– That’s good?
– Yeah. – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – Right now?
– Yup. – Okay. (laughs) Alright, so do you want to pour or – I’m gonna pour it
– You’re gonna pour your own? – I’m the teacher here. Okay – Good thing she doesn’t have a ruler. So are we gonna flush these
down the toilet when we’re done? – No.
– Oh. – Dad flushed slime down the toilet and all of our drains are clogged. Do not flush slime down the toilet. – We had a plumber come out today. They’re fixed now.
– Oh that’s why they work now. – Yeah they work better now
– That’s why they work now. (upbeat rock music) – Hey guys it’s Kayla. – And Sean. – From We Are the Davises and today we are going
to be doing slime school ’cause Dad needs to learn. So dad’s going to slime school. – And, well, I’ve tried
to make slime a few times but I steal Kayla’s slime and
I play with it all the time. Nobody knows this but I’m
always up in my office going he he he he he. She’s gonna show me how to make slime so now I don’t have to steal her slime. I can just make it anytime I want now ’cause I don’t really know how
to make slime that well so. – Okay, so we’re going to be
making three types of slime. First, we’re gonna do the basic. – There’s more than one kind of slime? – Yes. – See, I’m learning already. School’s in session, let’s do this. – There’s the basic slime,
like the first slime ever. – Basic sounds like a
good one to start with. – Yes.
– Yes, okay I agree. – We’re gonna start with that one, then we’re gonna go over to our floam and then we’re gonna end with jiggly. – Floam sounds very complicated – So it’s like, based on
when it became popular, so. – Oh, so we’re doing
the evolution of slime. – Yes, yes. – So this is like, science slime. – For our first lesson, we’ve got white school glue and you wanna pour some
of that in your bowl. You can go first if you wish. – How much do I do? Like, a lot? Like do I fill the whole bowl? – No no no no you don’t
fill the whole bowl. – No?
– Just like, maybe like halfway at most. – Halfway?
– At most. – Okay, so, say when. Ready? Ready? Ready?
– Go go go go go. – Ooooooo
– Fancy fancy. – That’s good?
– Yup. – Are you sure?
– Yeah. – Right now?
– Yup. – Okay.
(laughs) – Alright so do you want to pour or – I’m gonna pour it
– You’re gonna pour your own? – I’m the teacher here. Okay. – Good thing she doesn’t have a ruler. – So, then
– So, I look like I got more glue then you. Is that gonna be a problem? – It’s fine, you’re fine.
– It’s fine? Okay. – Then you wanna take some baby lotion from the dollar store. – Baby lotion? – Just squirt it in dad. No no no no no no no. – Oh. – We’re almost out, boy. You can’t be wastin’.
– But it smells so good. – Ew, don’t rub it on me. (laughs) – How much are you supposed
to put in there, that’s it? – Yeah, just to make it soft, you know? – Well you got more than I do
and I got more glue than you. It looks like pink
boogers in my glue now but – You’re welcome. – But it smells so good
– Oh! – And it’s so soft. – I just realized we don’t got spoons. I’ll be right back.
(swish) – Okay so now we mix this up now. – Yes.
– Okay so – And then we (mumbles)
– Alright, so, you can see here ooo that looks very nice. Now it just looks like glue again. – Yes that’s the point.
– That’s the point see. – Okay. Now. Do you wish to make it colorful? – Well yeah. – Okay then grab your food dye. – You know what, I was just thinking, maybe we should do what
matches our shirts. So you got
– Well I got like – You got pink
– three different colors. – Well you can’t really make tie-dye slime (large gasp) Tie-dye slime.
– You could. So you’re gonna add yours now. I’m gonna add mine after so I can make it three different colors. – Ooo you’re gonna go
three different colors to match your shirt?
– Yes. – You’re really gonna do that? – I thought that that’s what we’re doing! – Well I did, I was just joking really but you’re like all serious
like that’s a thing. Okay, so that’s cool man. Right on.
– So I’m gonna make it and then, like, split it up. – Well I only have yellow on my shirt so I’m going to
– Don’t add a lot. – I don’t know how much a lot is so you’re gonna have to help me here. – Like two or three drops. Or three.
– Ah. Ah. Ah. – Okay, no no, that was four! Oh my god the worlds gonna blow up! – Really? Here take it quick! Ahhh! (explosion)
(beep) Okay, so now do I stir it?
