– Mmmm. These are actually really good. My favorite part of
baking, is eating the dough off the spoon before
you do anything with it. This is gonna be awesome. (dog barks) Morning. It is a gorgeous day so I
decided to have my breakfast on the deck this morning. It’s nice and quiet this
morning, Ken’s off to fire, get the dogs ready, shower,
get everybody breakfast and I have to head into work soon. This afternoon is sort
of a weird day for me. My good friend Meg, who I’ve
mentioned in the blogs before, she is about to have a baby. She still hasn’t had it,
she was due two days ago, and she’s teaching classes,
or had been teaching classes, so because we don’t want
her to come in anymore, just in case, I’m covering
her classes for her today. Now, I have taught obedience
classes at our family dog training school since
the age of 16, I think. But in the last three or
four years I’ve primarily taught all of the agility classes, and then done a lot of
the program development and stuff. We just launched a brand
new grade one course, just a few months ago and I
was heavily involved with that but I haven’t actually
physically taught it yet so today is gonna be really,
I was gonna say cool, but I’m actually kind of nervous about it. So I haven’t taught an
obedience class in so long it’s a brand new program
which I should know inside and out but it’s one thing
to write it down on paper and design it and another
thing to actually physically do it so I’m looking forward to today. I have really excellent floor
help, two really experienced people so I think I’m gonna be good. It’s definitely a change for
me, back to agility training tonight but today’s gonna
be a little strange. So I’m at work now, and I
just sat down to go over my lesson notes for the week. Now it’s a bit weird for
me because I’m coming in to teach a lesson, number
eight, there’s only nine weeks in the program so I get
them for the last two weeks. Meg’s taught everything up until now. She’s assured me that it’s a great class so hopefully this is
gonna go really easily. Now I helped write these, like
I said before it’s one thing to write them it’s another
thing to teach them, so I’m highlighting all
the points to make sure I don’t forget anything and
make sure they’re well prepared for next week when they
graduate from the program. (uplifting music) Just finished all my notes for
class, a lot of the stuff’s coming back to me actually. I’m not nearly as worried
about it, it’s amazing what happens when you just
give yourself a little reminder so I’ve just come into the
grade one hall, I’m gonna turn the lights on, make sure
all the chairs are set up back here, make sure I have
everything they need for class. But the last thing on the
list is trying to figure out where my headset is. We speak over the
microphone so that everybody can hear us really easily. I haven’t been in here
to teach for a long time so I really don’t know where I put mine, so hopefully it’s not too hard to find otherwise I’m gonna have to borrow one. Okay I found my microphone,
it’s hiding in there. I really like lapel mics
rather than the ones that go over your head
because it squishes my brains when it’s on there for too long. So I’m gonna show you some
behind the scenes stuff that we don’t normally
show, might as well, right. So, this here is the attendance book. We keep track of attendance really closely so that we can monitor
who has taken what class and we can make notes
and that type of thing, but then we also have a makeup sheet so one of the cool
things about our classes is that we have so many
classes running in a week that if somebody can’t come
one week that they can book into another day and time of that week. But we like to keep track
of it so that if somebody is joining a class that
maybe we don’t know we just have a better
understanding of who they are, what their dog is like
and whether they’ve missed a week or they’re doubling
up or whatever it might be. It just helps everybody stay on board. And then after class we
always head into this room back here, this is our meeting room and in our meeting room we come back here every single week to talk
about different topics like jumping up and recalls, we have a bit of a
question and answer period, this is just sort of an
intimate type of setting where people can feel
comfortable asking questions and that type of thing
but we also really like it for the dog training aspect
because it sort of simulates a similar experience like
a vet office or what not so we also can work on the
dogs learning to lay quietly under everybody’s feet and
just being in a bit closer quarters with other people,
we have spaces obviously in the corners and other areas to take some of the pressure
off some of the dogs that aren’t as comfortable
with that so we try to give the students a lot
of different experiences so that when they go out to the real world they’re feeling more prepared. (classical music) Okay well that was fun, I
