– Yeah I’m struggling. It’s like timed and everything is hard. Now I’ve got cayenne on my hand. (laughing) (heavy guitar) – Even though I’m 14 I have
been cooking since I was five. But I’ve really been taking
it seriously since I was 11. I have a little cooking experience. I can cook a decent meal. I cook at home three to four times a week so I’ve got that experience. Homemade hollandaise sauce. Proscuitto arugula eggs benedict. Chef Clark is the best
chef in the world, baby. – I’ve never faced off against an adult. – Well it’s nice he thinks I’m an adult. How old do you think I am? – I’m gonna go over 35. – What? Oh no, man! I’m 27, dude.
– Oh. – I don’t look that beat up, do I? (funky music) So the time limit is 30 minutes. Definitely enough time to
take down a little kid’s ego. (laughs) – It’s been a while since
I had a timed competition but I’m feeling confident. I feel like I can beat him. – Ready to get your butt beat?
– Yup. – Let’s go, dude.
– Good luck. – Yeah. Owen, good luck buddy,
’cause you’re gonna need it. – So, I guess I’ll take this cream. I can do some kind of sauce with that. I need this parsley. I feel like I really have to
use my creativity here, like pull something together,
sort through this fridge and find what I want to use. Yeah, I think this is it. I got the chicken for my protein. I might take the skin
and make skin crisps. Wilt this spinach, glaze
it with some of the chicken stock and make
tomato concasse with this. (fast-paced music) – Okay, this is a lot more
stocked than I thought. I’m seeing these beautiful
peppers pop out at me. I’m seeing Jalapenos. I’m seeing chicken. I’m from Texas, love Tex Mex. Already my mind’s going. We could do a deconstructed
chicken fajita. Sounds fancy if you say things
are deconstructed, right? I think I’m gonna destroy the competition. Everyone’s gonna love my tacos. They call me Taco Bandit …
Taco wing about it all day. – I don’t really know how much
cooking experience Clark has. He might have not a lot, but still be really amazing at cooking. I feel like I could finish early. – Oh, Mr. Confident over here, eh? The tortoise wins the race. I’m going to win is
what I’m trying to say. – [Announcer] 3 … 2 … 1 … Go. (guitar music) – [Clark] Where’s just olive oil, dude? Sesame oil. – If you want to do high heat
cooking, I’d use this one. – What? You’re not supposed to help me. But thanks. I was supposed to be clobbering you right now, and you’re helping me out? I’m gonna get a nice
little coating of taco seasoning on my chicken. – I thought you were making
your own taco seasoning. – Yeah, but then I saw this. Hey, if you gotta pre-mix, why not? Is it working? So, I just started cooking and I realized I didn’t know how the
stove worked, and now I’m stressing, like, oh crap. This is going to be a lot
harder than I thought. What does five, six, seven mean? – That’s the heat. – But like, is it like, the level? – Yeah. – Cool.
Why are you helping me again? – Clark doesn’t know how to
use an induction cooking top. I feel like it could
be an advantage for me. If he doesn’t know how
to turn on his stove, he can’t cook anything. – Can’t forget my favorite
ingredient, the cayenne. – I’m watching Clark cook,
and then he takes cayenne, I don’t know if he knows
how spicy cayenne is or not but he just takes it, turns it upside down – Yeah, crap. All right, I like stuff
spicy, so we’re gonna get a nice, bit of cayenne on there. – A lot comes out, and he’s just like, oh yeah, it’s fine. I like spicy food. No, that’s like, blow your head off. I’m trying something new. Usually beurre blanc is
made with white wine. I’m making it with
beer, and I have no clue how this is going to turn out. – [Clark] Did you just say beer? – Yeah. – [Clark] Are you even
old enough to buy beer? – [Owen] No.
– What? This is not legal. Do you have some for me? – Over there. – Just gonna get a nice
little coating on the skin. Get it nice and crispy. – I cut myself, that was a minor setback. – Are you OK, man? – Yeah, I’m fine.
– Is it a bad cut? – No, it’s just that.
