Perfect! You know just like my maple ginger chilli sauce today my guest is as sweet and spicy and hot.. of course! And I think she’s going to make cooking look really sexy. There’s only 1 fun fact, I don’t think she’s cooked a day in her life. Right? Ok I have to tell you guys something about this lady here ok? I’ll tell you how you know she’s the best cook ever because this is what happens atleast 4-5 times a month I come to Mini’s house after shoot, in real life this is, and I sit myself on the couch and I say “Mini I’m hungry I want to eat”. Then Mini has to say, “Ok, what are you dietary requirements right now? What do you want to eat today? What is your current dietary requirements?” And I tell her whatever it is. Within half an hour you will have an amazing dish. If I want pancakes I get pancakes. If I want a gluten free brownie I get a gluten free brownie. If i want fish with no salt, I get that too. If I want some nice chicken curry, you get that too. So that’s how you know she knows what she’s talking about. I don’t know how to cook.Thank You I think that was the duration of our episode so we’re quiet done. But let me tell you, park yourself right there Katrina Kaif. And this is where I stay for the rest of the show, just so you guys know. So your food choices are pretty eclectic. What’s going on right now? Are you on that health faddy thing or are you on the ‘I’m Katrina and I’ll eat what my soul wants’? No.. I am eating what my soul want but my soul right now is only craving Makhana, it’s craving cheese dosa which just for your guy’s information i was told i cannot make on a cooking show. I’m not cooking cheese dosa on this truck and that’s that! We have put it on the board as Katrina’s krazy konkoktion which Katrina is totally going to make. But before that, we’re going to do Coconut Pancakes. So Mini is teaching us how to make Pancakes which everyone in the whole world I think knows is my favorite dish. if I had my way everyone would eat pancakes for morning, lunch and dinner and that’s all we would eat and we would all be this big. There are fan cakes and there are pancakes. That is something people really need to learn I’m not doing it by myself ok? So you.I can help! I can tell you what I can do, I can crack an egg. You… Say that again! You can crack an egg?I can crack an egg. You go thak thak and then you go crack! Whites in this. Yellows in this. Shells in this.
Whites. Yellows & Shells. Ya. Ok. Watch me.
I don’t want to miss out on all the fun. Wait Wait.. This is the way right? Yes! Watch Watch! I am not going to spill anything. You guys better watch this. I am very impressed with you right now.
I still got it. Wait. Let me concentrate though ok. it’s gone…but i think you managed it…it’s good I did 4, is that enough?
Yes. That’s enough! And I think you did pretty good. I think I did excellent!
Now you want me to beat this right? Ya. We are putting vanilla essence, we are putting fresh coconut grated coconut. So now yeah, you mix this up. Right? Let me see your spatula skills ok. Put this.. Scoop it all up in this big bowl. You’re lying! I’m telling you.. I’m telling you.. You are like…MasterChef here I come.. Im impressed… Get ready.. Here you go. Ok. Just add it all. You want to add it all. Now don’t over work the flour. Ok done fantastic. Now just mix it all up. Now we don’t want to over-work the flour. We don’t want to over work… I like that line so I’m just going to repeat it about 5 more times ok guys?! By then it will be over worked We don’t want to over work the flour right. People at home watching this is an extremely important lesson in… Pancake making… in making pancakes and coconut pancakes. Let us not simplify the exercise. So now I think it’s… Can I have some more stuff to work it with? Yes so heres the… I kind of feel like I’m trying to dance without my choreography. Ok so this is coconut milk. Meanwhile… Ok. Am I still working this by the way? I think you are.. Am I working this are we introducing.. This is looking good now wait. Don’t over work it! Now here’s what we’re doing… Don’t over work it.. We’re not over working it. Have you seen this fantastic? Now this is what we’re doing. We’re being gentle about the matter. Just look at the egg white. Look! This is like great whipping ok! Like super whipping! Well done Machine! This has got egg with lot of air so I’m going to keep giving you a little bit. Just work it.. work it.. work it. We’re working! We’re working! It’s happening… It’s working! So i’ve put the pan on. It’s heating. This is pretty good huh Katrina. You know I thought that you would be coming here and just sitting and I’ll have to cook up these pancakes and next time I’m coming home you are making these pancakes because this is like.. First of all you never come home the next time I come to your house.. First of all buy more than 6 plates in your house.. I will not come to the kitchen. You want to make the first one? Yeah. What do I do? So you will scoop it up in one ladle and you will make 2 nice blobs. 2 nice blobs? Why don’t I make 1? Because 1 pancake we will be here till day after tomorrow! Ok so let me just try this.. Ok make just 1 first. Let’s just see how.. That’s it. It’s not a dosa! Oh it’s not? alright.
