(playful music) (dog barks) (dog yelps) – Hey everyone, it’s Barry here! Welcome to My Virgin
Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today, oof, it’s gonna be a bit naughty. It’s gonna be stonking,
it’s gonna be delicious. You are gonna have fun
making this, I hope, and it might wow your guests. I don’t know why I’m
so awake this morning. I haven’t even had my coffee. (exhales and hums) Woo, I don’t know what
is wrong with me today. I am high, I am high on life
or something, but life is good. And that’s a life lesson for ya folks. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing and what’s going on with your life, life is too short, smile. Anyhow, today on the Internet, we are making one of those desserts. You know, when you have like a ball and then you pour sauce
over it and it melts. (stutters) Th, th, th, th, th, th, th… That is coffee, I’m honest. You build a chocolate dome. We’re gonna temper the chocolate. You remember the recent
video I did of tempering all the different types of
chocolate going down a storm. So we’re gonna use that
to get a real nice edge. We’re gonna make a dome that’s gonna encase a
dessert of your choice. We’re then gonna pour a
caramel sauce over the top. (whines) This is actually training as well because there’s actually
even more epic ones where people have done petals. I don’t know how they’ve done that. Someone let me know down below and I will do that on the next video. If I can master this, then we can pour the sauce
around it so it blooms out kind of like that crazy
marshmallow hot chocolate I did a while ago which
was also doubly epic. So, in short, what we’re
gonna do is get a balloon. This is easier. Now that’s too big,
not as big as that one, but its too big, so we
can let some air out and you can kind of adjust
it roughly to the size of the dessert that you
want to put under it. So, of course you can make it bigger or you could do like a little ditty one and literally just put
a jelly bean under it. So, we’ll go for about that height. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I wish I could do balloon
modelling right now because I’d just make
a sword or something. There we go, perfect. So for ours we’re gonna go
for kind of a Kinder egg vibe. With a giant Kinder egg
going on and this as well, we’re going quite Kinder
heavy at the moment. I’ve never done that before. I’m feeling excited by that. What I mean by that is there’s a white and milk chocolate layer. We’re gonna temper both layers. The first layer we’re gonna
temper is the white layer which will be inside the balloon. Remember you’re gonna need like a thermometer for
that in just a jiffy. And I’ve got some good quality white chocolate 26% cocoa butter. When it says good quality it
just basically means expensive. In other words, not the
stuff you use for giant food. The basic context of tempering, which we will be doing with
the white and the milk, is this is 300 grammes,
so it’s nice and easy, two-thirds, 200 grammes, is what we’re gonna
melt now to temperature. We then finely chop the other
100 grammes into little pieces and use the heat from the
other bit to temper it. You’ve seen me do that
on the tempering video. I’m not gonna give you
the whole shebang here. Do check out that video,
it’s extremely interesting and really does show you the difference between effectively melting it wrong. White chocolate you’ll get
soap, that gritty stuff, or you’ll get a real nice shine. This is just a pan with some
water quite low down there that’s not touching the
bottom of that bowl. Little chunks of white chocolate in there. Just a little top tip, I’ve
put ice cold water in there so it takes longer to get hot so it gives this time, the maximum amount, to reach that temperature
because it does it really quick. Alright, that’s my chocolate
in there and I’ve just checked there is no water
touching the bottom of it. (fire igniting) Really low flame and we
will keep stirring it because that will actually
put more heat into it as well and speed up the melting bit. Whilst it’s doing that, chop
up your other 100 grammes. (chopping) Right, so I’ve just chopped
those into their blocks and then in half then half again. If you can grate it, that would be great. Gonna go over to that chocolate in a sec, but just to show you, I have some standard size Kinder eggs
here that I just halved. I’ve never used edible gold leaf before, but I also went a bit flashable,
got that from the shop. So we might make a golden
Kinder egg underneath it. I don’t know, but I’ve got ice cream, I’ve got Kinder Buenos,
I’ve got some nuts, I’ve got some meringue-ness,
I’ve got some raspberries. We’re gonna just make a funky
little dessert thing, yeah? Anyway, you alright? Good? (smacks lips and exhales) I mean of course I know how
to use edible gold leaf. Do you use a brush on it? If we get to that stage
life will be good I think. I’ve still got a little bit of time with that white chocolate,
so I’m quickly doing the same what I did with the milk chocolate. 200 grammes rough in a
bowl, 100 grammes chopped. I’ve just stopped stirring
this for the moment, but we’re looking to
get this to 45 degrees. Woo! So that’s gonna lower the
temperature almost immediately. We’re gonna use the residual
heat to melt those chunks. Mrs. Barry’s back from walking the dogs. Amy!
