Caveman Keto here today I’m going
to show you my recipe for keto fat bombs, if you’ve never heard of
a fat bomb it’s something where it has a
large percentage of fat and not much protein so maybe you’ve eaten too much
chicken for the day if you are trying to map 65% fat 30% protein, 5% carbs it can add a lot of fat into your diet
without adding much protein we’re going to do it with this really cool low carb chocolate that only has one net carb, and we’re going to actually fill them with a sunflower butter, its going to be like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and then we’re also going to use Coconut oil as the main source of fat so let’s get started! I have all the ingredients here, you start with 3 Oz. of Coconut Oil You just put it into a big container 1.5 ounces of cream cheese 1.5 ounces Torani Sugar-free Vanilla 1.5 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder 3 Oz. of chocolate in this case I’m using a 1 net
carb chocolate then you wanna do some EZ-sweetz, 12 drops and then we just microwave this. After a minute you can see that the mixture is completely melted now you’re ready to make your fat bombs I take a cavity pan, you can just fill these with the chocolate and put it in the refrigerator, I’m going to put a layer then put some sunflower seed butter onto each layer to make it like a Reese’s peanut butter
cup you just had a bit of chocolate into the
bottom of each one now you want to put these in the
refrigerator, let them harden a little bit so that we can but sunflower butter on top after a few minutes in the
freezer you can see that these are mostly hard this is just so that the sunflower
butter doesn’t sink directly to the bottom because that won’t unstick then you want to just put small dollop the center of each one, and I apologize, the only way to do it is with your finger now using the remainder of the
chocolate top of the chocolates that put these back into the freezer. As you can see now that they are frozen, they just pop out After the fat bombs have been in the freezer for a while, you can see as I showed you they just pop out The reason why me that bottom layer
was so that they pop out easily otherwise it just sticks and have
a bite Mmm … Super delicious, you can see on the inside we’ve got that sunflower butter