Hello its Kinoshita YukaToday!!!! I’ll make the Mega Giga pudding 3.0 it weighs 3 kg I bought this on amazon I had a comment that asked me to make a bucket pudding and today I finally will make this and up until now the only puddings they had were only 2 kg…. 2kg is kind of wimpy don’t you think? and just recently I heard of this 3 kg version coming out so I bought this one ooh whats this… it looks so empty inside its its its like this in here lol a few things clinging to the sides pudding mix. what’s this? a spoon? its big and the instruction booklet and whats this? caramel perhaps and it seems like we need to warm up some milk and water so I will go ahead and warm them we will be using 2 litres of milk today ok in here I will need to warm up 1 litre of milk and 700cc of water I brought it to the boil and took it off immediately and to this we add the pudding mix and then mix until the powder is fully dissolved its started to take on a pudding like color this recipe doesn’t call for any eggs just 2 litres of milk and then you pour it into the mold paying special attention to not burn yourself ok it is all in the mold now and now we add the last litre of milk take some hot water and the caramel packet to make the caramel and pour it in slowly then put on the lid and refrigerate for over 10 hours…… yup 10 hours and so well… I guess I’ll see you tomorrow … alright its been over 10 hours and I will go grab the pudding ok here is the pudding that has chilled in my refrigerator for over 10 hours all we need to do is plop this out onto a plate I will open the bucket now ahh it looks yummy oh it smells so yummy as well its hardened look its got a bunch of bubbles at the top though I will plop this out…. omg its so scary I’m totally going to spill everything…. how am I supposed to flip this over? hmm like this? omg I’m scared…. whaa… I’m totally going to spill this… alright here we go will it get ruined? will it release itself from the top? I wonder… with pucching puddings there is an air seal at the top that you release to plop the contents out this doesn’t have a valve like that here whaaaa… its not coming out!!!! I totally thought it wouldn’t come out how am I supposed to get this? ohh the instructions have the details outlined oh crap I gotta flip it back we’re supposed to use this end of the spoon to separate it from the sides of the bucket ok so it should be good like this ahhh it made a sound it made a sound!!! I’ll take the bucket away…. wwwwaaaaa its completed but the caramel is sort of lopsided it looks yummy and its so jiggly as well it looks like a weird design on top lol oh it came out nice it came out nice… alright this is the 3kg of giga pudding itadakimasu lets use this spoon afterall this is on the tough side… mmm its pretty solid I kind of like a softer pudding myself I think this is a gelatin based pudding it looks like this … hmm I don’t know if I like this too much. and for a gelatin based pudding this is not as soft as the pucchin pudding and its real tough and solid and ….. lol but oh well its not like there are many 3kg puddings out there on the market and well its an alright taste lol since this has been removed straight from the fridge and its rock solid and very cold which might be the reason why I’m having a hard time tasting the sweetness from this alright I think I’ll pour on some maple syrup on top and the caramel went lopsided as well so and its turned into a maple syrup tasting version to make a pudding of this size it might be that you need to make a pudding this solid so that it retains its shape perhaps if it was softer it would fall apart as you pour it out can you see this? can you see how solid this is made? if it was soft it would totally break in 2 its pretty solid final mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadesu aaaannnnddd well this wasn’t quite a taste that I liked but it is pretty fun to be able to crank out a 3kg pudding like this and I think I should have topped it with some whipped cream or some fruits or some other things instead omg on the box it says that its serves 30 people lol and well I don’t believe there are many kits out there that allow you to make pudding of this size I believe it will be fun for parties and everyone who is curious about this please make it and give it a try and as always thank you for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons. BAI BAI