Oh la la Mmh. It’s so delicious. Bonjour, I’m Karlie, I’m in Paris to meet
THE best pastry chef in the world: Cédric Grolet. I’m going to learn how to make
the delicious ‘La Fraise’. So. So. Are you ready? Yes, I am. The most important thing is
to really taste the strawberry. Have you ever used this before? No. See, there are bits of strawberries inside
so that you can feel the texture. Is that just strawberry? No sugar? No, certainly no sugar. Mmh. That’s crazy.
How long does it take for each one? Sometimes it takes two days,
three days of work. No?! Two days of work? Yes. Now, we’ll put it in the freezer
for 30 minutes. And it’ll look like ice. We’ll take that half and that half,
and we’re going to make a ball. Then I’ll put it in the freezer,
and it’s going to stick. Ah. Now, it’s assembled,
but you have to take that off. Take the knife. And you’re going to slide… I’m a perfectionist. … so that it makes a heart. That’s the mousse. Oh! Smell it. Mm, it smells like… It’s sweet,
it’s fresh cream. Yes. And it’s…. A little strawberry. A little strawberry. I put pepper in this strawberry. Mmh. You’ll see, it’s very interesting. You’re going to hold this. Bend down a little,
because you’re very tall. I’ll do four.
You’ll do four. OK. OK? Press hard, harder, harder, harder.
Press, press, press. No? No. And place neatly in the middle. Ah!! -I’m sorry.
-You were doing so well. So, let’s put it on top. And you slowly press it. Look at the mousse, it’s coming up.
Harder. And now you press inside. Go ahead, go ahead. More,
even more. Go on, go on. Oh, I don’t know. Look at this. Whoop. And then…. we’re going to put this part
in the freezer for an hour. This is chocolate. The chocolate is very hot. That’s very cold. And it’s going to harden, look. You eat all the time. How do you manage? Because I’m tall. Come on, it’s your turn. Just like that? Yes, go ahead. Dip it in. You lift. Go ahead, wait for it to drip. And then you turn it around. That’s not nice. No. Is that all right? Just burn a little bit there. Ah, right there. Mmh, this is so delicious,
I’m taking all of this. I have to go,
but thank you for teaching me. You’re welcome. And thanks, you guys, for watching. Au revoir!