– [Speaker] Before we begin, I thought you might be thirsty, so, – Oh no, mamma. What the? (laughter) (upbeat music) (dramatic music) – [Speaker] How hungry are you? – I’m so hungry. (dramatic music) – [Speaker] Open! – Mini pancakes. – [Speaker] Open. – This is tiny. A snail could have this. – [Speaker] So if you’d
like you can put some butter and syrup on your pancakes. – [Child] Okay, if you say so, ah. – Oh man, oh man, oh man, um, um. (laugher) – It’s so tiny, I have to do that. (laughter) – I’m ready for lunch.. I’m ready for nothing. – [Speaker] What do you mean? This is not nothing. This is a beautiful, tiny, breakfast. What do you see? – That’s a miniature pizza. – What the? (laughter) – Okay this is, – Mmm, want some of mine? – This is weird. I didn’t even try mine. – Okay. – Who wants pizza? – [Speaker] I want some pizza. (laughter) I want some pizza. – [Male Speaker] Can I try it? – Just try it. – [Male Speaker] Food fight. – [Speaker] Tiny food fight. – I’m gonna eat three
pieces at the same time. – [Speaker] Whoa. (clapping) – Killed it. (laughter) – Oh man. – I don’t know how to
use Chinese chopsticks. – [Speaker] Those are Japanese chopsticks. How about that? – Japanese. – [Speaker] Those are
toothpicks, actually. (laughter) – This is so hard to eat. (laughter) – Where’s the fork? – [Speaker] You lost the fork? – That was delicious. – [Speaker] If you’re interested, the chef is going, – Don’t tell me. To be a fairy? (laughter) – [Speaker] The chef might be a fairy. But at the end of the show we’ll bring him or her out here. – Yeah! Melina, if it’s Tinkerbell
making all these foods I’ll get to see her when she’s small. – [Child] It’s tiny still. – [Speaker] What is it? – Tiny uh, – Cake, pie? – [Child] What is this? – [Speaker] A teeny-tiny cinnamon roll. – [Child] Strawberries with it. – [Speaker] Yes. – I knew it was roasting marshmallow. Where’s the fire? Wow. This is hard. (laughter) That was good. – [Speaker] So Ernie before
you eat the second one can you put the icing on? – No. – [Speaker] Can I have, like,
two more cinnamon rolls? He ate them so quickly. I brought you some extra. Just pick two. (laughter) – Next. – [Speaker] Next? That’s dessert, that’s it. – Ah! – [Speaker] Alright, you
get to meet the chef. – Yeah! – [Speaker] Open your eyes. The chef is there. – [Chef] Great to meet you. – Oh, hello. – [Chef] Hello. Did you enjoy the food? – Yes. – [Chef] Great to meet you Claire. – That is not the chef. It’s a mouse. – [Chef] I’m not a mouse I’m a hamster. My name’s Hamlet. – [Speaker] Okay, any
questions for the chef? – Why is he so soft? – [Chef] I use lots of conditioner. – [Speaker] Here are some of the tools that your teeny-tiny chef was using today. – [Chef] It tastes delicious. I carry them with my mouth. – Wait a minute. You use tiny tools? – [Chef] Of course. How do you think I cook my pellets? – Bye Mr. Chef. – [Speaker] Bye Sophie. – Thank you for watching,
“Kids Try Tiny Food.” (screeching) – Cheers.