well when demolition begins on the current Jim Darcy elementary school an unusual and monumental structure will go down with it this is the wall of cupcakes that Jim Darcy principal Brian Cummings has been building for the past 10 years coming says he didn’t plan on building it it just sort of started and then took on a life of its own he estimates there are more than 2,000 cupcakes in the towering creation because it will have to go down with the school it’s been immortalized in photos given to him by both the construction company on the new building and his own adult children kids love it I love it I just worked into something that was really fun for us it’s really added to the culture and climate even though it’s silly and even though it’s mild bringing kicks kids in touching base with me knowing that there’s a touch of fun in this office at all times with even parents or kids I’m I’m pretty sad to lose this while Mtn was visiting the school today a time capsule that was buried by the front door was unearthed ahead of the school’s demolition the capsule was buried by Jim Darcy students and staff back in 2004 it contained photos letters written by kids and teachers newspapers and small tokens of childhood from the time like a cereal box and even a McDonald’s toy