hey there it’s Steve from Serious Keto
and in this video we’re gonna make some pistachio pudding but before we do that
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video so if you’ve watched any of my other videos you know I’m all about
giving credit to those people that inspired me to make a given recipe in
this particular recipe my inspiration came from facebook follower Michelle
Turner Luth now Michelle asked for a pistachio Chapel but that just wasn’t
lighting my fire I thought I could do something better with pistachios and one
of the things that I really kind of missed from childhood gosh I don’t even
know how long it’s been since I’ve had it but it was pistachio pudding so
that’s what we’re gonna make right here we start with one can of unsweetened
coconut milk then set your burner to medium high to
this we add 1/2 cup of pistachio butter and I’ll link to the recipe to that
right in this general vicinity here depending on the temperature of your
coconut milk this could take a little while to whisk in now it’s worth noting
that depending on the type of burner you’re using this could go very very
quickly so if you’re using gas or if you’re using an induction burner like
this really you got to stay on top of this and be mindful of the temperature
you’ve got a little bit more leeway if you’re working on an electric stovetop
once the pistachio butter is more or less dissolved we’re gonna add 1/4 cup
of sweetener I’m using Boca sweet here whisk that in an eighth of a teaspoon of salt whisk
that in now is where temperature plays a very important part as we turn this into
a pudding or a custard we want our temperature to be somewhere between 160
and probably 175 tops we’re at 173 right now and with that we’re gonna add four
egg yolks but first we’re gonna temper them if we put them right in right now
they’ll start to cook we don’t want that to happen we want to create a custard so
we’re gonna wrap a little bit of our sauce mix it in and we’ll do that three
or four more times so we can gradually bring up the temperature of our egg
yolks and thus not shock them and cook them when we put them in to the rest of
the sauce now we can whisk in our tempered egg
yolks we’ll add half a teaspoon of vanilla
cream stevia and we’ll continue whisking checking the temperature until it hits
180 degrees then we’re gonna pull this off the heat if it gets to the point
that it bubbles you know that you’re at the right temp and should pull it off
let’s just take a look at where we’re at here 180 180 one good enough coming off the heat you’re gonna want to
let this cool for at least an hour stirring occasionally now this next step
is totally optional but if you want this to really look like the stash of pudding
about six drops of green food coloring will do the trick that’s pretty much the
color I remember from jell-o bran pudding we’ve had this batch chilling
overnight so we’ll scoop some out sprinkle a little chopped pecan topping that’s a total Instagram pic right there
now my favorite part of every video the taste oh my goodness this is like grown-up
pudding right here I mean it brings back my memories of eating jello brand
putting pistachio flavored but oh this is just it’s so much more rich and
flavorful mmm and as good as this is right here I know that it’s a wonderful
topping for my Kido pound cake which is coming soon maybe it’s here already if
there’s a link up there that’s where it’s at another cool thing about this
recipe is not only can you eat it straight up like pudding not only can
you put it on top of another dessert like palm cake but you can also freeze
it in a silicone mold to make fat bombs that are quite wonderful as well so I
want to thank Michelle Turner Luth once again for being the inspiration for this
recipe if you’re looking for a sauce that comes together pretty quickly and
can be used in number of different ways give this a try thanks for watching