Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ and i am very very excited today i’m going for overall win number 626
it’s June 23rd! It’s my last day of being 31, I’ll be 32 tomorrow but I am inside
the Hippodrome Casino, London on Leicester Square in London, England I am
at Heliot steak House I’m taking on there Tomahawk Steak Challenge! Now this
thing looks freaking delicious! There is a 1.5 kilo tomahawk steak and that
includes the bone but there are all kinds of delicious meat here and then
we’ve got about 500 grams, or 1 pound of their homemade mac and cheese and then
along with this in 30 short minutes which is the time limit, I also I’m going
to get a birthday dessert which is a surprise and I don’t know what it is I
just know I need to eat this stuff quick to allow myself in case it’s pretty big!
If I fail this thing it’s gonna be 75 British pounds or 75 quid but if I win
I’ll get the meal free I will get some sweet t-shirts, and some hats, and I’ll be
the first person on the wall of fame! Let’s get this challenge started! All right big thanks to everybody here
at Heliot Steakhouse for having us do the challenge! This is kind of a special
thing and it’s even more special because there are so many people here, so thank
you guys all for coming to watch! We appreciate your support in our channel
but let’s shut up and eat some steak! 1, 2, 3. . .Boom! Oh yeah they got a sharp steak
knife let’s oh no it’s perfect! Unlike my fork skills! luckily I don’t have to eat the bone but
this meat is delicious! A few more tries and then I’ll call it good.
This is a very nice steakhouse that shouldn’t be eating like this, we’ll keep going. This good? Six minutes and 15 seconds in let’s eat some mac and cheese! 9 minutes 15 seconds in last bit of the
mac and cheese! Yeah if I can get a pint of warm water. Getting all my healthy fruits for the
day! fourteen and a half minutes in done with
the fruity part now we got a whole bunch of ice cream let’s see we’ve still got
over 15 minutes! Ooh there’s a whole bunch of I think
chocolate sauce and some other sauces on there too but well we got lots of time
we’ll get it! I was going to chug a beer after, but… When they brought that dessert out I did
not think I was going to be able to do all that! Delicious, delicious challenge!
Especially love that tomahawk steak that was so juicy so thanks for the chef’s
for how well they prepared and cook that I got overall win number 626! I’m going
to get the 75 quid meal for free, and they also got me a baggie of t-shirts
and hats big thanks to all of you guys for coming to watch thanks everybody
here at Heliot Steakhouse inside of Hippodrome Casino London for the awesome
tomahawk steak challenge, and thank you guys for watching the next video will be
in Madrid, Spain!