– Move over Chick-Fil-A
there’s a new chicken sandwich in town. I’m in the Popeyes drive-through and I wonder why i can’t lose a pound. To further my research
and to get more opinion than just mine, brought
along the camera boy. Okay so they’re 3.99 each, I wonder if that’s a promotional price. It comes in classic or spicy. So there’s a claim that this new Popeyeys chicken sandwich is
better than Chick-Fil-A. Why can’t they just have their own chicken sandwich? – One has to be better. – Oh, see I don’t think we are comparing apples and apples. – Is Popeyes usually this busy? – There’s probably eight cars behind me and eight cars in front of me and it is 3 o’clock in the afternoon. – They’re stopped in the highway. – They have a good song though. “♪”Love our chicken from Popeyes. Another person just pulled out of the drive-through. (gasps) I wonder if they’re sold out. – Oh no! – Can I try the new
classic chicken sandwich? – [Guy On Speaker] Mam we just ran out of chicken sandwiches. – Oh no! – They ran out. Holly smokes. – They ran out of chicken! Its gotta be better, its gotta be better. – I’m going to the other one across town. – That would never happen to Chick-Fil-A. – We are on the other side of town. There is still a line at this Popeyes. – It can’t be that good. There is no way it’s this good, like there’s no way. We’re next, we’re next, we’re next. – I’m nervous they’re not gonna have it. Can I get a regular
classic chicken sandwich and a spicy chicken sandwich please? Thank you. – We are in business. – Ya’ll they didn’t sell out. Allright it is now raining. I wish we were keeping time because this was the longest I’ve ever waited in any kind of drive-through for any kind of situation. So I hope it’s worth it! Allright I ordered one
regular and one spicy this is how it comes in the bag. It’s not packaged in a
way that it’s gonna last for a long time. And they’re not labeled regular and spicy but I think I can, I’ll be able to tell. – Whoa. – K, looks good and crispy. – Oh ya man. That’s gigantic. – Okay check this out,
look at those pickles look like fresh pickles. – It’s huge. – I’m just going in. – I’ll take a bite. – Mmm, it is crunchy on the outside, I mean look at that. (crunching sounds) – Ya alright. – This one has a kick
anyway but it’s not spicy, you just feel it on the backend. – It’s not spicy at all. – Let me see it. – Okay so maybe the first
one I had is the spicy one, if it is it’s not that spicy. This is regular ’cause it just has regular mayonnaise and pickles on it. The spicy one basically is the same patty it just has spicy mayonnaise I think. – So I have my verdict. – Okay. Then we already know his verdict. I like it. – Better than Chick-Fil_A? – I don’t know, I’m scared of like what will happen if I said yes. – It’s a good sandwich. But I like Chick-Fil-A’s better. – Hold on a minute, because I am a thorough researcher. Maybe I need to remind myself. Do we need to turn on
some air for a minute? (wind sounds) – Chick-Fil-A, here’s the difference in the breading. It’s definitely a crunchier
breading on Popeyes. You’re not gonna hear
me dis Chick-Fil-A’s. You need to remind yourself. – Oh I know what it tastes like. I’m no traitor to Chick-Fil-A. Crap, but how long has
this been in the car? – We bought it an hour ago. But the crunch factor has really got me. – Dang. – I’m going for Popeyes. Josh, the crunchiness. – I know. – And this bun is like a
brioche bun or something and it’s like golden and toasted, I mean it’s juicy chicken. This one’s better. I think kids are still gonna go for the Chick-Fil-A
because this is like a grown up sandwich. I mean this pickle is so good, that crunchy coating. I’m sorry, Popeyes, mission accomplished. – It’s true, it’s true. – It’s true. Popeyes wins the taste test. Still love you Chick-Fil-A but Popeyes, you did a good job. I’m going in for one last bite. – I know I admit it. – If you’re gonna sell something this good you’re gonna need to pick up the speed in the drive-through because I don’t know that I would wait that long again for the sandwich but if someone brought two to me that’s what I’m gonna pick. Go Popeyes. Chick-Fil-A we still love you. “♪” Love our chicken from Popeyes. Woop.