hello welcome to sinem’s kitchen with you today I want to share my recipe for pumpkin dessert in pot very easy to prepare in a very practical way delicious flavor marshmallow you will prepare a pumpkin dessert for our recipe a large slice of pumpkin I cut I placed the hard parts at the bottom of the pan 1 cup powdered sugar on pouring sugar on pumpkins very little water If you love dessert you can add more than half a cup of sugar i bought it in my quarry cover starts to boil closed I cut down the stove and let the pumpkins bake pumpkins cooked you can check if it is cooked with a fork I turn off the bottom of the stove I close the lid and let it cool down in the sherbet. I put the pumpkins in the sherbet sour i bought it on a serving plate pouring tahini on I’m showing you some molasses molasses would surely try it sprinkle walnuts you can serve as you wish pumpkin sweetie ready I want to show you the consistency It was very easy to prepare. make it easy for everyone who will enjoy all goodbye to see you on my next recipe