Namaste! I am Smita Deo. Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Smita. Sorry I have a sore throat.. ..and, my director won’t listen to me,
he told me, this episode to be done. As Diwali is approaching, we are reminded
of different types of sweets. If there are no sweets then
what’s the point of Diwali? So today, I’ll show you one more sweet
recipe, that is ‘Kala Jamun’. Come, let’s make kala jamun. For that first, let’s make the sugar syrup. We have to make sugar syrup with a
single thread consistency. For that, we need 3 cups of sugar. And, to this let’s add 1 and a half cups of
water to make the sugar syrup. While the syrup is getting prepared,
let’s knead the mawa (khoya). For that I have taken 1/4th kg
gulab jamun mawa. Let’s take it in a plate. This mawa is easily available in the market. So don’t worry. To this, add 1/4th cup
maida (all purpose flour). 3 big tbsp of milk powder. 3 tbsp arrowroot powder. Mix and knead everything together. You can use a little water
while kneading the mawa. Use the water sparingly,
don’t use too much water. Keep an eye on the sugar syrup as well,
it should have a thread like consistency. Once the mawa is kneaded properly,
we’ll mould them into balls and fry them. The oil is hot enough. Let’s fry the kala jamun. Fry them till they are dark brown in color. See this, they should be
almost black like this. Now, let’s remove them in an another bowl. Let’s fry the remaining balls. Let’s check the sugar syrup. It has come to a thread like consistency. The sugar syrup is ready. Let’s switch the stove off and
wait for the syrup to cool. We have finished frying all the kala jamun. I am adding 1 tsp cardamom powder
to the sugar syrup. Mix this properly. Let’s add the kala jamuns to the sugar syrup. Keep the kala jamun in the sugar syrup for
approximately 1 and a half hour. 1 and a half hour later. It’s been 1 and a half hours,
let’s serve our Kala Jamuns. The Kala Jamun is ready to eat. Definitely try this recipe, this Diwali. And, subscribe to Ruchkar Mejwani. Wishing all of you a Happy and
Prosperous Diwali.