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this is a how-to video which will use my Keto sugar cookie recipe for the pizza
dough base, and I will also use the chocolate truffle recipe, I use this
recipe quite often as you may have noticed the reason is because I prefer
the nutritional value, and macronutrient ratio of my truffle recipe, over just melted
chocolate and cream so let’s get started making this keto dessert pizza,
the macronutrient ratio for this recipe is 3 to 1,
with 8.1 grams of total carbs, 3.7 grams of dietary fiber, resulting in 4.4
grams of net carbs per slice the first step in making this dessert pizza is to
make a full batch of my keto sugar cookie recipe as per the instructions, a
link will be provided in the description below I used a regular sized pizza pan, a
30 centimeter or 12 inch pan and lined it with cling wrap which I overlapped to
make it really wide, place your cookie dough in the center and then press the
dough onto the lined cling wrapped pizza pan then press down with light pressure
to even out the thickness, and smooth out the surface I find using the bottom of a
glass, or this kind of measuring cup the best when you’ve done this cover the
dough well with another piece of cling wrap to seal the dough well, refrigerate
for about 30 minutes so that your dough can become nice and chilled, then remove
this from the fridge and grab your cling wrap to slide the chill dough off the
pan, then line the pan with parchment paper just on the bottom invert the pan
and place it over the dough that is still on the cling wrap, and using the
cling wrap for support flip the dough back into the pizza pan and peel off the
cling wrap, I forgot to mention pre-heat your oven to 150 Celsius or 350
Fahrenheit, place your cookie dough pan into the lower third position of your
oven and bake for 30 minutes then without taking it out, open the oven door
place an oven mitt or some other thick item to keep the door just slightly open,
leave the cookie pizza base in the oven for about 1 hour and this will allow
your cookie base to harden to just the right texture, your cookie exterior will
be nice and crispy, while the interior is moist then remove the pizza pan from the oven and let the cookie cool to room
temperature in the pan, while your cookie base is cooling, I prepared my chocolate
truffle recipe, as described for my recipe when my chocolate truffle is done,
set the bowl aside to leave the chocolate enough time to cool to room
temperature, the link for this is also provided below the next step is to
prepare the cheesecake layer into a mixing bowl add the the whipping cream,
room-temperature ricotta, confectionery sweetener, lemon zest, room-temperature
cream cheese, and the freshly squeezed lemon juice, whip at high speed until you
have a smooth and creamy mixture and don’t forget to taste for sweetness, and lemon flavor, this is the time to adjust both if you want to, but don’t
make your cheesecake too sweet because there’s a substantial amount of
sweetness in the chocolate and the fruit the optional step is to add one or two
more drops of pure lemon extract because I wanted a little bit more tartness than
a cheesecake to balance the sweet flavor of the fruit, if you needed to make any
adjustment whip well to combine the flavors again, and note that the mixture
might be slightly lumpy looking that’s because of the ricotta, but in spite of
the ricotta lumpiness it has a smooth flowy consistency, set this aside for a
moment, while your cookie base is still warm score the cookie base into either
six or eight slices depending if you want your final product to have twelve
or sixteen pieces, and after you’ve scored pour the prepared
room-temperature chocolate truffle liquid onto the cookie surface, but don’t
spread all the way to the edges leave a bit of visible rim all the way around
just like a pizza would have, but use a spatula to spread out the chocolate to
form an even layer, place this back in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes so
that the chocolate has time to harden this will make it much easier and less
messy when you add the cheesecake layer now it’s time to spread the cheesecake
topping over the chocolate layer again leave your cookie rim visible, and spread
only over the surfaces where the chocolate is, now it’s time to arrange
the strawberries over the surface of the cheesecake layer,
I cut relatively thin wedges of strawberries, I started by placing
wedges along the perimeter first added one more interior row at a time
moving inward to close the circle until I was done, then I arranged the
blackberries between the strawberry wedges because there are not that many
blackberries, then I decided to put the raspberries in the perimeter between the
strawberries, and since I had a few more I placed them in the center section as
well, and as you can see I arranged the blueberries between the strawberries, but
this is just the way I chose to decorate you can decorate any way you like, and
this is how my basic keto pizza looks like usually I’d stop at this point and
just serve it this way, but because I was serving it to people who really like my
chocolate truffles I decided to drizzle more chocolate on top, this drizzling
chocolate on top is completely optional we really like this extra layer of
chocolate on top but it doesn’t make for the best looking photos, so to achieve a
nice thin ribbon of chocolate I place my extra chocolate truffle
liquid into a piping bag, but if you don’t have one just take a small Ziploc
baggie squish it to a corner and cut a very small opening, I started drizzling
at the exterior and made small circles going inward when you’re done whether
you add the chocolate or not, you should refrigerate the pizza for at least 30
minutes before serving, this time is needed for the Cheesecake to set and for
all the flavours to infuse, however I have found that the best flavor is
achieved if I allow the finished dessert pizza to rest overnight, this allows the
flavors to develop fully, when it’s time to serve I cut each of the eighths I
scored into half again and this makes for 16 pizza slices, at first you may
think that these pizza slices are very small but this is a very rich and
amazingly satisfying dessert everyone I’ve served it to has agreed that a 1/16
slice size was quite filling especially if this is served after a meal, now that
I’ve shown you how easy it was to make a cookie base from this dessert pizza. I
would like to recommend that you perhaps watch and make a number or monogram
cake, that uses the same basic methodology and it’s a really beautiful
cake I hope you will try this dessert pizza
soon, I would really like it if you’d let me know what food
topped it with, and if possible send me a picture enjoy, thank you very much for
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