alright guys it is time for another food
video this time coming to you from matera Italy and yes check out the views
we are showing them off again because we just can’t seem to get tired don’t get
tired but anyways we’re in the region of Basilicata and we found a restaurant
that specializes in matheran cuisine and one thing I’ve learned here in Italy is
that you never say you’re having Italian food to an Italian because the food
really varies across the country so it’s more about the region you know trying
regional dishes so that’s what we’re gonna be doing one of the most highly
recommended restaurants in the city is just like around the corner from our
Airbnb Suites down another walk yeah seriously yeah and it just opened a few
minutes ago so we’re hoping to be the first customers there 12:30 let’s go eat so we are all settled inside the
restaurant this place is called lecithin a sassy and guess what we’re in Italy
like most of the buildings in this palace that’s pretty cool
we’ve ordered our drinks already we got some sparkling water and we also want to
order red wine and they didn’t have any at least not the house right over it and
I’ve never seen anyone’s face dropped so quickly like the mammoth a but they said
there’s no red of the house wine he was just like so we yeah the other one it
cost like double so he decided to go for the roof a instead yeah I’m gonna mix it
up a bit right yeah Sam doesn’t like white so this is kind of like an
all-around I would say I don’t like it I just have a strong preference or red
yeah Rosanna is sure try that I like it yeah yeah it’s very light and
very refreshing I don’t think it’s your kind of wine but I’m going to enjoy this
with my Neal for sure and yeah we ordered pastas as our mains and they
asked us if we wanted like antipasti and all these other things which is not
known still up same thing to do yeah I think our stomachs aren’t quite adjusted
to the Italian ways there we have like four courses so we’re just gonna do
pasta and dessert and wine you’ve already gone red so I think that’s
plenty to work with yeah I’d say all right so rosy not ready
that it has a very fruity smell yes it’s super lights it’s the ladies wine would
say you know it’s it’s it’s refreshing you know give me that yeah but it’s I
would never choose this over over a drag rent you never ever
anyways let’s try the local bread looks really cool yeah Wow spongy this parts
really spongy you can tell this part it’s gonna be really crispy it’s just
like either a crusty crusty that’s it crust oh can you hear that crunch mm-hmm
I read that quite the contrast between the crust and the sponginess of the
bread this would be amazing to like dip in olive oil or something would pop it
up but I think what we’ll do is probably use it for our pasta sauce really good
stuff all right guys the food is here and oh my oh my this looks so good does
so I ordered the pasta that’s called orecchiette which i believe me
ears or little ears because of the shape if you have a look at the noodle here it
kind of has that form mix it around for us a bit you know me
to mix it but I think it’s already all mixed in but yeah this pasta comes with
kind of doing chili mushrooms and pork sausage so let’s try to get a little bit
of everything in one bite deep it looks rowdy
absolutely marvelous I have to say still piping off my gosh this is so one second so you can
describe your thoughts and feelings it is wonderful the pork sausage is so
flavorful I really like that it’s not like hot spicy but there’s like spices
mixed in with the meat so it’s just really lovely it goes so well with the
tomato sauce and I also really like the mushrooms
also I think something that’s kind of neat about this restaurant is that
they’ve kept the portions very reasonable it’s like gargantuan size
past us it’s just very you know very reasonable we noticed that too and the
portions came because we’re so used to you know like them North American pasta
bowls um but it makes sense I mean if people are eating like four horses yeah
you can’t really have a heaping plate of pasta otherwise you won’t have you know
space for your meat or your seafood or whatever it’s it’s good for us to soar
we’re not gonna be leaving in a food yeah we have some things to do for
dessert we always complain about being yo today we’ll have lots of room this is
just alright okay so I’m sharing mine with ya super exciting so I’m getting a
little bit of everything the my shoe and the pork sausage pasta all in one bite
all in one go Wow
yeah it’s just like I always I think I’ve said this before but like at the
pasta Italy is just so next level mm-hmm it’s like you can’t even compare it to
anything you have in North America yeah it tastes like hardcore too that yeah
just like cardboard in comparison we still reach the richness of the sauce
and the freshness of the ingredients quality is just it’s outstanding it just
