– A few months ago, I posted
a tweet to shut down rumors that I was using diet
pills, ’cause what… I mean if you do it, whatever,
it’s your world, but I don’t. And here’s what I said. I said, “Other fake news that’s
going around about me is that I’ve been taking weird
pills for weight loss or doing weird fad diets. All of this is not true. I
ain’t got time for all that. I eat the same stuff I always have. It’s all just made with
different ingredients, like different flours, different
sugars. Hashtag Dr. Gundry. So the truth is, literally everybody, I have an autoimmune disease, and everybody is giving
me books about this and tried to help me with
this for like four years. And all of them have (tongue blowing) not worked. And so I really did
use…I read this book. Now, it’s very scientific
in the beginning, but once you get to the
yeses and nos of things, and once you kind of understand
what Dr. Gundry talks about, it really does help open
your mind to still being… I love, I’m not giving
up chicken fried steak. It’s just not happening. (audience cheers) – You eat the chicken fried steak? – What? – I mean, I heard…you
said country fried steak? – There’s chicken fried
steak, country fried steak. – So you eat chicken? – Anything fried. – Steak. So… – Isn’t there a steak fried chicken also? – I don’t know, but I’d eat it. But I also got some
positive feedback, though. All of my fans came to my defense, and I appreciate all of you. Thank you…you don’t have
to, but thank you so much. (audience cheers) A woman named Penney also
tweeted me to find out how the Plant Paradox could help her. Take a look at what she sent us. – Hey, Kelly. It’s Penny Luster, and
I was just reaching out saying how excited I am for your new show. So today’s my birthday. I’m 46 years old today. And I’m going to take you into the journey that is my weight, so let’s
see where we are today. Ugh…I straight up lied to your producer, ’cause I told her I was like 194. That’s not true. I’m a busy lady. I’m working lots of hours, I
have kids, I’m a single mom. I had read about your success
with the Plant Paradox, so any advice that you have that you’re willing to share with
me, I would love to hear it. Thanks, Kelly! (audience cheers) – So, why did you respond to my tweet? – So Kelly, I’m a busy
mom, you’re a busy mom. Life happens a lot. I’m always running from pillar
to post, so we eat out a lot. And I thought, if Kelly can make this work for her busy life, I can
probably make it work for me too. So I wanted to learn more
about it and find out how we can get this
implemented for my family. – Yeah, and that’s the key actually, implementing it with the
family, that’s the harder part. Doing it yourself is one thing. – Right. – Getting the kids really
excited about it is another. But what are your concerns, though, about starting a diet in general? ‘Cause mine, I’ll tell you mine. I quit them. (audience laughs) – It’s really simple to quit them. – [Kelly] Yeah, I’m just like, nah. – Starting the plan… So, you know, like I said,
my kids are most important, so if it doesn’t work for
them, it can’t work for us. It’s extremely important that I’m not cooking two or three meals a night. You know, I don’t want to cook for myself and send them over to McDonald’s or try to make all this food that I’m going to want to eat anyway. – Yeah. – So just making sure
that we can work it in for my family and I have time for it. – And that’s a really hard
thing, ’cause we’re all so busy, all of us have to…we’re 24/7. I don’t feel like we’re…there’s
not a 9-to-5 any more, we’re like 24/7, so it’s really hard. But the author of “The Plant
Paradox,” Dr. Steven Gundry, is actually in our audience today. Explain to everyone first,
what is the Plant Paradox, in like, “book for dummies” terms? (audience laughs) ‘Cause you are a smart
man, and I read that book, and I was like, “what”
in the beginning, yeah. – The Plant Paradox program is not a diet. You’re not gonna eat twigs and leaves. – No I won’t. – Damn. (audience laughs) – So I actually wrote the
Plant Paradox for families. Particularly, I have two daughters. One of my daughters turns 40 in a week. She was very overweight, miserable, tried every diet, wouldn’t listen to me. You know, I’m a dad, not a doctor. And recently, a year and a half ago, she and her husband went on this program, ’cause I have two young grandchildren. And I said, “Look, don’t do
this for me. Do this for them.” Both she and her husband have lost 60 pounds in the last year and a half. (audience cheers) – Oh my gosh. – I just posted her before-and-after
photos on Instagram, and her kids have been raised the Plant Paradox style
their entire lives. And they’re three and five
now, and they’re thriving. So here’s what you do. The Plant Paradox is
about taking away foods that are actually making you ill and giving you foods
that are going to taste just like the foods you love
but they’re actually going to improve your health,
improve your health span, and improve your longevity. And the deal is, the sooner
you get your kids eating smart and eating well, you
have saved their lives for the rest of their lives. And we’re talking about avoiding diabetes, avoiding heart disease, avoiding cancer. And congratulations for
you to taking this step. (audience cheers) Let’s give her a big hand. – It’s hard. I’m not gonna lie. The author of the Plant
Paradox, Dr. Gundry, is going to show us healthier
versions of the foods people with curves like us love. So give it to us. OK, Dr. Gundry, what do we got going on? – I mean, who doesn’t
love macaroni and cheese? (audience cheers) – I love. – But the problem with regular
macaroni and cheese is, it puts curves in the wrong
