Is this from like Junior’s? It’s from a diner around the block. A New
York diner, it’s good, I eat there all the time. Okay. Just keep going. So, who are you voting for? Well, obviously I’m going to go with the democratic
candidate, I don’t think that’s a surprise. As far as the primary– I really, really love Bernie Sanders, I also
think there’s a little element of like — He kind of feels — But don’t you feel like the Democratic Party
has become like a stale representation of it itself? A little bit! Like, in this weird sense– I feel like Bernie, there’s a little element
like he’s a divorced Dad that’s just like: “We’re gonna go to Six Flags, and I’m gonna
give you anything you want!” Yeah, I feel that. I’m kind of excited, I feel the Democrats
are definitely going to stomp — What’s going on? Don’t you feel like what’s happening here
is symbolic– That hurts! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! –It seems symbolic of like what’s going on
with politics. Ow! Absolutely. Hide! Hide! It seems like what’s going on here, is like,
super — Okay, alright. So. I really, really – I was really impressed
that you did a special on HBO and tried jokes for the first time there. Yeah. People don’t understand how terrifying that
is. You okay? Yeah, I’m okay. Well, the thing is, I really wanted to create
like, you know– Oh God. –This experience with people that — Appeared to be like artistic in nature,
and I wanted to create a really organic vibe that people could really… you know, gel
with in a real way. I just feel like — ow — I feel like with
all comedy. Ow. I kind of feel like with all comedy, no matter
what it is, ow– Honestly is like the most important element,
is what I believe. Well that’s the thing with comedy, you want
to keep it as true as it can possibly be. OWWWW. Oh God. I don’t think I’m able to have kids anymore. Ow. Oof. But yeah, like, you know — You just release
a special, you want to make sure that it’s like organic and natural as possible. Definitely. So that was the intention. What do you look for in the comedy you enjoy?
Because it’s hard as comedian to seek out other comedy. What are the things you respond to? I don’t know, I just like… things
that really subtle.