– Yes. – Okay, so, you can see it, oooo. Kinda swirly. – [Kayla] Just mix it! – [Sean] Sorry, it
looks so swirly looking. It’s awesomeness in a bowl. – [Kayla] It looks like
banana Laffy Taffy. – [Sean] Now we got yellow glue. – ‘Kay now we’re gonna
take our baking soda and you just take a little tiny bit, oops, and you just sprinkle it on there. Okay?
Ready? Little too much, too much, too much – That’s too much?
– A lot too much. A lot too much. – [Sean] That’s a lot too much? How ’bout that?
– A lot too much still. A lot too much still. Yeah
– That’s good? – [Kayla] Probably, I don’t know. (laughs) – [Sean] Now there’s uncertainty. So I’m gonna put that in the bowl. – [Kayla] And then you stir it
until it’s, like, dissolved. – [Sean] Stir it until it’s dissolved. – Okay, then grab our saline solution. Peasant, go. (laughs) – Peasant? Here. You can have that one. – Oh you gave me the empty one. – Ha ha
– Thanks. – That’s what you get
for calling me a peasant. – [Kayla] Okay then you just put in a little squirt, you know. Like a little swirly in there. – [Sean] Like, a little, like that? I don’t know if you can
see it in the camera there but I’m trying, is that enough or is that good?
– A little bit more. – [Sean] A little bit more? – [Kayla] Yeah, and then
you stir it and then if you don’t think it’s thick enough yet, you add more. – Oh so it’s supposed to make it thicker? – Yes, it makes slime. – That’s so weird, like, you put it looks like water so you put water in it and it makes it thicker. (laughs)
That is so strange. Apparently I need more so, here, this is what she means
by not thick enough. See how its how goopey it is? – It’s not goopey.
– It’s goopey. – See, mine’s, like, falling
down in, like, chunks kind of? – I think it’s working.
– You think? – So then at some point,
if you feel comfortable, start kneading it with your hands. – No. – Dad’s scared every time. You don’t want it to
get all over your hands. – Every time she shows me
slime, she’s like, look at this and none of it sticks
to her and when I do it, I have to take a shower. It’s in my ears, in my nose – Well then why do you
play with it all the time? Why do you play with it all the time? Huh huh huh? – ‘Cause I wanna be cool like you. (laughs) Okay so it’s not sticking
to the bowl anymore is that good?
– Yes. – So I can play with it with
my fingers now you think? – You can touch it if you
want to, if your brave. – Look at that, see. It’s sticking to me. – It’s sticking to me too. You have to knead it. – Oh so it’s supposed to
stick to you at first? What do I do with my spoon? – Dad! – I’m trying to be all neat with it. Okay so,
– So this is my slime. – Ugh it’s all over my hands man. Is it supposed to be like that? – Uh, no but like, you
knead it so it doesn’t. – How am I supposed to,
– Here. – I’m so confused. – Here (mumbles) – Okay so she’s putting more, ooo, okay that’s tons. (laughs) – It’s not sticking anymore. – It’s, look at my hand. – [Kayla] You gotta use the
other hand to get it off. – [Sean] Oh, really? Okay, I’m feeling like I’m just not doing something right here. – Oh mine is really good. Wait wait wait wait ready? (slime squishing) Boom. – Oh, hey look at that. It’s, like, doing better now. – Huh, Dad’s a slime expert. A plus. (laughs) – None in the bowl. My bowl must be clean because we’re gonna eat cereal
out out of this one here. – Oh, we are? – Well, I’m gonna give it to
Tyler, he doesn’t know, so. (laughs) Uh oh. Oh no.
– Dad. – I have like, super hairy arms. I’m just so excited.
– You did it! – I’m so excited. I made some, ooo, is that good? – Yours good. (slime squishing) No, no no no. Okay go like this on top. (slime squishing) Yes, there you go. – [Sean] Ah. Now I get it – Dad got an A plus. Okay, I’m sorry I’m still working on mine. – Oh no you’re doing
three different colors. – ‘Kay, we’ve got two of our colors. And then lay in the third one. Ready? It looks like my shirt! (magical harp music) Yours is really good. – That’s right baby! (slam) Bang. – The rest of our family,
they can’t touch slime without it sticking to them. So I thought I was gonna have to activate it until it was rubber, ’cause that’s usually what
we have to do for Mom. (laughs) – You know what my trick is?
– what? – I have really soft arms. (laughs) – Okay. Do you wanna go on the next round? – Yeah, next round next, whoa!
– Next round. Round two! We are going to be doing floam. So we’re gonna need some
clear glue for this. – Okay so,
– You just do the same amount. – Just tell me when
– The same amount. – I don’t know what that is. – I don’t know what it is either! – Is that good?