– Hello. (Barry laughs)
– Oh my gosh. Although I don’t want
to melt it fully yet, I might as well use some
of the steam for the moment just to start this milk chocolate melting. As you can see this one
is nice and smooth now, so we have to let this cool down. So in the meantime, all I’m doing is pumping up some balloons. And if yours, see how
it looks a bit ovally? As you take the air out you
can actually shape it a bit with your hand to get it
rounder if that makes sense, and then tie a knot in it once
you’re happy with the shape. (air escaping) You could totally do a balloon
animal magic melting thing. Someone do that, someone make a whole dog, the stereotypical balloon animal dog, covered in chocolate that you then pour. So when it comes to the
balloons, if you want, you can then wrap them in cling film. If you just wanna give
them a wash, do that. Some of you might not
think that’s too hygienic. I’m gonna go half and half. I’m gonna give it a very
light shield layer of oil. (bright orchestral music) I just realised I left my microphone off for that entire step. I managed to drizzle
three chocolate balloons. And then it firmed up really quick, and I run out of chocolate. I scooped some up from the tray
there onto the third balloon but it just set so fast,
but it is a nice thin layer so I’m starting to temper
my other milk chocolate and we do it again. Oh. (giggles) So in go these chunks. The longest thing so
far in all this recipe is the step now where we
mix it and just let it cool. Oh yes, look at that,
I am an Oompa Loompa. It’s quite a general statement, but I’m feeling like an
Oompa Loompa right now. Loving the look of these as well. They look like some retro light
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addressed envelope as well. Loving that, just scraping
every little bit off the edge as much as I can anyway
into the middle puddle. I will leave that to cool. Is the mic on? Yes it is, okay. Couldn’t hear it. Alright, so next up we’re
gonna make a caramel sauce we’re gonna pour over it. It’s good because you can
reheat it and store it. Yours will look better than
mine because I haven’t got any light brown sugar in the house. I normally have about
eight bags of everything. I buy it, then I get
told off by Mrs. Barry. But that’s another story. I’ve got half caster sugar and
half dark sugar in the bowl. We’ve got some butter and also cream. That’s all you need for
this sauce, very saucy. Into a pan, just stick in your butter. Yeah, so this is my
bodged light brown sugar. I don’t know if it’s gonna
work, I’ve never done it before. But, anyhow, it all gets
mixed together anyway. Get that in the pan. This is double slash heavy cream. We’ll need that in just a jiffy. (fire lights) On medium low heat. You can see the butter
starting to melt there. There’s no rush. Just give it a nice little
push around the pan. As the butter melts, let
it mingle with the sugar. All we’re really looking to
do here is melt the butter and dissolve the sugar into it fully. You jut don’t wanna burn the
sugar or bubble it just yet. In goes our cream, I love
that shot, oh my gosh. Let’s see if we can do something cool. Weee, nice, look at that. We mix the cream through and you can see how it’s
changing the colour. I’m so addicted to that, look at that. Should we just leave it like that? We’ve made a tie-dyed T-shirt, folks. There we go. By adding a little bit more
cream as you go (laughs). Woo, woo, oh that’s very
fun, that’s very fun. Obviously the more cream you add, the lighter in colour it’s gonna
be, but it will be thinner. I am loving that colour. That should be a really nice contrast against the milk chocolate ball in a bit. All we’re gonna do now
is just warm this up til it starts to bubble, kind
of like a very gentle simmer. Then you just keep it
warm til you need it. That’s the sauce guys, warm it up, sauce. Alright folks, this… Is that it? This is edible gold leaf. Oo, it’s on my finger, look at that. (laughs) I like gold. (shrieks) Look! (laughs) Woops. I’m gonna make a gold Kinder egg. (laughs) That looks good, doesn’t it? Yeah, that looks all rustic, gold crusted. That’s what we’re doing. I’ve never used gold leaf
before, can you tell? Look at this. Okay (laughs) that was so expensive. I did just read, though, gold
leaf attaches to any surface. (laughs) It’s all just
gone part now, hasn’t it? (laughs) Looks like a
really ill Kinder egg. We’re supposed to use a
brush and tweezers and stuff. But I kind of have got a
weird looking Kinder egg now. I’ve also jazzled up my
kid’s paint brush. (laughs) Okay, so the milk chocolate
