Hi Friends,
Today’s recipe is a refreshing no bake dessert which is a milk jelly that is commonly called
“la mousse” in Mauritius. For a little twist on the traditional recipe, I have added
in some ripe jackfruit. Strawberries are optional in this recipe but
I think nothing announces Summer like fresh juicy berries. So, the strawberries add in
a seasonal touch and a pop of colour in this dessert.
You may also use other berries too. If you decide to use strawberries, remove the green
leafy part and then slice them. Then line the ramekins with the sliced strawberries. Instead of ramekins, you may also use
small mason jars. You can serve the dessert in the
jars themselves and, with the lid on, they are convenient to transport if you want to
bring this dessert to a potluck or Summer party.
If you can’t find fresh ripe jackfruit, you can use canned or frozen. If using canned,
make sure you get ripe jackfruit in syrup, and not the young jackfruit
that comes in brine. Discard the syrup from the jackfruit and use
only the fruit. Ripe jackfruit not only adds flavour but it
also acts as a natural sweetener. Tear the jackfruit into coarse pieces
and add to a blender. Then add about half of the milk
and process to a liquid. After that, you can
just add in the rest of the milk and stir. I am using homemade coconut milk for which
I have another video where I’ve demonstrated how to make it. Check the description for
the link to the video. You may also use store-bought carton coconut milk or other non-dairy milk.
I am using agar agar in the form of strands as the jellying agent. You can find agar agar
at most Asian stores and some health food stores. If you are using agar powder or flakes,
check the printable recipe on our blog for the amount to use.
So, place the agar and one cup of water in a large saucepan and simmer on medium heat.
Meanwhile, in a small cup add the cornstarch and pour in about one cup of the blender jackfruit
and milk mixture. Mix well and set aside. When the agar is completely dissolved, add
the jackfruit and milk mixture to the saucepan. Then give the cornstarch mixture a stir first
if it has deposited at the bottom, and add it to the saucepan. Stir immediately to avoid
any lumps. Taste the mixture
and add a sweetener of choice if required. Let the mixture simmer over medium-high heat
while occasionally stirring gently when the mixture starts to heat up.
Once the mixture reaches a rolling boil, remove from the heat and immediately
pour into the ramekins or jars. Keep in an undisturbed place
and allow to cool completely before transferring to the refrigerator.
Chill for at least 6 hours or overnight. To demould, place the ramekins in a bowl of
warm water for a few minutes. The jelly will loosen around the edges. Then, turn it onto
a serving plate. You can serve this dessert on its own or accompanied with fresh fruits
or a few pieces of fresh jackfruit. For variations, you may replace
the jackfruit with other fruits like mango, pear or melon in this recipe, but try
to keep the amount of liquid the same, otherwise the jelly may not set properly unless you
adjust the agar agar too (if you have some experience with it).
You may also omit the fruit completely and add some vanilla or almond extract for the
plain traditional mousse. If you’ve enjoyed this recipe, don’t forget
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