Hey guys! Welcome to Kanak’s Kitchen Today I am going to show you a very simply prepared and rich Indian sweet that is Kalakand Barfi This is prepared basically out of sweetened condensed milk and homemade cottage cheese It comes out quite delicious It is very popular in India during festivals This comes out really soft and mouth-melting Ganpati and other festivals are coming up Let’s see how to prepare this simple barfi Ingredients First boil the milk in a pan Once the milk comes to a boil, add the lime juice This is done to curdle the milk Keep stirring it just for a minute Then switch off the flame Keep stirring it for a while Cottage cheese is getting seperated this way Now let it rest for a while Once it is nicely seperated, I am going to strain it You can strain it by keeping a container below it You can use this way to knead the dough Here I have lined the strainer in a muslin cloth Once it is strained properly Gather all the edges together and run it under cold running water. This will help in removing excess sourness. Next take the sweetened condensed milk in a thick bottom pan on a low to medium high heat Add the freshly made chena or the cottage cheese Keep mixing it Keep stirring it continuously to avoid burning Stir this for around 6-8 minutes You can also add some sugar over here I am adding 3-4 tbsp of sugar Keep stirring it Once it starts to reduce, keep the flame on low and continue to cook the mixture until it is thick enough This will take for another 3-5 mins Now at this point of time, if you want, you can add pinch of brown colour Once it has become lumpy, and thick lastly I am going to add in the cardomom powder and the rose water to it and give it a good mix When the mixture becomes relatively dry, switch off the flame Here I have a container which is 1.5 to 2 inches thick I have greased this with some clarified butter Pour the mixture, onto this greased tin Even it out and flatten it with help of spatulla Top it up with some mixed nuts Pat it a bit with the help of spatulla Let is rest for couple of hours at room temperature You can also set this into the refrigerator Once it is set enough I am going to cut this into square pieces My rich, creamy and lip smacking kalakand barfi is ready and it is pretty simple to prepare at home This is one of the oldest sweets to serve in India during any occassion. So do try this simple yet extremely delicious recipe and let me know how it turned out for you Hit the like button and subscribe to my channel Kanak’s Kitchen It’s me Kanak signing off..Bye Bye!