haven’t done that in ages, it went a lot better than I expected. They started off a little bit quiet and they sort of loosened
up by the end of the class, I don’t know whether they
just didn’t understand my humor or maybe they
didn’t think I was funny I’m not really sure
but hopefully next week it’ll be a little bit easier. Now though I have to head
home, look after the dogs a bit, get some dinner and
then be ready to come back here for six o’clock. I’m really excited about
this week’s classes because we are going to
be doing a games week, so we are focusing on gambles and snooker and a lot of the lower level students have never played gamble or snooker yet so we get to go over some of the rules and teach them how to play and they get to try for the first time which is always fun
because it blows their mind at first and then by the end of the class they are kind of excited about the game, and then of course the
more advanced classes who have played a bit
more, we always have fun by throwing a tooney on the line, or something just to make
it a bit more competitive so that people sort of razz each other a little bit more so I’m
looking forward to tonight it’s gonna be fun. (classical music) (rain) I just got home from
work and it is now rainy and gross and wet outside so I don’t think I’m gonna take the dogs for a run, I might just train them after classes. So I have a few hours off
so I think what I’m gonna do is make some energy balls. There’s this recipe that
Angela shared with me so I’ve got all the
ingredients the other day and they’re like the perfect snack and they’re really good for you. So I’m gonna whip those
up apparently they are not very difficult to make which is good because I am not much of a chef and I am going to spare you from watching me
videotape myself make them since I don’t really think
that’s that interesting. We all know Ken does, so sorry Ken. However, if they do
turn out to be delicious I would be more than happy
to share that with you and I’ll even share the recipe
so you can try making them yourself as well. They look really easy so
hopefully I don’t screw this up. Does this look delicious or what. Not really. (fun music) Man, those few hours off
really go by quickly. Sadly, my balls weren’t
done, I couldn’t try them. I had to leave them in the freezer. That sounds really wrong
but I’m looking forward to having them as a snack when I get home. Now I have my dinner, the
top is not the dinner, that’s B’s treats for class,
and I have to get to the hall because I have class
with B and then snooker and gamble classes tonight
which I’m really excited about so I’ve got to go. (fun music) Sit, yes wait. Wait. Wait. Yes, good girl, wait. Okay. Lie down, lie down, yes. Good. (fun music) So everybody’s walking
their snooker course, they are coming up with their strategy, I get to be the judge with
my sparkly purple whistle. They don’t want to hear this
sound because that means that they are eliminated and
they have to leave the course. So we’ll see what type
of courses and strategies that they’ve come up with
and see if they can execute, I’m excited. (fun music) The arena is dark, all locked
up, we did our training, we did our talking, I’m
exhausted, it’s been a long night. I am now starving and I
cannot wait to go home and try one of those balls
I made, I really hope they are delicious. Okay, the dogs have been out
for the last time tonight, there are a few dogs that
insist on chewing their bones in the kitchen as loud
as they possibly can but whatever, better
than getting into trouble and now I have the balls from the freezer. Let’s see if these things are any good. Yep. These are delicious, just as I suspected. I don’t know how these possibly
could be healthy for you. Now, as I eat this,
I’m thinking to myself, how am I going to hide these from Ken. Anytime I have anything
that’s like, remotely yummy in this house, he wants to eat it all, so I have to like, hide it
all over so that he can’t get his hands on it. And I would be a total liar if I said that I didn’t sometimes use
baking and delicious food to get what I want, because
basically if you want Ken to do something for you or you want to win his heart over,
bake him a delicious treat. It works every single time. I’m starting to think
it might work on me too. I don’t even want to speak. They are really delicious. Now, you may have noticed
in previous episodes that we often like to
sing the word goodnight. It’s something that I don’t
even remember where it started, it started as this inside
joke among Ken and I and my family especially, I
think it might have started with my sister and then
now with our friends. I don’t know why we think it’s
so funny but we all do it, one person starts, we try to
sing as terribly as possible and then everybody else
follows and tries to harmonize and it just, I don’t know, I
guess it just makes us laugh, so, with that, I sing you goodnight. (sings) (fun music)