this video is the best Jen’s napping on paper towels I’m trying to clean soy sauce off the sequin table hey everybody oh look it can’t be hi everyone hey everybody hi Joe so we are back we are going to be trying all of the Trader Joe’s frozen appetizers yes it is a lot of frozen apps again there’s like a footnote here because every frozen app that was available at our local Trader Joe’s so there are probably more that you could find online but we don’t have them I believe there are 21 maybe we’ll get it right this time maybe this is the video where we have the correct number of the apps we’re trying we’ve done the Trader Joe’s frozen desserts we’ve done all the Trader Joe’s holiday desserts so this is like a fun little continuation of that but this is our first savory Trader Joe’s taste that it is and also when we bottle these we didn’t realize that every single one of them needs to be prepared to advance we should have thought of that because they are frozen apps what ended up happening is the tasty team is very great and let us use their sets and we were able to prepare them thank you as usual our categories are really great pretty good and just okay and then there’s also penalty box bags are the ones that really tick us off that make us grind our gears you don’t want to be in the penalty box you don’t because I will spit you out let’s find out yeah let’s eat some stuff I the first item we’re gonna be trying today yes is this five cheese Greek spiral it looks like a snow we’ve heard do this it looks like a lower intestine so there’s five cheese’s in here apparently I only count none pointing to me jóska mmm the filo dough is really flaky and it’s complemented well by the tartness of the cheese it’s like would you like a flaky cheese too that comes pre coiled and you can point it at your friend I wasn’t the five cheese spiral is like really great it’s good to like kick it off on a high note next thing is pastry bites with feta cheese and caramelized onions ooh a little have I do like eating cute things until the cheese is pretty soft which I like I just put in my mouth the onions have like a decent flavor and the cheese is really good there was no fiber in this I got some on my hair I think there needs to be a little bit less cheese a little bit more onion still extremely eatable food yeah so I would say these are pretty good these are pretty good we have the vegetable bird’s nests the way these look and just based on to the fact that they are like sort of like a breaded veggie they do remind me a little bit of tempura we baked them but like mmm these need to be out fryer you know who really likes to use this Chantal oh really yeah because they are a vegetable snack hold on they come with a sauce how do I open do you need nothing oh yeah we have a designated lady leg right now let’s get it get the lady a little soggy cuz I kind of messed up and I put them in a container when they were warm we’re good to go it doesn’t have that many distinct flavors but it is like tasty it’s salty it’s like fried but as is they’re just three pretty good hello do you want to eat this but it’s like a bento box of farts as a proud artisan of fun this is the PUF dogs uncured beef hot dogs swallowed in a buttery puff pastry let’s cut into these bad boys I do love hot dogs so much there’s so much to my hair everything about the puff dogs okay as a hot dog the hot dog is good it tastes like a hot dog yeah the puff pastry I just like don’t need I’d rather have like toasted bun a bun is really just a seat belt for the hot dog experience and if you can’t put all of the goodies within the seat belt then you know your hot dog is gonna cry yeah I feel like I’m in a dr. pimple Popple video doing this like you just okay yeah I didn’t do it okay who knows the same time sweep a veggie spring roll and we have the chicken spring rolls this isn’t the spring rolls all kind of look the same like vegetable chicken I’ll try the chicken one first yeah let’s go for it yeah it’s going to eat it the chicken is uh that’s really bedroom oh I was a budget one butter I do not I find the veggie wanted to be kind of bitter I like one you like the other these are just okay well nothing’s been penalty box bad yeah Parmesan pastry pop the PPP’s one for you and one for me and then do you want another one cut they’re gonna be good so these are the parmesan pastry puffs they have a little mini be frank inside I think these are actually gonna be more effective than the puff hot dogs it was a hair on line babies it’s no it’s not my head oh I don’t really taste the parmesan this just tastes like a good pig in a blanket oh yeah oh I do get the parmesan at the end a little bit hmm you know what sound like toast I had a perfect bite we’re just like juicy Parmesan flaky together married as a threesome throuple these are really great I got these bread mozzarella cheese sticks most people eat mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce that was not provided in the bag Kristen’s already eating it so we’re just gonna eat these raw I got a page oh yeah they’re mozzarella sticks all right we cheated actually we wish I ate these when they first come out of the oven we know they’re really great they are not good cold though I will say no yeah they kind of suck right now when the cheese and the stick is hard it’s no longer time to go to cheese town Chris and Jericho 2019 jaesik Oh des pizza I don’t know if I’m pronouncing this right so these are little mini pizzas they kind of look like bougie Bagel Bites it’s time to indulge okay con tastes like school lunch pizza I really like it look but I also loved at school lunch pizza I think they’re just okay they’re great I’m compromised they’re pretty good chicken shumai I think it’s about these little guys is like whenever I go to dim sum that you might I get there are like plumper so these are definitely like many babies did you steam them in the microwave yes Dino sorry I didn’t mean to jump you I’m not having shoo my fan actually really I think it’s a little too fatty for me tiny little shriveled balls I don’t like it cuz I feel like maybe I’m a little bit of a shumai snob but even so I just feel like the filling on this is like very bland and so what you end up getting is like a pastry I do think that the soy sauce complements the blandness well this soy sauce really