– Hey guys! Welcome back to Led Fit. I’m Serein, half of Led Fit. Chris is the other half and he’s behind the camera today filming. Today’s video is all about how to make sugar free gummy bears. These are a great high protein snack to take with you to the movies,
on the go, for your kids. This is gonna be really easy to do and depending on the fruit juice you use, or depending on your flavoring, you can essentially
make this as zero sugar and low carb as you would like. This is also a great
replacement for your kids. If you’re trying to wing
them off of refined sugars, at least you can replace the juice with a all natural fruit juice and at least this way they’re
getting the antioxidants and a natural sugar
versus a refined sugar. So let’s start with what
you’re going to need to create this recipe. You’re gonna need some
sort of a silicone mold. I got this from Amazon. It was relatively affordable
for a pack of three and then the little dropper
to dispense this in. I will link the ones I purchased
in the description box, but you can get whatever
mold that you want as long as it’s silicone
so that it pops out easily. Then you’re gonna want,
of course, some gelatin. I do eat meat, so I have regular gelatin. It’s pure protein. I bought the large box because you’re gonna
need quite a bit of this. If you buy the normal four pack envelopes, you’re gonna use the entire
box for one cup of liquid. We’re gonna want some sort of
a juice or water, something. Um, I have these Tohi Aronia berry drinks. These have no added sugars. Aronia berry is very
similar to the Acai berry but has more antioxidants. A total of 12 grams of carbohydrates for an entire can. If you’re sticking to a
strick ketogenic diet, then I would say, don’t use this, use a sugar free Gatorade, a sugar free juice that you can find in
your local grocery store. Because I did do a test
run of these gummies, and they were actually quite fun and chewy and gummy-like
and perfectly shaped. I did feel like I was missing
a little bit of that sweet and tart factor, so I went and picked up the vitamin strawberry watermelon
liquid water enhancer with Vitamins B3, B6, and B12. This has no added sugars. There are some sugar alcohols in this, so it depends on how your
body reacts to sugar alcohols. Again, avoid maltodextrin. Or you can of course
use a liquid monkfruit or a monkfruit type of powder because we are gonna heat everything up. So that’s everything you’re gonna need and of course a measuring cup. You’re gonna want one cup of liquid and I’m gonna use the rest of
this berry juice that I have. And then I’m gonna pop
open the second can. (can opening) (background music) (liquid pouring) Now I’m gonna add a couple drops of this strawberry
watermelon vitamin situation. (background instrumentals) Taste it and make sure
it’s the right sweetness. So, I’m gonna stir it up and taste it. (fork hitting glass) That definitely helped with the sweetness so I’m gonna add a little bit more. (fork hitting glass) And remember when you add the gelatin it’s gonna dilute the flavor a little bit, so you do want it a little
bit more tart and sweet. Heat up your liquid. You don’t want it to boil but you definitely want
it to be hot enough so that the gelatin
dissolve in this mixture. (liquid pouring) (fire flame crackling) So I’m just gonna let that heat up while I measure out the gelatin. For one cup of liquid, you’re gonna want 30 grams of gelatin. It’s better to have a little
bit more than a little bit less because you want it to be nice and firm and sturdy as a gummy bear. So now that the liquid is heated, I’m gonna pour it back
into my measuring cup just cause I prefer it this way. (liquid pouring) And then we’re gonna add in the gelatin. So we’re adding in a little
bit over 30 grams of gelatin per one cup. (paper crinkling) (paper taring) (paper crinkling) (background music) Then you’re gonna wanna
mix this up really well. I like to use a fork. (fork hitting glass) Now for the fun part, and this
is very therapeutic for me. You’re going to take this little dropper and you’re going to fill
each of these little gummies. (background instrumental beats) (background instrumental beats) I always have a little bit of liquid left. I’m just gonna pour it
into a glass container and then you can cut it out. – -want these in the fridge. You want to let them sit
for at least 20-30 minutes in the fridge and then
you can pop them out. And a good tip is to not have
them sit in direct sunlight once they’re done, they will melt in heat. They do last, like
throwing them in your bag and kind of going about your day. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and like very hot situations. But we’ll be right back in
about 30 minutes for me, two seconds for you, to see the final results. And we’re ready to check
out all the gummies. So cute. So it’s been a little over 30 minutes and the gummies should be all set now. With the silicone molds they’re really easy to just pop right out. And look how cute they are! (background instruments) Definitely much more flavorful. There’s a nice little tartness to it. (background instruments) And it’s quite sweet. I really like them. So all you have to do is pop them out, put them in a container or a zip lock bag or some sort of a bag. Keep them in the fridge when
you’re not gonna eat them, but you can take them on the go. Super good, super easy. Way healthier than conventional gummies. So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did, don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up. Let me know what you’d
like to see next here on Led Fit in terms of food. I have some taste-test
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beautiful rest of your day.