Today I will be making Kesar Peda. Peda is a classic sweet made for festive occasions. They are delicious and made with very few
ingredients milk and sugar flavoured with cardamom and saffron. This is a easy recipe to make. This recipe will make twenty pedas and will serve ten. To make pedas we will need: 2 cups dry milk powder 1 cup heavy cream 1/2 a cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon crushed cardamom few strands of saffron 1 tablespoon of warm milk to soak the saffron. For garnishing we need 1 tablespoon of sliced pistachios I am ready to make the pedas. Heat is on low. I am using the heavy bottom non-stick pan. So here is the heavy cream. milk powder Now keep stirring. And mix it really well. Keep cleaning the sides and it will take about a minute to mix both
things together. Keep stirring. Mix will become consistency of thick dough. It’s important to keep cleaning the sides otherwise it will burn and will become brown in colour and
we really want to keep this as white as possible. This has already become thick but keep stirring and keep cooking for about 12 minutes and just make sure you are mixing this really well and cleaning the sides. So just lift it and mix it again. Lift it and mix it again. This has been about 7 minutes. So I am going to add the cardamom. And saffron which I have already soaked in the warm milk so it can leave the nice colour. And mix it well. And again keep cooking. It has been about 13 minutes. And now at this stage this is known as khoya and khoya is ready. It’s very very important to cook the khoya on low heat. And just keep flipping the same way. And it has become like a sponge if you see it you can when you flip. So you know that this is ready. So now turn off the heat. We will transfer this to a bowl and wait before we put the sugar khoya should come almost to the room temperature. We have to wait till khoya comes to the room temperature. Just very very little warm before we add the sugar. If we add the sugar in warm khoya it will become very soft. Khoya is ready. It has come almost to the room temperature. It has been sitting for 15 minutes and as you see it has dried up also little bit. So now it’s time to put the sugar. So now mix both things together. So mix it well. Khoya and sugar has mixed well and it has come to soft dough. Sometimes your khoya is going to be very dry maybe you have overcooked but it’s a very easy fix. Add couple of spoons of cream to make the right texture. Or if khoya is very soft do not cook again because it will become very soft and very chewy. So you can add powdered almond or coconut powder. Here I am ready to make the pedas. So take about 1 tablespoon of khoya and just between your palms go around and just press it a little bit and make a little dent. As you see its not very smooth you can see little cracks and that’s how it should be. And just do it again. I have made all the pedas. So its time
to garnish them. And they are now looking beautiful. It has a very nice colour of saffron. So just put some pistachio in the dent we have made in the pedas. And just press it so they stay. Kesar pedas are ready to serve. They are looking beautiful. Nice colour and nice aroma. Pedas should be served at room temperature. Pedas are little grainy or crumbly in texture. Kesar pedas are delicious sweets that nobody can resist. Enjoy with family and friends. Thank you. Till we meet again, check out more recipes on