complements the pile of I don’t think it’s that bad actually I like this better than I like most you mine I think this is just okay just okay boys ah stick nice going this also looks like school lunch just like a dumpling that doesn’t have all the exits sealed off I’m excited to eat these though it actually is surprisingly crispy well I’ve had these before I don’t want this my mom needs to make these before we had guests come over I liked it I Spit my now also goes tastes like school lunch maybe I just love school lunch it’s pretty good your penalty box bad so we average that out just okay it’s just okay no it’s a peace sign aren’t you my cuz I did such a good with a chicken chew my dollop of soy sauce oh these are a lot bigger than the chicken chew my not a sell whoa these are actually really sweet which is kind of surprising Moe’s really hot I’m not forming opinions I’m just trying to survive it’s weird I think that the filling of this one has a lot more flavor than chicken tree why I think these are better I still don’t love them though oh you guys Roberto Cho these are pretty good you’re pretty good we agreed I would take the know-it-all wake up rip the bag I wonder who that could be so this is the pretzel grab a half and pull Oh big fleshy ear hello yes I would like to go on a date with you but first I’ll eat you mm-hmm needs salt salt packet included oh do we not put the salt packet on we’re supposed to put it on before he baked it maybe put some salt on your tongue and then eat the pretzel we went to Disneyland this weekend we had a soft pretzel I think this is just as good as it Disney on soft pretzel all right which means it is probably just as good as any soft pretzel you can get at any fairground america fuck brussels pretty good beeping salt off our sequin tablecloth I’m cleaning coconut shrimp up bake and serve I don’t really like coconut shrimp so it should be interesting I don’t really like coconut I think coconut is a sweet flavor meant for desserts it sort of looks like a fried kama no I wish it was just breaded shrimp Oh Oh gross what do you think I was pebbly bucks back yeah I was not great bum I honestly feel like if they just made this as breaded shrimp it would work because breaded shrimp is like such a classic thing the coconut flavor though it’s like they poured suntan lotion on top of it yeah I don’t want to taste the beach I did enough sand as a kid ain’t going sticky rice spring rolls mango and sticky rice is delicious I think most people would agree with that but I just think it’s best when served fresh I’m also just kind of skeptical it’s like what the point of putting it in like a wrap actually I’m so curious about how this one will taste let’s do it all right are you putting the pretzel salt on it honestly it’s kind of like a mango and rice tart like this is like a pie crust a little bit maybe there’s a dessert we’ve got Mia listen to the other video that’s that works right you can just add things to pass videos lunch pretty good I see shrimp appetizer duo it’s the Kung Pao shrimp spring roll and the lemon grass shrimp want on let’s go spring refers spring well first okay okay oh that’s good Mike so it’s just like I I like these the best out of all the rules we’ve had for sure a little bit do coconutty for me when you’re tasting the lemongrass right I am tasting lemon grass actually the morning you did some more like it does that come off the table no wow duo this is pretty great I’m a brush you know they look like the liquid meatballs you get from Ikea throw microwavable thing it’s pretty good just sometimes when you have like microwaved meat thing you know they just kind of taste like some type of savory mush this actually like tastes like beef I think if these are left to cool for too long they’re gonna go from pretty good to trash are you eating raisins again I think they’re great and they like the meatballs too I am going to stab you with this Fork okay make it count OOP I think this is ready all right we got more dumb steamed chicken soup dumplings filled with rich and savory broth I am very very skeptical of these I’ve never had soup dumplings that weren’t fresh I have a confession I eat these all the time they’re incredibly hot if you can take a little nibble and slurp the soup that’s recommended the soup is pretty good hmm I think they get the texture right again I don’t think the filling is as flavorful as I’m used to but from microwavable dumpling you’re pretty good at soup dumpling pretty good hi Jen I’m a box of dip it’s our horror movie it’s called box of dip – this is the creamy spinach and artichoke dip I was for fingy it’s kind of runny and flat not enough spinach artichoke a little bit too much cream I think it should be like a little bit more flavor this is more of a soup than anything I think it’s just okay I think it’s just okay are you still eating salt off the table no I’m eating the sequence meanie vegetable samosas they smell like egg rolls it’s okay it’s not terrible and spit it out just okay they’re probably best prepared fried but mayor just recognizes most people don’t have deep fryers I mean they’re probably best prepared not by Trader Joe’s don’t be rude cuz it’s our last food spanakopita this is really good roofs Rothman Glenn the filo dough is crispy cheese and spinach are like perfectly balanced spanakopita is really great really right like actually like ending on a high note my top three were the Parmesan puff pastries the spanakopita and the five cheese just pick a different top three the cheese spiral so my top three were the five cheese Greeks not doing this on purpose so my top three were through five cheese Greek spiral the Parmesan pastry puffs and the spanakopita my company were the meatballs the spicy shrimp appetizer duo and a spanakopita my bottom three were the chicken shoe my the artichoke dip and the veggie samosas my Bond 3 were the coconut shrimp the chicken shumai I would say probably also the artichoke dip we’re done sound off in the comments let us know what Trader Joe’s items you’d like us to try next cuz I’m sure there will be more run out and eat some of this stuff if you think it sounds good cuz somebody looks pretty good it was pretty good now we gotta clean it up cuz we’re surrounded by it this entire room smells like huge fart oh now the room is the bento box of fire [Music]