places, if you know what I mean. – It depends on who you are, but yes, OK. (audience laughs) – What we’re going to do
is, we’re gonna swap out the elbow macaroni made of wheat, which is definitely going
to make you gain weight and make you ill, and we’re going to use some pasta that’s made from
glucomannan, konjac root. It’s called Miracle Noodles. – Oh, I’ve worked with those, yeah. – Miracle Noodles are unbelievable
as a change for pasta. So we’re going to use that. Then, we’re going to get
rid of all the cheese and we’re going to make
cheese that’s vegan. – Why you looking at
me when you said that? – Wale is very excited. – I feel attacked. – Using nutritional
yeast and macadamia nuts. – I love macadamia nuts. – And then, we all want maybe some bacon in our macaroni and cheese – [Kelly] Or in anything. – Or in anything. But we’re going to use
mushrooms, because mushrooms are going to have the same
texture you’re looking for but it actually improves your brain power. So macaroni and cheese
that makes you slim, feeds good gut bacteria,
and feeds your brain? Wow. (audience cheers) – And that’s honestly more my thing. Honestly, everybody wants to be thinner, but at the same time it’s not…for me, it wasn’t even about that. It was about really feeding
your brain and your body with good things so we can
be around when our kids are having kids, you know? I just want to be healthy, so I love this. – Yeah, that’s exactly right. – Let’s move on, what’s next? – You want a bite? – Oh shoot, yes, you
don’t have to tell me. – So what do you think, Penny? Can you feed your kids that? I mean maybe we’ll take a
little bit of the spinach away. – It’s good, it’s good. – I like the spinach, it’s great. – Come on, let’s go down here. – What’s next? ‘Cause I like fries! (audience cheers) – [Dr. Gundry] All right. – OK, fine. (audience laughs) – [Kal Penn] You were waiting for that. (vocally enjoys fry) (audience laughs) – So, everybody loves french
fries, including your kids. And the great news is that we can substitute sweet potatoes…pay attention. – Uh huh. (audience laughs) Substitute sweet potatoes. – We can substitute sweet potatoes, and instead of frying them
in peanut oil or canola oil, we’re going to use olive oil. Now everybody goes, “Wait
a minute, olive oil. “That’s dangerous to fry in because “I see the smoke coming up.” Turns out, olive oil is actually the least oxidizable oil there is. It’s the safest frying oil. It just has a low smoke point,
that’s why you see the smoke. But the benefit of olive oil is that it actually feeds your good bugs in your gut. And an additional benefit, it actually makes you smarter,
too. So, sweet potato… – I feel like you’re
saying something here. You want me to be smarter, Dr. Gundry. – You gotta be so smart to do this show. – I’m gonna eat it. That’s good…dip it. (laughter) I didn’t double dip, I turned it around. – This is a blue cheese dip. – It’s amazing. – It’s really good. – That’s good. – I usually don’t like blue
cheese, that’s amazing. – And then we got a vegan dip over here. – OK, so I’ll try, I
don’t want to be rude. – All right. (loudly enjoys fry) – Oh, all right. – No, I like this one better. I like that one, but this one’s better. Y’all aren’t getting any
food here, Kal, Wale. – You ain’t offer me none. – Y’all have pie, what’s this? I’m not sharing with you, Kal. – Are you getting any of this? – I’m going to try a little. – Try this one, try this one. – I’m not a big sweet potato guy. – You ain’t telling me nothing Dr. Sepy ain’t already told us, but
I like sweet potato fries so I’m gonna do this. – [Kelly] Me too. – This better be good. – [Kelly] This is the jam. All
right. Let’s see this cake. – Let’s move on. – I want to see the cake!
I want to see the cake! – Come on, let’s get to the cake! – Come on, Kal! Let’s get to the cake! (audience laughs and cheers) – So, Penny, the kids want dessert. – Every day. – Every day. So why not give them a
dessert that’s good for them? – OK. – And this is chocolate
cheesecake, but we’ve taken away… – The chocolate and the cheese? (audience laughs) – No, the chocolate’s in there! You know, chocolate is one
of the greatest health foods in the world for you,
like extra dark chocolate. Not the milk chocolate. – That’s why I’m like
the living embodiment of health, wealth, and success. – Exactly. – Wait, what’s the crust? – So we’ve got some almond
crust and macadamia nut crust. – [Kelly] I like it. – And then we’ve got
coconut cream as our main… – [Penny] I taste that. – Yeah. Our main thickener. – [Kelly] Yes. – And we mixed in chocolate. And your kids won’t know the difference. In fact, they’ll say, “Mom,
can we have another piece?” And this stuff makes them
healthy rather than hurts them, and that’s the whole idea. What we’re really trying
to do with this program is give your kids and you food
you love that loves you back. And that’s the problem with our food. (audience cheers) – And it’s just hard
because it’s changing up our habitual patterns and everything. I think that’s the hardest part. – One last thing. This recipe is from our new cookbook, “The Plant Paradox Family Cookbook” that’s launching in November. – Oh, I was like, I don’t have that one. – This is a sneak peek. – OK, thank you. – Come on, dig in. – Well thank you so much, Dr. Gundry. (audience cheers) – Penny, this plan can get… – I’m allergic to everything in there. – Penny, OK. I told you this, and I’m being real. This plan can get a little expensive, so we talked to our friends
at Healthy Gourmet Your Way, and they’re going to
provide you with dinner for your entire family for a year. – Oh my gosh. – [Kelly] Yes. – Oh my gosh. – [Kelly] So good luck! – Yay! – It is hard. It can get expensive, y’all.