– Good good good good good. (laughs) – So we have a neck pillow.
– So we have a neck pillow because it’s got little beads in it and then we got some colorful ones. We got rainbow, and
we’ve got blue and white. I call dibs on blue and white. – I want rainbow I want rainbow. – Okay so,
– And I’ll use these as filler ’cause these are white right?
– Yes. They’re just much smaller. Yeah, put the foam in there. All of it.
– All of it, okay. – [Kayla] It’s not that many. Mine are even sticking to the sides so. – You know what it looks like?
– What? – [Sean] It looks like the little candy that you put on cupcakes or something. – Like sprinkles?
– Yeah, sprinkles. – [Kayla] This reminds me of the ocean. – [Sean] Is that good or do I need more. – Up to you. – I’m at school here girl. You’re the teacher. – It’s all optional. (laughs) You’re good you’re good. – So I don’t need to open up the pillow? – Yeah
– I was kinda looking forward to opening the pillow, though. – Well then open the pillow! – Is it gonna make a crunch sound? With that much?
– It may or it may not. We can always add more after. – I’m so stressed out.
– We can always add more after – Okay, so what’s next girl? I’m ready. – Now, we activate. Unless you wanna add color but, you kinda got a lot of colors. – I kinda got a lot of colors, yeah. And yours looks pretty
awesome like that so we’re going colorless on this one? – Yes. – Let’s activate! Is that it? – Oh oh there. – Okay, so
– Got our baking soda. We’re gonna put it in there. – Got some baking sod. Can we just abbreviate everything? (chuckles) Yeah, it looks kinda foggy, mine does. – Yeah.
– Yeah, see – [Kayla] It’s ’cause
you’ve been stirring it up. You know you know? You’ve been stirring it up. – Okay so how much do I put in there? – Put in as much as you did last time, and then stir it and see if you need more. – Oh, sorry. Got a little carried away with that. (laughs) So is the same thing gonna happen? – Yes look it! Oh mines going quick. Oh, I like this one! – Look at that! Isn’t that cool? That is so cool man. So now, now I gotta get
my fingers dirty, right? – If you want to.
– I have to. – Okay, then you have to. Oh, mines coming together! Magic. (wimpering) – I don’t think it’s working. – [Kayla] What? Okay, that’s a really good floam. – I think it’s starting
to work a little bit. I got more in the bowl though.
– It’s a little sticky, mine. – So what does that mean? – I’m gonna keep stirring
it because sometimes, when I play with a new
slime, I activate it more because I think it’s sticky and then it becomes over
activated like five minutes later. You know?
– Honestly? Over activated? What is it, becoming hyper active then? It’s like (yelling). (laughing) – No, like, it gets stiff. Here, I’ll over activate
this little bit right here. – I think mine might be over activated. (slime crackling) – Like, Dad, this is over activated. Like, rubbery. – Like this one? (slam)
(laughs) – Yeah, kind of. – I over activated.
– Yours is good still. This is the test for this one. Can you do a slime swirl? And you stretch it, okay? And you fold it. – Ahhh.
– Yours looks like a Nerd rope – You’re a Nerd rope.
– Okay. (laughs) Perfect! Look at it. Mine’s so cute. Oh you can see mine in yours. Oh no, that’s this one. (laughs) – [Sean] So I didn’t really do a swirl. I kinda did a layover. – [Kayla] Wait, this is my swirl. Ready ready ready? (slime crackling) That was a good one. (swish) This is like, the final. Are you ready? (drum roll) Like, the final of the year? – I don’t know if I can
handle the pressure. – You’re doing, jiggly slime bum bum bum! – Jiggly slime? That sounds very complicated. – It is. (laughs) That’s why it’s our final. So we’re gonna take this clear, add. Here, I’ll go first so you
can see how much to add. – Okay I’ll use you as a bench mark, okay. – Because we’re gonna add water to it, so it’s gonna be pretty big. – Okay guys. So she only did just a tiny teeny tiny – Teeny tiny bit
– Itsy bitsy bit. – Yup, perfect.
– Yeah, okay, perfect. – Okay perfect. – Cheers. (glass clinks) – Okay.
– Good. – What color are you gonna make yours? I’m gonna do green. – Maybe I should do red. – I’m gonna take a spoon.
– You want a spoon? You’re mixing your green? – [Kayla] Oooooo look at that. – [Sean] Oooo that’s pretty. Okay so.
