plenty of plant-based options to go around. A Met Police source told the Mail Online “Record numbers of vegan
meals are being used “in our cells.” Extinction Rebellion
believes the planet is facing an unprecedented climate emergency. Following an interview
with vegan environmentalist and MUSE school founder Suzy Amis Cameron, Oprah has revealed she will
be eating one plant-based meal a day for the next month. She said in a video on
her Instagram story: – In ‘O’ Magazine this
month there is a wonderful article interview that I did with a woman named Suzy Cameron. She’s written a book
called One Meal a Day. One meal a day eating a plant-based diet. So if you’ve been thinking
about going vegetarian or vegan this is a good way to lean into it where you don’t have to give up everything you’ve been eating your
whole life all at once. – [Narrator] Together with
her chef Raymond Weber Oprah made a fig salad
with pumpkin risotto and wild field mushrooms. She announced that Weber will
be coming up with 30 different plant-based recipes for her
to share with her followers. She also drew attention to her interview with Amis Cameron, which was
published in ‘O’ Magazine and aired on the Oprah Winfrey
Network earlier this month. The pair talked about the vegan lifestyle and how simple diet changes
can help save the planet. During the interview, they spoke about Amis Cameron’s book, One Meal a Day, the
simple plant-based program to save you health, save your waistline, and save the planet. According to Amis Cameron, who is married to director and fellow environmentalist James Cameron, ditching animal products
for just one meal a day and going plant-based can have a huge positive environmental impact. – Not a single other activity in our lives comes anywhere close to the impact of what
we eat on the planet. No matter how small a
step toward plant-based eating you take, you can
have an immediate impact. – [Narrator] She told Oprah: “It saves “200 thousand gallons
of water, and the carbon “equivalent of driving from Las Angeles “to New York, that’s one person.” Oprah chimed in: “Think about
if everyone just did that. “So you’re saying you’re
not even trying to convert “the whole world, just one meal.” – What is so extraordinary is that if you live in
a space of reverence for the rest of the world, for the people for the plants, then that
is given back to you. You have this revered life, actually. – I feel that. – [Narrator] That’s it for today. What do you think of Macy’s banning fur? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
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