Hello and welcome to easter still a nice dessert idea: a yoghurt-lemon cream with a fruity mango mirror and these are the ingredients 300 ml of cream – 300 grams of natural yoghurt – 2 sheets of gelatin – 80 to 100 grams of powdered sugar and juice of half a lemon. first the cream until stiff best reflected the cream on if you take a narrow high cup the cream is whipped until stiff and set again now cool. then the gelatin soak in cold water Inserting and leaf for leaf Next, squeeze the lemon and the juice briefly to the side are now the natural yogurt icing sugar to lemon juice add to the mixing bowl and mix with an electric mixer the soaked gelatine pour into a bowl and dissolve I do it in the microwave. after dissolving make the temperature balance add a spoon of yogurt from the mass in the dissolved gelatin and stir then the gelatin stir into the ground next the cream whipped strode up to two tablespoon – you need later to decode – give to the yogurt mass and fold whisk with a the cream again to taste and then they may already be filled in the glasses Now the glasses shake slightly so that the cream goes well the cream does not have to be quite smooth on the surface later come still a fruit puree it then the cream for about an hour in a cool place on the cream comes another fruit puree you can take all the fruits that you like, I like to take a mango because so beautiful suits easter. The mango should be ripe as possible and best goes with it a peeler to peel off. then best ask the mango on board and with a sharp knife along the core cut then turn around and do the same with the other side the mango flesh cut into large pieces and place in a pürierbecher then then cut the remaining meat from the core and now puree if the cream has set, then the mango puree spread out and more to do with the retained cream a cream blob on and even sprinkle for example with a bit of pistachio and so the cream looks then. I wish you much fun to imitate bye and see you next time