– This is pretty good. – [Interviewer] It’s a vegetable. (elated music) – [Interviewer] Are you
guys very good detectives? – She is, I’m not. She has sharper eyesight than me, she can see more things. She’s–
[Interviewer] Really? 20/20? – Yep. – 20/120. – [Interviewer] Today,
you guys are going to be detecting a secret ingredient… – Oh no. – [Interviewer] In every dish. – That’s kinda cool. – [Interviewer] Are you ready? – Uh-huh, I’ll close my eyes. – Is this pizza? – Ooh, pizza. – It’s something weird cause
there’s like something orange and I think it should not be orange. – Is there oranges in it? – [Interviewer] No. – Cheetos? – [Interviewer] Cheetos is
not the secret ingredient. – I smell carrot. – I don’t taste carrot. – Wait, is there pumpkin in this? Or sweet potato? – Sweet potato. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] You nailed it. – I love sweet potato fries. – Oh a potato. It just is weird. – Is this a mango? – [Interviewer] It’s a sweet potato. – A sweet potato. Wait what, this is a sweet potato? – [Interviewer] That’s right, this is pizza with sweet potato crust. – I don’t like vegetables. – [Interviewer] Alright, close your eyes. – I’m gonna guess this one first. – Spaghetti? I remember this, my mom
makes it all the time. Okay, this is normal spaghetti, but there has to be something weird. Okay, but it smells the same. – The noodles are gluten-free? – Wait, did she get it again? – [Interviewer] They’re gluten-free, but that’s not an ingredient. – They’re made out of potatoes– – They’re made out of celery? They’re made out of eggplant? – I do not like veggies. What could it be? – [Interviewer] Do you like pasta? – Yeah, I like pasta. – [Interviewer] Do you like this pasta? – It tastes just like my mom. – I’m stumped. How is this anything but pasta? – Can we not, I’m out of options. – [Interviewer] It is made. – Out of cauliflower? – So, where is it hided? It must be in the white
cause this is white and it looks exactly the same. – [Interviewer] You can
look at the noodles. – What’s in this now? – [Interviewer] Lentils
– What is that? – [Interviewer] and peas. – Ooh, we love lentils.
– Ooh, I love peas. – I’m just gonna have one forkful. – Ew. Is it a vegetable? – [Interviewer] You’ll have
to taste it to find out. – Neon pancakes.
– There pancakes have beets in them. – [Interviewer] Can you
just eat them first? – But we know what they have in them. – That is good. – This is pretty good. – There’s something wet, I
must find out what it is. Pig blood? – [Interviewer] No, it’s not. – Okay. – [Interviewer] It’s a vegetable. – Ugh. – I’m out of guesses. Radish? Are you serious? – [Interviewer] It’s a beet. – This one’s better,
this one is ridiculous. – Oh my gosh.
– Here’s a couple beets for you guys to try. – It’s good. – [Interviewer] Some adults experience reddening of the urine
after consuming beets. – It’s like that thing with carrots, where it’s like you
eat a bunch of carrots, and then you can turn orange. – Thank you. So, the weird thing about
it, it’s so much (mumbles) and deliciousness. What’s this, see what’s happening. – Perfect. – Perfect. – It’s made with potato flour. – [Interviewer] No. – I see gray stuff. – [Interviewer] No you don’t.
– Yes, I do. What is this? Is it a cucumber or something? – Radish. – [Interviewer] Zucchini. – I knew it. – [Interviewer] Can you taste it? – Oh my gosh, yay. – (shouts) Ice cream. – Strawberry? – [Interviewer] It is strawberry flavor. – This is good, I’m actually
gonna eat all of it. – Where are you veggies? – I see orange stuff– – There’s the ice cream. – I think it’s corn, I mean carrots. – With carrots. – I literally, I was about to say is it
strawberry and carrot ice cream? – Did I get it? – [Interviewer] You got it. – In your face. – I literally was about to say, is it strawberry and carrot ice cream? – No you didn’t. – I actually was– – Just let me have this. – Now when I eat ice cream,
I’m gonna see better. – This doesn’t really taste like carrots. But this is bomb. – Got it. (spitting sound) – Thank you for watching Kids Try Foods With Secret Vegetables. – If you wanna try
veggie-craft pasta at home, go to veggiecraftfarms.com. – Ooh, give it to me. Yay.