a lot of folks will be getting together you know the topic is going to as it does here every morning turn to food this week there are some do’s and don’ts you need to know when it comes to that Thanksgiving feast and your pets sunrise reporter Chelsea Torres is live at a veterinarian’s office in Kao Alan good morning Chelsea hey good morning guys well I spoke with one veterinarian here at Tejas veterinary clinic and he tells me about although it may be tempting to give some of that tasty Turkey to your pet as a treat he says it’s really not good to give any kind of food from your Thanksgiving table during the holidays our favorite dishes are ready to be devoured and although our furry family member can sense that it’s best to keep them away from the popular foods gotta be really really careful about about fats and sugars so and generally vegetable things like fresh green beans and broccoli those are okay dr. Rob Perkins from Tejas veterinary clinic says dogs get into almost anything and it’s good to refresh our memory on what not to give our hairy best friends stay away from all chocolate and desserts xylitol you know it’s a sugar-free sweetener it’s a naturally occurring substance but dogs can get really low blood sugar like an Caesar and go into comas they can die from it so that’s really like within 30 minutes they can be having problems when it comes to that Brian turkey the skin is a definite no to our dogs and dr. Perkins says cook bones are the worst so when your cookie shop they’re brittle they can cause intestinal perforation and blockages and things like that you know raw bones aren’t that bad but it’s best to stay away from all about not surprisingly our pets can get into anything that isn’t food pine needles from your Christmas tree poinsettias and mistletoe can cause gastroenteritis to your dog and remember to keep your pet away from the trash can a common spot for a dog after everyone is finished with their Thanksgiving meal now dr. Perkins also says that when you’re here during the holidays and around other people other holiday events can happen such as fireworks so as you’re preparing yourself for the holiday season make sure you take your pets into account as well