Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen you are looking very well and today we are making an absolutely stonking jaffa
cake cake, I just love that whole play on words cake cake. Cake cake, cake cake, cake
cake, cake cake, cake cake. So I have actually made a large one of these
before but some of you guys want to see something scaled down a bit that you could make as a
birthday cake so this is how this has come about so if you would like to have a go at
making your very own jaffa cake cake cake cake hit pause on the video now write these
ingredients down they are also in the description box down below for your viewing pleasure copy
and paste control and c all that stuff, this is how you do it.
First thing is to grab your saucepan and quarter fill it with some tap water the plonk it on
your hob, turn your hob on and just get it about luke warm you should have a bit of time
to kill, once it is getting nice and warm sit down a bowl and crack the eggs in there,
I went for 8 chicken eggs right there straight from a chickens bum, yes. Too much info barry.
So over a low flame on that hob add the sugar in too with those eggs and grab your whisk
starting to beat it all together now you want to stand there beating it away for a good
5 minutes it should start to go gradually a little lighter in colour and the eggs and
sugar should be fully incorporated together next step add the flour into the bowl so you
can turn the heat off the hob and dump it in keep whisking again, get all those lumps
out keep whisking away and it should gradually thicken up to create your cake batter.
The cake batter is going into a greased slim casserole dish pour it all in there and slam
in the oven for a good fifteen minutes you do not want it rising too much there is not
much baking powder we want it nice and thin. When it comes out just let it cool down. To
make our zingy jaffa filling we combine our boiling water with some marmalade I used shredless
but if you want to use some with orange shreds in it that would be amazing, do it and then
send me a picture then we add in our blocks of jelly now in some countries your jelly
or jello comes in powder basically all you are using is half the recommended water from
a standard sachet ok so get that all in there, mix all together so nice and liquidy then
get a dish a circular one to create our orange patty pour it in there and slam it in the
fridge for a good half an hour to set. Whilst the jelly is in the fridge setting
and the cake is cooling down you can simply melt up some chocolate giant food style again
over a pan of simmering water then you need to wait for that too don�t you mate, yes.
You need to let that cool down to room temperature then we can bring it all together so to bring
it all together carefully place the orange jelly right in the centre of the cake then
add your room temperature dark chocolate all along there you can work it around on your
cake stand to create that big mass mountain effect looking so good I actually double layered
my chocolate to create that nice sort of mountain on there it really encases the jelly in there.
All you do then is take a massive wedge out of it and revel in that amazing jaffa cake
cake I hope you agree it is looking absolutely stonking.
There we are then folks a lot of you were asking me to scale down the giant foods and
make them into methods for birthday cakes we started with a nice easy one the jaffa
cake cake give it a go and if you do have it for a birthday something like that send
me a picture @myvirginkitchen on twitter and Instagram you can check out my last 2 videos
on the screen right now and of course let me know down below what you want to see next
mate, going Australian then see you next time