is just about cool enough. Let me bring it back up to
a little bit of heat again as you saw in the tempering video and then we pour on the balloons. This is possibly the craziest
thing I’ve ever done. I know the Kinder egg didn’t
look that great, but… Oh my gosh, I nearly dropped it. This, my friends, is a meringue nest with a little bit melted chocolate. I’ve sat the Kinder egg
half with the gold on it. I’ve got some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, some Kinder Buenos sticking
there and some nuts. I’m gonna fill it with a little bit of raspberry, they call it, coulis. Like Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise. I’m not gonna show you how I did all that. You can work that out for yourself. It’s whatever you wanna put in there, but this is the raspberry thing. I’ve put raspberries in a pan. (fire ignites) Very low flame. Just a speck of water for now, about maybe a teaspoon’s worth. We can start to squish them a little bit with the back of a spoon. The raspberries are very, very sharp. This is optional but I’m
gonna add some sugar. Alright. We’re gonna mix it through so the sugar dissolves into the water. It’s gonna take some sharpness
out of those raspberries. As this warms up, it’s gonna start to
soften the raspberries. If you want stick your finger
in and have a little taste. Oo, needs some more sugar. Should start to simmer in
a minute, oh there we go. Look at that. It’s up to you, could leave
it like this with the bits in. Or you can pour it through a sieve. I’ll do that over here by
these amazing cookbooks. Massive sieve. Just allow that too cool. For the record, I have no idea why I used the smallest
dish in the world. (laughs) You guys excited, huh? That was my worst one and the
tape came off that one anyway. But these two, there’ll be alright. This plate, I’m gonna go in
the microwave about 30 seconds to warm it up to give
us a nice loose bottom and melt it smooth. Here’s my ball, I’m just
sticking it down on the plate. Keep your hands nice and cold. You don’t wanna get any
major finger prints on it. I’m just rubbing it back and forward. Alright so I’ve got a nice
smooth edge on it now. Gonna put it back in the
fridge just for a moment. Bamboo skewer, cold hands again. It might not come away from
the balloon straight away. (balloon pops)
Just pop it. You can see, there ya go. It’s starting to deflate for us. It will, over time, pull
away from the sides. Sorry to say it, but we’ve got to put it back in the fridge again. If you wanna encourage it a bit, I mean, the oil is doing its job, but you can just sort of
push down a little bit. But the main thing is to keep it cool. Don’t put your hands all over it. Alright, with a little bit of time, a little bit of patience, woo hoo! It looks like a shower cap. Back in the fridge. So the dessert is there from the freezer. Just warming up the sauce over there. I just hope it fits around it. I didn’t check that. We’ve got our little
raspberry sauce there as well which I’ll drizzle on in just a moment. Okay let’s do this. Oh, yes, it fits! It fits! Oh, no, I forgot the
sauce, woops. (laughs) Our raspberry sauce on there, there we go. That’s what I’m talking about. Straight on there, just
come out a smidgen. Come on, hot sauce, melt the ball for me. Come on, melt. Oh, look. You see? There it is, break down, baby, break down. Oh, oh, oh. Oh (laughs) there it goes, yay! And our amazing Kinder egg
filling is now drenched in gorgeous melted chocolate
and the caramel sauce. That was fun! Looks a bit like a
chocolate-covered chicken. (laughs) Right, I’m going right in. (grunts) Oh my gosh, you see that? A bit of everything on that,
meringue nest, Kinder egg, Ben and Jerry’s ice
cream, bashed hazelnuts, raspberry sauce, Kinder
Bueno, caramel fudge sauce, milk and white chocolate, and
of course, the edible gold. Oh my god. Just give me a minute. That is possibly, yeah,
I think that might be the best tasting dessert
slash naughty thing I’ve ever, ever made. And I’ve done nearly 1,300 videos now. It’s knocked me for six. But also it’s fun and
visually cool as well. Imagine serving that to your guests with your hot sauce on there. So there we go, magic Kinder egg chocolate
ball dessert thing all done. If you try this, please send me a picture. I’d love to know that I’ve inspired you. I do get messages like
that from time to time and that’s the whole
point I do this channel. Remember to subscribe for regular videos. Follow me on social
media @myvirginkitchen. And of course let me know down below what you wanna see next, cheers. This is blooming awesome.