– Oh, OK. – Since I cut my finger,
I had to use a glove. It was a tiny setback in time. – So the version of this
dish that I’m making is actually my parent’s recipe. They call it Mexican stack. It’s a super easy dish. It’s just rice and protein, and then whatever toppings you want. There’s only so much you can
do with a chicken fajita. I could go crazy, and
crumple up Doritos on there. I’m gonna go get Doritos. George, do we have any Doritos? I think we’re out of Doritos. – No! We’re out of Doritos. I’m just going to keep it
plain and simple Mexican stack. – His knife skills are questionable. – Look at these sad, old jalapenos from the old Buzz Feed refrigerator. They’ve been sitting in a
hot tub for, like three years and just pruned all up. Oh, this is a fun game. Let’s see, old bands I
love that you may not know. Do you know Blink 182? – Nope.
– Taking Back Sunday? – Nope. – Thirty Seconds to Mars? – No. – Backstreet Boys? – They’re the ones that always
wore the white suits, right? – Yeah. – Our music tastes are really different. I don’t know any of the
bands he’s talking about. They’re all from, like,
20 years ago or something. Just cook. – Tell me some bands and
I’ll see if I know them. – Do you know Lil Pump is? – Lil Pump?
– Yeah. He listens to music called Lil Pump. I got this kid beat. Peppers, onions, taco seasoning. Everything is coming along nicely. There’s some pops of color. My fish is on fire because
I touched it with cayenne. Life is good. (guitar music) Oh man, I made it too spicy. (laughs) – There’s one thing you could do. – Owen is like, well,
you know, if it’s spicy you can add tomato puree to it. I’m like, dude, why are you helping me? Here, You tell me if this is too spicy. – It’s good. – [Clark] No! No man! – There’s five minutes left. I have everything together. My chicken’s resting, my sauce is done. All I have to do now is plate
and I have plenty of time to, so I’m not flustered at all. Are you struggling over there? – I just tasted my pico
de gallo, and it is great. No struggles over here. Do you have anything finished
that you can taste yet? I don’t even know what you’re cooking. It don’t look good. (Upbeat music) What are you doing over here?
– Plating. – Oh, we got two minutes. Oh, crap, it’s too much. Ooh, it’s okay, it’s good. – [Owen] Is it cooked well? – Do you want some? – Yeah. Thanks. It was good. It’s spicy, but it’s not a
blow your head off spicy. – It’s not too bad, yeah. Take a look at that, baby. Look at my foods. It didn’t taste like it was
cooked by a 14 year old boy. It tasted like a Top Chef
junior winner cooked it. – Where did you learn to cook? The not culinary institute of artists? Mine is the stuff you get at a mom and pop Mexican Restaurant. Yours is like the fancy
Italian restaurant you go to. – I would have liked to … – Oh, you got a nice crisp skin. I think mine’s better. (intense music) – So, the chicken is
actually perfectly cooked. But it’s very, very aggressively seasoned. It kind of hurts my mouth and my back of the throat a little bit. – I think the ingredients
go together really well, and I can get just a hint of
flavor in each ingredient here. – Chicken is not dry. It’s pretty spicy, though. – The chicken is also
perfectly cooked on this one. – I really like the sauce here too. – Very rich, the chicken
is cooked really well. Just enough seasoning. – My favorite dish … – My favorite out of the two … – My favorite out of the two dishes … – Is number two. – Dish two. – Number two. – And it’s because of the sauce. It’s super bright, and super nice, and it makes the whole
thing taste so much better. – I think the flavors
go really well together. I really, really like the
texture of the crispy skin. – Everything worked really well together and no ingredient was
overpowering the other. It was very rich. I want more. – [Announcer] The winner of
this Amateur Vs. Pro goes to … – What? No! This is a mutiny. – You know, it feels
good to beat an adult. It feels good to beat somebody who is 13 years older than you. – Good job, dude. – Thank you. – What are you going
to do with your trophy? – Put it up on something in my room. There we go. – Not even a grateful winner. (laughs) This is great.