– Sh–
– Mm? (upbeat jazz music) (screeching) – Like that? – Oh. – Hm, sneak into the
store and get cookies. (women laughing) – A onion? – What is that? Ew, nasty! – Yeah? (screeching) – It’s really good. – Yeah.
– Yes. – Mm! Mm! I feel like school should have this. – Yes. – Yes. – That’s yummy. – Mm, mm, mm. – Salad. My worst nightmare. – Oh, those sticks you
blow and then, bweh! – Vinegar. – They put vinegar on it. – No, I just don’t like the smell. – Is this ice cream or something? – Tastes salty. (bread crunching) – Ow. (woman laughing) (woman laughing) – Sh–
– Mm? (woman laughing) – Oh! That’s why they have that name. – (gasps) Mac and cheese! – Mm-mm, it’s the first time today. The one that comes in the food box. – They had this in the great perpession? – Duh, it’s cheap. (woman laughing) – Yes, very much, yes. – [Girl] Cookies? Maybe. (laughing) Raisins. – Apple. – Oh, no, this Vegemite? (woman laughing) I don’t like prunes. – [Miko] Not a fan of this dessert. Nope. – Eleanor Roosevelt. I read a book. – Me, only me!
– Uh, yeah. – Meh, sometime. – Yeah, sometimes. – Yeah, that they had pretty
disgusting food back then. – I’m grateful that my
mom has so much money that we can eat food
that’s like, really good. – Have you ever tried one of these food? Let us know in the comments.