Jane’s Travel in Europe 2 I’m here to try out one of Czech’s famous desserts, Trdelník! ~ This is Krtek, a popular character in Czech! (But it looked like one :o) (It’s actually a mole!) I’m on the 6th floor right now I came out to the balcony and the view is so nice! It’s past 8:30pm right now….! Lightning! It’s gonna thunder soon I’m in front of the hotel right now That’s the hotel I’m staying tonight and right next to the hotel~ There’s a supermarket called Albert! But They’re open until 9pm but there’s only 15min left! That door was locked lol This is a really sweet neighborhood! Even the recycle bins are colorful It seems like a lot of them are already sold out It’s empty down there These doughnuts look so good kawaii~~ ~ The background you see right now… is a park close to our hotel This place is huge like the parks you see in the US There were sooo many people in the afternoon (a bit tired) so I like how there are only few people here! (just looking around) I like that house! (the interior was really nice) I’m walking in the park now I’m not sure but I think I saw a firefly just now so my heart’s fluttering right now hehe I want to see it again! and I can’t see them right now but there are lots of puppies here and I mean REALLY CUTE puppies so I say hello to them whenever I see them I’d better stop as it’s too dark! I’m in the elevator right now! Ta daa~! It’s about 10pm right now! Breakfast! The weather’s so wonderful I didn’t know there was a park like this! (this is a different park) The Sachertorte I had in Austria♡ I just ate Sachertorte in Austria right now and I came to the top floor of a museum close by There aren’t many people here and this place is so beautiful! The Chanel building looks really nice here There’s Louis Vuitton… There are many brands here! This is the Tiffany building The accessories are really cute! breakfast again XD! The famous Cream Cake from Slovenia Dinner♡ The McCafe in Germany is amazing!! In Rothenburg, you can enjoy Christmassy mood even in summer! Bye! See you next time!!