yes it’s a wonderful start to the meal for sure yeah and I can’t wait to show
your pasta because you went for something super decadent I did I did
okay so it should be secure master oh my gosh it’s an exciting moment so this is
very jelly with the cheese fondue oh yeah and also comes with big chunks of
mushrooms and also pistachio all ground up yeah and we ordered this the waitress
with like oh yeah yeah yeah this looks really cheesy it’s got a really nice
creamy cheesy sauce let’s try that yeah what do you think yeah if you have to
choose between your cheese fondue and mine do you have a favorite I think I
like the cheese fondue yeah it’s it’s not as is overpowering as I thought it
would be though yeah but what I really like about it is the crunchiness of the
pistachio and then the juiciness of the mushrooms and just it’s creamy it’s just
well it makes for a wonderful place so I’m trying Sam’s dish now and both of
her past has had mushrooms but yours had porcini which are different from the
ones I got right so let’s see what this is all about I’m trying to get it all
the posh yes I know they did not skimp on this pistachio let me tell you mom
good it’s just coated in that like thick creamy cheese like yeah it’s not very
often that I eat fondue yeah I still see it more with dessert no yeah I do
that’s true a lot of times when I’ve had a cheese fondue it’s been like a swiss
one and it’s also come with chocolates there were you kind of like dip
strawberries in the chocolate but this is the completely different off on a
tangent here you don’t even need me like these mushrooms just have a wonderful
texture yeah I agree Yama Yama Yama really that well well
dessert is here Sam claims he had ordered this one for himself hi ricotta cheesecake with pears yes
and if you have a closer look at the cake you can kind of see the layers of
cream and pear and cream and pear like oh my that looks amazing and it has a
dusting of icing sugar so amazing so let’s dig right in let’s have a bite of
this Wow what say you actually wow you say
well do you describe Wow are you but I wonder think to begin the the ricotta
cheese and like mixed it with whipped cream yeah for the middle layer because
it’s just so fluffy okay I’m so light yeah this is just a
really good place tea huh and I really like the pink layers as
well yeah just really very light very good good meal my turn
well you’re letting me try yours yeah parent Lee apparently I am apparently
apparently who it is later than I thought I thought it was more dense yeah
it’s a very light cheese cake what do you think ricotta cheese cake oh the
fruit the food is what makes it for me yeah
we already nice that is some kind of food okay
and now yours oh it’s like a chocolate cake it looks more like a chocolate lava
cake yeah I’m supposed to have caramelized walnuts so we’re not seeing
you’re not seeing any in there about less maybe they’re out of season or
maybe they forgot I’m not touching the walnuts but that is one heck of a good
lava cake like eh rich chocolate flavor you want to round
around so he conceded it don’t you get each other got them
not that kind of like awful over sugary chocolate like this is more of the
powerful like the richness of it with the chocolate tastes not with sugar and
so this is just it’s very decadent it’s very yeah we’re gonna be known for the
dessert oh yeah now your did you try this one okay hold on here I
go chocolate a lot of cake it is look at that oh yeah
that’s why you stay it’s almost like a brownie yeah fresh art of the yarn for
the oven with but with the chocolate so melty chocolate yeah this is really good
they don’t I kind of like that they’re very different desserts likely
contrasting desserts just you have a lot lighter mister like more refreshing on
the politics of the crew yeah whereas this one is just pure chocolaty
chocolate goodness yeah I kind of felt that way about her pasta – it’s nice to
have tomato and it’s used what we’ve really had a nice assortment of flavors
anyway so yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna polish that off and we’ll let you know
the price afterwards all right so Sam that made me run back
into the restaurant because forgot his glasses
well whole seventies Colossus was her prescription look it came to 37 years
total and that included a big sparkling water half the leader of roses a two
passes as a mean to desserts mhm yeah there’s something there’s a little bit
of a service charge included in that it was two euros per person it’s basically
how do you explain it’s like the right to sit down at the restaurant I know
they charge you for like sitting down I don’t know it’s like cutlery usage or
bread or whatever fairly sure it sort of affects how much of a tip weight you
have to be back in to get the glasses a good restaurant to and we had a really
good time it’s just in they setting quality food and I was time here siesta
ciao guys