Hey everyone we’re at a cooking class here
at Borgo Argenina and Elena is teaching us how to make some
pasta This is the number one thing that you have
to do when you come to Chianti Classico First course, make the pasta fettuccini and asparagus, zucchini and carrots Second course, chicken cacciatore with salad and then surprise Oooh It’s the traditional machine So when you do the pasta you press it in a
traditional machine five times making a thinner setting each time, give it a good stretch and then set it on a cloth made right here in Tuscany I always smile like this when I make pasta So the best way to dry pasta is to get five people with fans fanning it. That seems to be working here. Look you see, this is how we do it, the old
way And then we turn it around Look at that, I can see it drying right before my eyes So back in the day they would make the pasta in the morning and then spend all day to dry it But this is modern times and we don’t have a lot of time anymore So you have to just dry it with fans This, this is a fiasco and you have to drink with the local people in the fiasco to get a real taste of Tuscany. So that’s what we’ll be doing tonight. Zucchini needs to be transparent That’s pretty good you see? I’m cutting up very very thin zucchini see you can see through that. See? So that it can go in the pasta for the primi plate Look at that Wow – Tagliatelle I stir and stir and stir It smells so good. That’s what the chicken cacciatore The chicken that is made on Sunday When the men go hunting I didn’t realize that Smashed tomato, No sauce, no cooked nothing, just smashed tomato Salt oh the salt I love that And I’m making up uh, our dessert And uh also drinking wine how could you beat that? that’s just egg whites? and Marsapan oh okay. This is for the second course and this is for the pasta and a true Italian would never eat pasta in a flat dish So now we enjoy the fruits of our labour yum Time to dig in Bon Apetito Salute