[Music] so today is national s’more day so Kim and I are going to test a number of deconstructed smore recipes and I know can hardly contain yourself so let’s get right to it yes please hurry yeah we’re ready okay the first one this is like a cake pop marshmallow small thing what do you think presentation okay we have a jet first of all that oh my god Oh yum that’s really common ken this is the s’mores chocolate-chip cookie so it looks like a chocolate chip cookie that was dipped in okay let’s go yeah I don’t know what to say oh my I’m making a mask on the desk oh this is a no-bake s’mores cheesecake so I’m gonna love this okay look get a close-up so if you love graham cracker I don’t know what you don’t want a fork no okay heaven I love cheesecake I love chocolate okay this is my favorite wait oh so BJP’s really outdid herself with this one this is we asked her to make a s’mores cake thinking she’d make a s’mores flavor King right and then this is what she comes up with I mean she just this was in her head and she put it to flour and sugar and I don’t know what to say but she put it to you know that she was able to take her vision oh well did it Daphne that’s what you say mmm so she said that this is cake in here this is cake with layers of graham cracker like an actual s’more yes like to this tastes like a s’mores and then she said this is like cake pop that’s right marshmallow that’s fondant yeah and that’s what her she looks she even broke her she looks so cute you can see her she oh oh how do you know what to say Anna okay here we go it is so oh my gosh the marshmallow here’s what I do when she makes these things I just go to the inside I love that buttercream even Barbara’s middle name should be buttercream because it’s buttercream is I think everyone’s jealous that’s watching this I think they are too and don’t you all want to know what that tastes like so overall we love the cake Barbara’s cake is amazing and the cheesecake was just something different the cheesecake was something different really all of it it was awesome happy national s’mores day yes [Music] you