This is good. I think we can fit 1 more here. He’s not going to be very round is he? Because his brother there. Oh his brother we’ve got him joined together.. oh no! So we’ve got a very lovely figure 8. We’re gonna have this.. Ok we’ve got a figure 8 pancake. That’s ok though. This can be fixed. This looks great! This can be fixed.
Wait! This can be fixed. Later. Let it fluff up. It’s not going to talk to you right now. See.. Shit! You got it! You’ve got some talent there. See.. never fear. Never fear Now? We’ll figure this out. There’s always a solution to everything in life. Imperfection is what makes people special so lets just fix this corner. Let’s keep it there. I think you should do the fancy business. No No.. I don’t know the fancy business. I’m just saying suppose.. Wohooo!! and That’s how it’s done! Ok. Try it try it. It’s great fun! If you did it, you’d just be like.. I really won’t get this one for sure, it’s going to fall into a million pieces. Why? You’re not all arms and legs, you’re co-ordinated.. choreographed Look at that! That’s it.. we’ve got the professional in the house! One second, we need the final move and then the pose. Yeah.. So our pancakes are doing now. I think we should give them some alone time. No. They don’t need anymore alone time. No? Because this bad-ass one with the other one. We’re going to make a drink that’s called Katrina’s Krazy Konkoktion. It’s actually a smoothie. It’s a recipe I got from a really really nice book. So all you need is half an avocado, 1 banana, 4-5 mint leaves, chia seeds, lemon juice, coconut oil, a little bit of ice, you can have 1 tsp of cocoa powder if you like. Is that 300ml. This is roughly 300ml. Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah.Because I can be easily misguided. Now. C’mon figure it out!
This one I don’t know. Ok then! It just went really wrong because there’s way too much water in it and the avocado was smashed up before. But if you follow the recipe exactly as I told you on the paper. I promise you it will be yummy. Katrina, explain to me from any logic… You guys write down.. It’s actually yummy. I’m really liking it. So should we start plating up? We must! Happy Birthday to Mini Truck!Happy Birthday to us!This is a Happy Birthday Mini Truck! First year!Absolutely! Yaay I’m so excited!
Coconut pancake cake! You know what Katrina. I’m so impressed that you have given birth to ok this is like really important. Also chicken wings your favorite, wedges your favorite. Surprise!!! So? So for all everyone.. hop in hop in! One thing everyone needs to know is that the most important ingredient for pancakes is a good pancake eating partner. Yes we do.. Here Sairu that’s your plate. So there you go. You know Sairu thisis the first pancake Katrina has made all by herself! All by myself means.. And i’m sure it’ll be very yummy!
And I’m sure it’ll be very yummy! Ting! C’mon Sairu. Honest answer.
It’s better than a restaurant. Better than a restaurant?The definition of restaurant depends on which restaurant. New York’s Bubby’s Pancakes I think I’m not up there on the competition.We still have to do Bubby’s Think we’ve got something special that will aid you in continuing to do all of this.Presents! Goodies! Oh! Kitchen Aid! Yaay!
To make Katrina’s Krazy Konkoktion. Thank you very much!Thank you so much for coming. And now you will have to cook for us. It’s as simple as that. Sure!
Saira’s wondering why she’s not got all the goodies. Thank You Mindy!
Thank You. Next time Sairu, me and you will make popcorn. How’s that? The End! So that’s all the action from The Mini Truck here today but if you want to know what else we’re upto. Why don’t you subscribe to India Food Network? Comment. Like. Share. Tell us what you think. Tell us who you want to see in the kitchen, you never know what we can do. Till the next time, it’s goodbye.