This is the beautiful Disney Hollywood Studios
Christmas Tree with all the Santa Heads and faces. Santa’s Throughout the whole tree. Oh he does look like the Santa from the nightmare
before Christmas. Whatcha doin? Hangin Out! There’s Mickey and Minnie sayin Hiya Folks. Hi Ya Folks. Goofy’s behind ya, Goofy’s not lit up like
Mickey and Minnie are. And Donald too. That’s a
big tree. I love the big film canister. I don’t know if you guys can see the big film
canister and film, Hollywood Studios. It’s not very busy, looks like a lot of people
going out while we’re coming in. On a week before out trirp, they have
a special Star Wars Christmas. Oh Kelly, look at these cool shades. These are the fun glasses. All right what does yours look like?. Candy Canes. So anytime you look at the lights you see
Candy Canes. And then we got Reindeer, Santa, Reindeer
and another Candy Cane and it just dawned on me these look like the elves from ..landing. This one is reindeer. See the reindeer flickering. This one’s candy canes, Can you see the Candy
Canes? Ya we saw. Really crazy go back and forth. whooo So we’..Kelly’s breaking the thing. All right let me see. You definitely look like one of the Elves
from …Landing. You need some help or? No I hate these ones though, How many people..there
you go. I hate those ones. Oh the magnetic ones. We just put it together and Hunter did it
again. We’re here at Hollywood Disney’s
Hollywood Studios for the Holiday Dessert Party for the new Holiday Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bam? Jingle Bells, Jingle Bam. Jingle Bells Jingle Bam. The room is already set up right here at the
Chinese theatre where the great movie ride is. And then it’s a little different this year. You have your dessert party and then after
the dessert party then you head over to a seating area way over there. They used to have the dessert party over there
but not this year. And everyone is waiting in line already. I love the little candy canes. Stanchions those are cute. That’s where we’re gonna go have dinner. Disney’s place that’s Muppet Themed replaced
Pizza Planet. I don’t know if you guys are excited about
it or not. I’m a little disappointed, I liked Pizza Planet.Let’s
go check it out. Are you guys ready to have pizza? Pizza Pizza. This side is closed down for Toy Storyland
and behind you that whole side is clpsed. I know everything is closed. So we had to walk down to Toy Story and then
all the way back. Yup. We took the scenic route right? Wow, look at all the space. Lot’s of space and it smells like Pizza. They don’t have Pineapple Pizza. They don’t have Pineapple Pizza, WHAT? No. All right so you got..If you don’t see it
on the menu..and then they have canolis Tiramisu, Pizza Eating contest hall of Fame. Animal is my favorite. Oh ho ho ..all the pictures of him on his
travels. Pappa Rizzo’s original apron. That’s cute. Look at the trash cans. Recycling is gouda for the earth. Clean it up, your ma don’t work here. That’s awesome. Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall. A wedding is at this room. Awesome. I love all the pink. Lots and lots of pink. This would be a perfect place for like a party
like a prom or something. I think my favorite is over here, my favorite
are the curtains that are like super super silver. There’s the pizza, Kelly’s chowing down. What do you think Kelly is the Pizza Good? I’ll take that as a yes. Thumbs up awesome. I got the salad and it’s kinda cool It is
kinda cool as they make it right there on the spot, and it had like Mozzarella cheese
and little cherry tomatoes, it was actually pretty good but there was lots of dressing
on it. So that’s the salad, the cheese, salami, pepperoni
and tomatoes but the rest of it..all the brown, that is all the dressing so tons of dressing,
a little bit too much dressing but it was good so I will get it again, just get the
dressing on the side. She’s making her own dance floor. Fozza Business open for weddings. Oh look at Gonzo’s royal flush. Fish Juggler for Hire. I love how it looks like so cool, New York
Subway type Pizzaria place. Pretty fun, Let’s head over and get some dessert
and I saw Santa Goofy. It has food And coffee and hot chocolate and
marshmallows. Awesome Thank you Goofy. or Santa.Santa Paws. Liquid NItro Frostbite. Oh cool. Oh my gosh, and some hot fudge, nice, and
ta da..awesome. Thank you. Perfect. Crunchy rice crispy treats huh? What’s this? Warm chocolate caramel, Warm chocolate Torte,
and what is in these? Oh honey mix. What? Honey mix. ha ha ha ha Super close right? Can I doll them out? Keep them coming Thank you. So this is the reserved seating right here. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bam. Have a happy holidays. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.Hello
Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The big guy himself, Santa Claus. Three Two One. He’s not in his office. I know where to look….. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. The nightmare before Christmas was a nice
touch. What was your favorite Hunter? The nightmare before Christmas part..THe glasses
made it even better. Ya it was like Candy Canes everywhere huh? Look at all the snow in Florida, oh I just
ate some bubble snow. Loved the new show give us a thumbs up if
you guys liked it too. You guys get out there and follow your dreams,
keep on dreamin and we’ll see you tomorrow. I think I have snow on my nose. I have snow in my eye. Bye See you tomorrow, Bye Love you ,keep on