I usually make a huge mess oh, man I made a mess Dessert! Dessert!! Desserttt!!! Caaannndy! Seriously! Huuuh Yeaaaahhh I hope I don’t get a cold from the cold food. hehaha Can’t see anything Is this a dessert? Is it even frozen? This is mango, *guy off screen* yep And I like mango Uh huh mmh … mmmn *tap of the spoon* Ooh oooh I’m just gonna … do this You just knocked over my cake uh huh Saffran Kufi?? What is saffron? *gasp* I just had a mind blown, Yeah Oh wait, one last thing mmmmmmmm *gasp* Ah yuuumm! It’s a banana covered with chocolate covered with nuts it– num uumm let’s see here.. Spain. Was I close? mmmmmmmm Sp— Mexico? It’d be unfrozen by that time. *people behind the camera laugh* *sing song voice* Meh-hico ma meh-hico I’m ready for the next one *people behind the camera* alright *gasp* Is this flowers on this? *slurp* Yummy I feel like I’m a bee because I’m eating flowers This is half frozen?! Mwauh *gasp* ooooohh This looks like a milkshake with yellow balls on top It’s pops *crunch … crunch* *crunch crunch* hmmmmmm aaaahaah Where does it come? and how do they make it? and why is it so good? Philippines? Yay! *in Tagalog* Mabuhay! *gasp* *burp* heheh Well it ‘ppears like I like it I like Ice Scramble!!! ICE SCRAMBLE! It’s sooo past good I’m just gonna eat all of this *slurp … Sluuurp* brain freeze Now it’s a brain unfreeze Thank you for watching! What’s your favorite dessert? let us know in the comments down below, and I’ll see you next time