– Whoa, what is that? – Ah, no.
It’s not good. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re taking
a trip across the pond and trying some popular
British foods that were made from a local authentic
British pub here in L.A. – Oh.
I’m excited, ’cause I like trying
new things. – All I know is that they
have tea there and that’s it, really. – (FBE) At the end of
this episode, today’s sponsor, LG, has a surprise for our viewers.
– It’s a very good surprise. You guys are gonna be shook. – I think they will be tricked.
They’ll be duped. – I was pretty surprised,
so I think they should be surprised, too. – (FBE) Here is your first
British food. – Ooh, what is this? – Is it a meatball with eggs? – It looks like a giant
meatball. – I already know what
hard boiled egg looks like. It’s a sausage? – Better than I expected. – It’s sausage.
It’s good. – That’s really thick sausage
and it’s really good. – Cheers. That tastes horrible.
Not my cup of tea. – I don’t really like it,
but it’s okay. I’m not the biggest fan
of these kind of eggs. – I already liked hard boiled
egg and I like it even better with sausage. – (FBE) These are scotch eggs.
They are hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat
and coated in bread crumbs. – I knew it was sausage. – The outer layer is bread crumbs?
Tastes like pancakes to me. – Who came up with this?
Why’d they think, “I’m bored.
I don’t know what to do. Oh, I have an idea!
Let me put an egg inside of a sausage
with bread crumbs on the outside.” – (FBE) Here’s your next.
– Fish and chips. – Ooh.
Is that vomit? – Green mashed potatoes. – Is that guacamole?
It’s warm. – So, it’s fish and chips,
“chips,” french fries, and I don’t know
what this is. – It’s fish.
I love fish. – It’s just normal french fries
and fish and it’s deep fried and it’s just so delicious.
It’s so great. – Yeah, I think that’s
guacamole. – Is it wasabi?
If you lie to me, I’m never coming back. Ew, where’s the trash?
Where? Oh no, it’s not good. – Is it peas? Peas.
It was actually a lot better than I was thinking. – It does not taste
like anything. It’s water. – I like it.
It kinda tastes like green bean. – I’m gonna go back
to eating this. This is my happy place. – (FBE) So, these are
fish and chips and we threw in a side
of mushy peas for you to try. – These are peas?
What? – They’re peas?
Okay, ’cause I kinda saw ’cause they’re green.
It’s pretty good. I don’t hate it. – I’ve always loved
fish and chips. I love fish and chips.
I’ve never liked peas. – It’s pretty good, I think,
but those aren’t chips. Those are french fries. – (FBE) Here’s your next dish.
– This is huge. Ooh, the bottom part’s
kinda mushy. – Is this melon bread? – This looks like a dessert. – Brown stuff always
looks yummy. Meat.
Yummy meat. – These beans and some
kind of flaky pastry. – Let’s hope this tastes good.
It’s probably gonna taste good, Sydney.
Just eat it. Mm, it’s actually good.
I wanna try some of this bread or whatever. Very crumby. – I don’t like the taste.
It’s some sort of miscellaneous meat that I’ve never heard of. – The meat was delicious
and the bread was amazing. – This isn’t that good,
’cause it’s not sweet like I usually like things. – (FBE) This is steak
and kidney pie. Usually the filling is inside
the breading, but this is this restaurant’s
interpretation. It is a representative dish
of British cuisine. – Oh.
It tastes a little weird. – I ate a kidney?
Ew. – If it was a representative dish,
how come I’ve never heard of it? Top ten questions scientists
can still not answer. – (FBE) Here’s another.
– Croissant. – Can I check the inside?
I’m gonna check the inside. Whoa.
What is that? – I picked up some of this skin.
There’s carrots, peas, and meat inside of this thing. It’s not good one bit. – Is that more intestines?
With a croissant? I think it is. – Sad to say that it’s
actually pretty good. The sad part is though,
it looks disgusting. – It tastes kind of salty
and a little bit sweet. – Right when you open the bread,
you’re like, “Oh my gosh, meat.” And you start chewing on it
and then you’re like, “It doesn’t taste like normal meat.” – The bread on the outside,
I think it’s good that they added it,
’cause it kinda helps it a little bit not be so strong,
’cause there’s very strong flavors in it. – (FBE) So, this is
a Cornish pasty. It has a filling of meat,
potatoes, turnips, onions, and seasoning that is baked
in this yummy pastry dough. It is regarded as the national
dish of Cornwall, United Kingdom. – Sounds yummy,
but I don’t love it. – I honestly like this one,
despite it looking unappetizing. – I wish they would keep
the outside, but then fill the inside with
a cherry filling or an apple pie filling. – If I was the Queen,
I would be like, “Uh-uh-uh, no.
I’m getting rid of this thing.” – (FBE) Here’s another.
– Is it a square apple fritter or something? – It looks like some kind
of brownie with meat in it. – Yummy.
Mm. That’s good. – That’s a brownie.
A brownie with frosting. – It’s definitely caramel
in this. Yeah, I like it. – Is this supposed to be
a British donut? – What is that on the top?
Is it caramel? It’s just has this funky taste. – It tastes like raisin
and chocolate and then it’s kind of spongy. – (FBE) So, this is
sticky toffee pudding. It is a dessert consisting
of a very moist spongecake made with chopped dates
and it’s covered in a toffee sauce. – Toffee sauce?
I thought that was caramel. – I’m okay with toffee stuff
and all of that separately, but put together,
it’s way too sweet. – This was good.
I’m so happy it was good, ’cause if it was bad,
I would have been like, “Bye. I’m leaving forever.” – (FBE) Did you enjoy trying
these British dishes today? – These are great.
Very good. I wanna go to England
and eat this food now. – They were all so, so yummy. – I feel good, ’cause I got
to try new things and I see what I like
and what I don’t like. If I had to rate this
on a one to ten, I’d give it my lucky
number nine. – Thank you to LG
for sponsoring this video and about that surprise.
The LG Wallpaper TV was actually our background
the entire video and not the real set.
This TV is so thin, every friend who sees it
will be fooled into thinking it’s just a picture on the wall. – This is such a thin TV.
This is not a TV. You guys are tricking me. – I don’t believe you.
– (FBE) You don’t believe me that it’s a TV? – Wait, is it exactly the–
that’s exactly the same. – (FBE) With LG’s OLED display
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