– Look at that color. Look at this color.
– Okay, ready? Oooo look at that
– I like it. – [Sean] Ain’t that pretty? – [Both] Ooooooooo. – Now what are we supposed to do? – Water! – That’s it? Just water?
– Lot’s of water. – Just lots of water? That’s it? – No, then we have to activate it. Add the same amount of
water as you did glue and then stir it together.
– And then stir it? – And then, afterwards, if you don’t think it’s jiggly enough, you can add more water and make it even jigglier. – So are we gonna flush
this down the toilet when we’re done?
– No. Dad flushed slime down the toilet and all of our drains are clogged. Do not flush slime down the toilet. – We had a plumber come out today. They’re fixed now.
– Oh that’s why they work now. That’s why.
– Yeah, they work better now. – Okay now we’re gonna activate. – Like this, that much? That is a Kayla approved
amount right there. – [Kayla] So this one, you can really see whether the baking soda
is dissolved or not because it’s like water, so. – Mine looks clumpy.
– Yeah. You have to like, break
’em up with your spoon. Like, chop ’em in half. – Hiya, hiya, hiya
(intense music) – Slam them against
the wall and drag them. It’s very violent. Violent. (laughs) Oh, it looks like Christmas. Look it, we look like Christmas. – Oh yeah, look at that.
– We look like Christmas. (laughs) – Well, it will be here
before you know it. Maybe if we sit here long
enough, it will be Christmas. – It will be Christmas. I just ran out.
– You ran out? That’s okay, I got you covered girl. – Yay!
_ I got you covered girl. – Ooo it’s coming together.
– My turn. – Look it, mines coming together. – I’m activating with the activator. – [Kayla] Whoa. This reminds me of Nickelodeon slime, ’cause you know how,
like, there’s is green? – Really, I think that’s trademarked. You can’t say that.
– I can’t? Did Nickelodeon try to, like,
actually like copyright it? – They did! They tried, they did. They tried to trademark slime. Can we touch this stuff too? – Not yet.
– Not yet? – Especially not yours. (laughs) – [Kayla] Mmmmmm. (slime squishing) – Oh, my hands are turning pink. – You added too much food dye. – I added just the right
amount thank you very much. – A good normal slime
recipe is to add equal parts glue and water so I was trying to add a little bit more water than I was glue but I apparently didn’t add enough water. – I can’t get it off my fingers. ‘Scuse me for my reach. – [Kayla] I’ll tell you when to stop. Good. Try and make it jiggly! – It feels weird now. It’s all slimy, ewww.
– It’s gotta absorb the water. – Okay, let’s see if it’s jiggly now. I want it more jiggly, but you
can start to see the jiggle. And then, if yours is too watery, we can activate it again, so. Stop! – You just got your jiggly slime on me. I think it’s stuck on me. (laugh) Why do I have to have your jiggly slime. I can’t get it off my fingers now. – Activate it. (laughs) You moved. – I moved. (laughs) – Yup, yours has a little
bit of jiggle to it. Mines more jiggly. But yours will pass, you’ll be fine. – Get an A?
– You got an A. – I wish I could get all
this jiggly off of me. (laughs) – Here. – The other slimes were way better. Oh yeah.
– Use it like a soak. This is the closest thing
I can get to water slime. The slime that Dad flushed
down the toilet was water slime so I’m not gonna risk it again. – This one’s really cool, I like it. Now that it’s not sticking to my fingers and the hair on my arms it’s awesome. – This one’s really stretchy. – Ooo yeah this is really colorful. (slam) – Jiggle! (laughs) – Yeah, you definitely got a
little more jiggle then I do, but I got some jiggle too.
– You got some jiggle. And more Christmas! Do you wanna mix them
together and make Christmas? (gasp) – What, how do we do that? I’m like totally down with that. – Okay, so I’ll roll mine out, okay. Then you roll yours out, not that big. Like that. Okay, do you want to mix ’em? – How do I do it?
– Like, stretch it out. And then, (laughs) Here, we’ll do it together. Okay.
– Okay. Oh oh oh.
– Your, I’m doing it. (laughs) – Ooo it’s turning pink.
– That’s awesome look at that. – I like this slime. It’s so cute.
– That is cool. – What’s his name what’s
his name what’s his name? – Bob.
– Bob. Bob. Bob the jiggly slime. Okay, so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below if you
think Dad passed slime school. – Yeah.
– I think he did. – Question of the day: What color did Kayla’s
first slime turn into? – And did you think Dad
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