hey everyone I’m back at it again this
time headed into KFC because it looks like they’ve kicked up their
world-famous biscuits with some awesome looking sweet Cinnabon goodness so let’s
see what they’re all about after we scoop ’em up through that drive-thru welcome
to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty yeah peep this out could I
go for four of those new Cinnabon dessert biscuits please you got it great
thanks this just can’t be bad it can’t ahhh no the Cinnabon you gotta have the
Cinnabon definitely I can imagine I can imagine how bad could they really be
right it’s Cinnabon icing and the frosting and all that stuff right oh man really the first very first ones I’m the
first one to get these right now oh man hope they’re good I hope they’re good nice
nice awesome thank you that’s a good deal for four right three bucks not bad a regular
cinnabon bun is like five bucks on its own so yeah not bad nice nice thank you
man stay frosty now we’ll see ya I will alright guys I’m the first one to get
these right now and I’m super excited let’s peep this out alright you guys
are gonna experience this for the first time with me I haven’t popped the Box
just yet but take a look at that box actually guy is looking really cool the
official marketing the official packaging for this from Cinnabon as you
can see we’ve got the colors cinnabon dessert biscuits only at KFC and guys
I’ve already got the smell all up in my car right now this is gonna be insane I
have a feeling here we go oh my god that is insane insane insane I’ve got the
aroma all up in my face right now hopefully this is not going to fog up
the lens because this is really really warm guys feast your eyes on four
freshly made biscuits the very first order of these actually with that Makara
sugar glaze along with that signature cream cheese frosting all over these
right now and man it is just swimming in it on the bottom this looks very very
heavenly and guys a no-brainer for three bucks I mean four of these for three
sign me up already the presentation alone is fantastic I don’t know
how I’m gonna lift one of these up out of here but guys I’m gonna have a lot of
fun trying this looks absolutely delicious let’s get into this right now
and see exactly how the flavor is I have a feeling we’re gonna dig this a lot
guys it’s the Cinnabon dessert biscuits here at KFC let’s peep out this flavor
introducing KFC’s new Cinnabon dessert biscuits so are you a fan of high-quality
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content drops every week now let’s dive into this one man it’s over 80 plus
degrees in my car right now and this icing is still holding up guys the smell
is insane on these Cinnabon dessert biscuits here we go mmm oh my god oh my
god hmm you want to talk about hashtag pillowy goodness this is absolutely it
guys super soft on the inside of this right now and of course all the Makara
cinnamon glaze the cream cheese frosting this is absolutely heavenly let’s go for
one more bite and of course I’m gonna give you that close-up mmm man first
off you can tell these were made absolutely fresh guys look at how thick
and fluffy that is on the inside so it’s nice buttery doughy goodness and then on
the very top of that the Makara cinnamon glaze of course with that cream cheese
frosting all the signature flavors of Cinnabon minus the swirliness that you kind
of get when you bite into one of those but the denseness and the thickness of
KFC’s biscuit really soaks up the goodness on the very top of this guys
this is super heavenly and literally a four piece should go pretty quick if
you’re a fan of Cinnabon because the flavor is off the chart with these of
all the days to not bring anything with me to drink right now considering how
hot it is guys this is super dense super filling and you’re gonna want to have
some milk you’re gonna want to have some water something on the side to help you
wash it down but it’s buttery it’s definitely gooey and I’m really loving
the Cinnabon flavors guys and you can’t beat the official packaging this comes
in it’s really a nice touch mmm so smooth and let me just say they didn’t
skimp on the amount of cinnamon glaze and the cream cheese frosting on these
guys it looks absolutely awesome presentation-wise and of course it’s
gonna highlight all the flavors of the original biscuit especially the
denseness of it on top of the Cinnabon flavors that you know and love this is
an easy recommendation and like I said for four three bucks you cannot beat
that at all I mean a regular is about 5 bucks on its own and
considering you can actually get four of these for free with at least a 10 piece
meal or higher you already know guys this is gonna be
an add-on you’re gonna want to add this on trust me mmm let me give you one more
shot of this one as if you don’t want to see what this looks like again up close
right I mean I am absolutely loving filming this right now and there is so
much glazy goodness all throughout and the smell is still kicking in my car
right now guys this is absolutely delicious and they’re very very hearty so
nice job on this combination I think this is probably one of my favorite
versions of Cinnabon outside of the regular version of it and guys it’s
definitely a recommendation you need to go get these but make sure you’ve got
plenty of napkins when you do mmm classic Cinnabon goodness guys that is
so so good OK so is if you really need me to give you a rating on this one guys
this is an easy 10 out of 10 there is nothing wrong with these whatsoever
especially when they’re right out of the oven the way these apparently are it’s
just a very hearty very filling version of the classic Cinnabon flavors with the
famous biscuit here at KFC rock-solid KFC Cinnabon dessert biscuits free with
a 10 piece meal but of course I got to ask you did these look pretty
rock-solid too you drop some comments down below are you a fan of the Cinnabon
brand in general and if you are how excited are you to give it a shot on top
of the world famous biscuits here at KFC drop those comments down below and
definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another
episode of peep this out bringing you brand-new content every single week here
on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the
meantime stay frosty mmm yeah these are definitely not gonna make it home I can
promise you that all right everyone until next time I’ll
talk to you soon