Hey guys it’s Joanne from Fifteen Spatulas,
and in today’s video we are going to make tiramisu. And I actually have two versions
of tiramisu for you today because I’m collaborating with my friend Barbara from the Buona Pappa
channel. Her Youtube channel is full of recipes that you can make for your babies or your
young children, so she’s going to do a baby fruit tiramisu, I’m going to do the traditional
espresso tiramisu. Let’s get started. I have three egg whites in this bowl, and I have
six egg yolks in this bowl. So we’re going to add about 3 tablespoons of sugar to each
of these, and we’re going to whip both of them up. But let’s go ahead and start with
the egg whites. Just take a hand mixer, or you could do this in the stand mixer as well,
we’re going to whip this to stiff peaks. After a couple minutes you can test for stiff peaks
by lifting the beaters straight out and flipping it up. You can see this little peak right
here stands up on its own, so egg whites are ready. We’re going to move on to our egg yolks.
You can always go from egg whites mixing to egg yolks, but don’t go the opposite way,
otherwise the fat from the egg yolks will cause the egg whites to not whip up. So we’re
going to whip this together until the egg yolks get pale and frothy. You know the egg
yolks are properly whipped when you see all these little bubbles on the surface, and it’s
a light pale yellow color. Next you’re going to add two tablespoons of amaretto liqueur,
and an 8oz tub of room temperature mascarpone cheese. Love how thick and creamy this stuff
is! So the reason you want to make sure this is room temperature is it will whip in a lot
easier than cold mascarpone. Now to finish off our cream, we’re going to take our stiff
egg whites from earlier, and we’re going to stir it in gently into the egg yolk mascarpone
mixture. Just kind of stir in the first little spoonful, then after that you can fold it
in by going into the center and coming back out the side, in circular motions like this.
We’re lightening this mascarpone cream. Now it’s time to assemble everything. So I’ve
got a cup of freshly made espresso that I let cool to room temperature. I’m going to
add two tablespoons of amaretto. You could also do frangelico, or some kind of coffee
liqeuer, those would all be very nice. Give that a little stir. And real quick, one thing
I’ll say is it’s really important to use freshly made espresso. Instant espresso powder does
not taste good, I have tried. So if you don’t have an espresso maker, just go to Starbucks
or your local coffee shop and ask them to make some espresso for you. So I’m using storebought
ladyfingers, I like them better than making my own, which is kind of funny because normally
it’s the opposite, I like homemade better. But these are imported from Italy, they have
a really nice texture and dryness that soaks up the espresso really well. You take your
ladyfinger and dunk it into the espresso just for a couple seconds. You want to do it long
enough for it to soak up a good amount of that espresso, but you don’t want it to get
soggy or break. Usually somewhere in between 2-5 seconds depending on how dry your ladyfingers
are. And you take them and line them up side by side in a glass dish. Once you’ve got a
full layer of ladyfingers on the bottom, take your mascarpone cream and pour an even layer
of it on top. Once you’ve finished layering everything up, put a lid onto your tiramisu
and stick in the fridge for 6 to 8 hours. I know it’s a long time to wait but it’s really
important to have that time, to let the ladyfingers soak up the mascarpone cream and let all the
flavors meld together. After you’ve given the tiramisu at least six hours in the fridge,
just dust the top with some cocoa powder, and then it’s ready to serve! You can get
this full recipe on my website fifteenspatulas.com, I put a link in the description below. Don’t
forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, and to Barbara’s as well. I put two links
in the screen above. Head over to my friend Barbara’s Youtube Channel to watch her baby
fruit tiramisu, I’ll see you next week with another cooking video, thanks for watching!