hey guys welcome back to our channel cup of coffee with Jay and abhi this is abhi I have got you all an interesting recipe this is kind of a dessert we can eat it plain or with sauce also this is a panna cotta or you can do how I have done with mango and vanilla panna cotta I have made this combo we can do this is in beautiful shot glass I have shown detailed recipe in this video I have made this from scratch if you have guest coming tomorrow before day night you can do this we can prepare very easily it requires very few ingridients only this is the first time I am going to taste yummy it taste delicious here we still getting mango that’s y I tried this panna cotta with mango believe me guys it’s so delicious and it’s very simple recipe and taste is also so yummy definitely try this recipe for sure so the ingridients we needed are mango pulp from fresh mango take a pulp and keep separately 2 cups of mango pulp you can take your measurement this is Knox gelatine unflavored 1/4 cup hot water you could see clear instruction at back of gelatine pack on how to mix the gelatine first I am preparing mango panna cotta next I will prepare vanilla panna cotta first put 1 pack gelatine with hot water and mix nicely mix until its nicely mixed now add the mango puree and mix nicely make sure its blended well with gelatine then only we will get nice panna cotta now I have blended well next we are going to arrange in this glass I have used the cupcae mould to tilt the glass then place the glass slightly tilted I had only these glass there also some panna cotta glass if u want to try I made with the glass i had now fill just the one sided alone you can either fill full one side or can fill like me we cam even fill half and half also I am filling like how I wanted it’s our wish in filling I made a blender mistake here I forgot to strain the puree but you guys strain the puree and make so that it will be nice smooth now we have to set the mango puree in fridge for 30 mins now we can start the next step now we can start to prepare the vanilla panna cotta this is the process we have to do in heat now I have kept a sauce pan in a sauce pan add 1cup of milk and keep the heat in medium flame don’t keep in high flame keep in medium flame for whole process next I am going to set timer for 10 mins so the whole process is itself only 10 mins that is milk should be in heat for just 10 mins after setting the timer I am adding 1 gelatine pack to milk after 1 min I am adding same Knox unflavored gelatine only now add to the milk and mix nicely mix using a beater so that no lumps will be formed if you mix properly only we will get smooth texture just do in medium flame milk should not boil that’s why now I just eyeball 1tsp of vanilla essence again give quick stir now we have to add icing sugar I am adding here 1/4 cup if you have sweet tooth you can add around 1/2 cup of icing sugar sweetness depends on us only now mix nicely so that all blend together add a pinch of salt we adding salt to increase the taste that’s all when our timerem is around 5 mins for 1 cup milk we need to add 1cup fresh cream now keep the milk and cream in heat for 5 mins just heat don’t boil it this is the whole process of making panna cotta if you want to do just plain panna cotta just do this process alone and arrange in a cup that’s all now serve this in a cup and refrigerate to overnight next day mor just place in a hot water and transfer in a plate add whatever kind of sauce you need this is the normal panna cotta process now mango is set nicely after 30 mins I took from fridge this is how it looked if you do like this and see it will be perfect now we have to add the vanilla milk to this I am going to fill in this cup I am going to set this overnight in the fridge next day mor it will be perfect to eat yummy mango panna cotta will be ready you can eat with mango or plain also as mango season here I made this even you can try with coffee, caramel or any fruits now I am going to set in fridge so that’s all for this video I hope u also like this Italian dessert so much if you like do give me a 1👍 subscribe to my channel do share to your friends and family