Hello and welcome back to my channel, today I’m going to share a recipe for keto chocolate mousse it is such a yummy keto dessert, low carb dessert and I will be sharing this video actually on Mother’s Day I’ve got my pink mothers day top on and so this is just the perfect dessert for Mother’s Day to make for yourself, as such I find it’s so therapeutic making this dessert and you might find that – it’s a lovely treat for yourself if you’re a mom to have some time out and make a yummy dessert or to make for your mom so I’m going to get into the recipe now make sure you check down below there’ll be the full link to the printable recipe as well as other yummy stuff and make sure if you’re not already subscribed to my channel you hit that subscribe button and join the yummy inspirations community for more yummy recipes just like that and leave us a thumbs up, a thumbs up and a comment I always appreciate it I look forward to communicating with you down below in the comments and let’s get straight into the recipe. And these are all the ingredients that you need and just by the way in case you hear some background noise I’ve got the washing machine on at the same time because you know multitasking mom all of that follow, so excuse any background noise now the ingredients that we have I’ve got a 90% dark chocolate over here, you can use whatever you want but I’m low-carb keto so 90 percent and then we sweeten it up in our stevia if you’re not on keto then you can use any chocolate you want really any chocolate works 100 grams which is about three and a half ounces of chocolate is what you want and I’ve got the same amount of butter I’ve got a hundred grams of butter over here chopped up so three and a half ounces I’ve got unsalted butter. I’ve read about using salted butter in chocolate mousse actually, I’ve actually used it not on this recipe, in other ones it adds a kind of salted cultured kind of flavour to it so if you’re after that go ahead you could use some salted butter but I am using unsalted over here and we’ve got our stevia that is the sweetener that I use that agrees with me whatever sweetener or sugar that you use that you like to use in your recipes go ahead and use that I’m using two tablespoons I find that sweet enough but I, although I love my sweets I don’t like things too sweet so two tablespoons is enough use as much as you want just keep adding until it is sweet enough to your liking and we’ve got four eggs now because this recipe is raw eggs be careful with feeding this recipe, giving this recipe to children and people who are unwell or have a weakened immune system because they say you shouldn’t be having raw eggs or if you’re pregnant, in those kinds of states so get the freshest best eggs you can possibly get to use when you are cooking a recipe or preparing recipe using raw eggs, well you’re not cooking because they’re raw. Alright so first step is we’re gonna over a very low heat melt our chocolate and our butter together you could do this in a double boiler or you could do it in a microwave I do not have a microwave and I do not have patience for a double boiler so you can do this over lowest heat in a small saucepan there you go I’ve got my hundred gram of butter and 100g of dark chocolate roughly broken up in there and we’re just going to pop it on to melt, starting to melt, this side of my kitchen is super sunny at the moment, making it difficult to film nicely, can see it doesn’t take very long and I’ll just keep stirring and get it melted almost there and before you know it you’ll have a full chocolate mmm look at that now we’re going to add in our sweetness so that can dissolve into the chocolate I’m going to add my 1 and 2 tablespoons of sweetener and just give that a nice mix through to get it dissolved and then what we’re going to do is just set this aside and see to our eggs okay I have two bowls here, one for the whites and one for the yolks and we’re going to break our eggs, try not to get eggshell everywhere and we’re going to separate them, separate them any how that you like sometimes I’ll do it in my hand you just can catch the yolk in your hand, other times I’d do it just like this just trying to do it in and film it at the same time, it’s fun and so I’ve got the yolks in One Bowl and the whites and the other and I’m going to do with all four of them. There you go, they are separated, white in One Bowl, yolks in the other, we’ll move the whites aside and see to the yokes first, I’ve got our lovely yokes in our bowl and you’re just going to whisk them together just want to get them nice and smooth and once you’re happy with that we’re going to add our chocolate in and give that enough mixer oh look at that already smells so good big pool of chocolate and we’re just going to whisk that together and I’m happy with that messy puddle of chocolate will remove it aside and get whipping our whites and I’ve got my electric whisk we’re ready to whisk these up to white beautiful peaks there you go, all right it looks nice you can see their beautiful white peaks and now we are going to mix it all through together, okay we’ve popped our chocolate back in the center and move our whites in and now we’re just going to fold the white through the chocolate gently and this is the wonderful therapeutic part you see the chocolate and the whites all mixed together to become one beautiful super rich chocolate mousse, you can either do a figure eight or just around and some circles and fold it up you don’t want to whip out the air that you’ve just whipped into those and once you’re happy with it it just goes into the fridge I’m going to pop it into a pretty little bowl, look at that yum, so this chocolate mousse will go in the fridge and will just need a few hours to firm up and then you’ve got a yummy yummy yummy chocolate mousse mmm just kind of smooth out the top of a little bit it’s such a rich dessert so chocolaty so this is going to go into the fridge and I will say thank you so much for watching my video for this recipe for yummy keto chocolate mousse make sure that you check down below for the full recipe and for more yummy stuff and leave a comment let me know what are you up to this Mother’s Day I look forward to reading it and remember to subscribe for more yummy inspirations just like this and we’ll see you again soon bye