now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike herd cold front nosing into Northwest Montana right now and they’ll continue to track to the south and east here in the overnight overriding this high pressure ridge is just a little bit of monsoon moisture and that’s driving a few isolated small rumbles of thunder around the region very hit and miss out here towards dillon down towards lima it’s been a little more widespread dip just north of West Yellowstone now moving into Yellowstone National Park there will be some lightning strikes from gusty winds hopefully little bit of rain with that but the fear is that some of these could be on the drier side so as you look at the trivia forecast again this front is punching in from Northwest to Southeast overnight tomorrow it cools us off that’s good news right but there will be a little bit of moisture dropping in on the northwest flow as well not so much tomorrow but Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon the warmest part of the day may drive a few showers and a few thunderstorms around western and southwestern and central areas of Montana but again the good news is we will be cooling down temperatures will actually fall slightly below average City get 86 degrees right now 88 was the high today 48 was the overnight low and we got a falling barometer at this hour very light winds in Bozeman but it’s hot 88 degrees at this hour that’s been our high so far today that’s a little bit above the norm you’re normal in that low down to 51 70s and 80s right here with in southwestern Montana but it’s a hot 92 right now in Missoula and it’s a hot 92 right now off towards Mile City so if you look at the emoji a lot of smiley faces here that means it’s perfect the hot air across Southwest Montana but there are some frowny faces out there too that means it’s a little on the hot side for some small parts of Montana those are for the younger generation out there my generation I just like to look at the numbers so as you look at the forecast for tonight generally cloudy now and then some isolated rumbles but clearing later 40s and 50s tomorrow 70s and 80s are in there mostly sunny these are perfect temperatures again lots of smiley faces forward the younger generation and light winds expected for tomorrow as you move south and east let’s go with 30s 40s and 50s so a nice little bit of a cool-down here tonight with light winds but again a few thunderstorms are out there now bill taper after sunset 70s and 80s that’s a good cooldown for tomorrow again these are slightly cooler than normal but perfect out there in my opinion and it should be a mostly dry day but you look at the extent of forecast the probabilities are not that high but there could be some stray popup showers and storms late in the afternoon Thursday Friday a lesser chance into Saturday 70s in there for most daytime highs but look at next week we’re right back up there in the upper 80s and lower 90s lows will be a mix of 50s as you check out Butte your extended outlook again a slight cooldown on and just a tiny bit of a shower or thundershower possible Thursday Friday Saturday upper 80s low 90s here they come again Monday Tuesday of next week down to Dylan very similar chances for storms here it looks extremely low that Northwest flow just not conducive for a lot of storm activity for you Thursday Friday Saturday so I’ll keep you in the 70s and 80s for highs nudging close to 90 early next week 40s and 50s at night in West Yellowstone not bad 70s and 80s for highs but very chilly at night in the upper 30s to the very low 40s but again mostly dry is the forecast through the rest of the week in the weekend all right so I got asked if you got emojis is there someplace we can click to like the temperature I don’t know one step at a time influence yes all right well Nick Petro Tony joins us now our top 40 countdown continues it’s a