– Hello folks, (laughs) I
don’t know what that was, I’m sorry, hey, how you doin’? It’s Barry here, welcome
to My Virgin Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today we are testing some
more kitchen gadgets. As you know this is part
of a massive playlist which you can check out
throughout the video by clicking up here and down
below in the description. We have got a world exclusive today, I’ll come on to that in just
a bit, but very excitin’, I’m the only person to have these gadgets. Cool. But we also need to do
a little bit of prep for another gadget that we’re doin’, so we’ll do that first of all, but a little bit of
house keepin’ as always, before commentin’ down below please consider that
some of these gadgets, maybe not so much this video, but they do help people
within the playlist that have disabilities,
and a whole lot of people message me goin’, cheers
for mentionin’ that, and it’s important. So anyhow, let’s crack on. Before we get fully started, quick plug for my new cookbook
that has just come out. It’s available on Amazon worldwide. At first there was a problem
with the USA and Canada but that should now be resolved. If it’s not, it will be very, very soon. It’s full of recipes that
you’ll never see online. Vegetarian, healthy, naughty stuff, twists on classic, cooking with kids, and a huge bakin’ section
of desserts and puddin’s, in fact it’s number
one best seller already on Amazon for that, so
if you like my videos, and it would really mean the world if you supported me by
pre-orderin’ this book, so that’s it. (grunts) Now, if you didn’t know, we
went away to Portugal last week. And in fact, as this video’s gone up, on our spin-off behind the scenes channel, the Barry’s, I’ve just
done a whole video diary of our trip away to Portugal. And while we were there, I don’t know if this
happens in your country, but I’m normally in for
deliveries and stuff, but we had this arrive on a Monday and they left it the whole week, and obviously with it
bein’ England it rained. This gadget got absolutely
warped and broken. It’s not like that, I have
needed to do some prep with it, but this is the Chef’n
Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker, so you can basically make ice cream. It came with this huge
frozen steering wheel thing which was really heavy, I’ve put it in my freezer now which we’ll need in a bit, but first of all we need
to make our ice cream mix. So we’ll do that now. I mean, it didn’t say fragile on it, but I just don’t get why
the deliver driver went, yeah, it’s behind your shed, and just like chucked it over,
and I could’ve moved away. This is my first cookbook too, I know it looks nothing
like me on the front cover, but I promise you it is me. Loads of people on Amazon that are pre-orderin’ the first book are goin’, oh my God, I
didn’t realise that was you. Yeah, if you wanna get it, I mean the name is a giveaway. So in that box thing with the gadget came these little tool things which we’ll come to in a bit, okay, the main hubby thing is in the freezer. Not husband, hubby, nickname for husband? It had this recipe book along
with an instruction manual and we’re gonna go for
chocolate ice cream. We’re gonna need a sauce pan, sugar, cocoa powder, pew, salt. Mixy, mixy, mix with a
whiskey, whiskey, whisk. Alright, nicely mixed
together, to the hob. Need to make sure I turn
on the right hob, then, otherwise this would’ve gone up in flames. We don’t wanna cook powder, no, we’re gonna add in milk. In this goes, lot o’
milk is in there, folks. And then we just whisk this through, keep whiskin’ until it’s nice and smooth, and we’re gonna bring
it to a steady simmer. Oh no, I shoulda given my other whisk, you know, the one that I
used in a previous video? The Easy Whisk, that was amazin’. I’m not usin’ that Easy Whisk because it’s packaged up in a box, okay, ’cause I’m doing giveaways
on my social media, I’ve got about 80 gadgets to give away that I’ve officially used in these videos? It’s makin’ a noise, hang on. Nah, it’s alright. So if you please, follow me on
your social media of choice, as many as you like, I
am doin’ actual giveaways that I’m gonna sign
personally and send to you that have been used in
these gadget videos, so be sure to follow me
on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, at My Virgin Kitchen, as many as you can, and that’s that. This should be boiled now. Alrighty, we’re just
gettin’ it to a low simmer, and now I need to be careful otherwise that is gonna foam up and create this huge heady thing that’s gonna overtake the entire video, be like some over-poured Guinness. I used to work in a bar and
do that all the time, so. This is fine, this is fine. So we’re gonna take it off the heat, or at least remove the flame from the (mixture sizzles) ooh, in goes some vanilla extract. I was about to say, at
least remove the flame from underneath it, still
some residual heat comin’ up. And then we’re gonna pour
in some double cream, aka heavy cream. Now all we need to do
is whisk this through and let it cool down, which
is why we’re doin’ it first. Perfect. Now I’m not suggestin’ you do this, but if you wanted to put alcohol in this chocolate ice cream, maybe a little bit of
Bailey’s, somethin’ like that, let it cool down and then add it just before puttin’ it in the fridge. But I’m gonna bring you
over here and pour you, talkin’ about you, as in you
are now the chocolate mixture, into the jug, and we
just let that cool down, and I said this will go
into the fridge to chill but while we do that,
we’re gonna move on to the cactus yolk egg separator, because every gadget video
needs an egg separator, doesn’t it, I feel like we
do quite a lot of these. This is basically an egg separator in the style, or shape,
of a prickly cactus. The only way like I feel
like I can improve this is by lookin’ up a list of cactus puns. Uh nope, that one’s too rude. (laughs) Looking sharp, okay, that’s cool. I don’t know why you’d want
an egg separator as a cactus. Oh this is good, it’s two, it’s a proposal between
two cactuses, or cacti. I’m ready to stop being cact-i, and ready to start being cact-us. You know when you’re
confident in the kitchen when you can crack an egg
without even lookin’ at it? Oh, that’ll do. (laughs) I didn’t realise
it had a pot with it, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, I think you’re supposed to squeeze it out of the cactus and then put the yolk in the pot, so I don’t really need this. Give it a wash. I always wash all my gadgets, by the way, just can’t always be bothered to show you. Oh, and also, the dog hair in the last cheesecake video I did, I did see that and I
hoped that you didn’t. Damn you 4K camera. I did remove it, it was not consumed. Amy’s hairs, however,
they’re a bit more discrete, they’re white. This is making so much sense now, it’s like big and butch, it kinda looks like a courgette, which we’ll be usin’ in
another gadget in a minute. I feel like the best egg
separator there could be would be, I used to have a toy from Spain I got years where it looked
like someones face goin’ like that, so you squeeze it in and it go (sucks air in loudly) that would be quite cool, wouldn’t it? Come on now, yes. I always find they work better
when your egg’s chilled, ’cause the yolks a bit more firm. So, we sucked it up,
and then we deposit it, look at this. (laughs) Look. (laughs) That’s all, yolks. No more egg puns, but this one did exactly what I wanted it to. So this gadget, I’m pretty certain, this one only arrived yesterday. I’m pretty certain I’ve got another one that’s been upstairs for
months in me gadget box. I’ve got another 10 on the
way, as well, by the way. Loads of you sending me links, I’m like these are amazing,
I’ve gotta get them! This is the circular
knife and for some reason, I’ll show you in a minute, I’m sure there was a film in the ’80s where there was something like this on the side of a motorbike. I don’t know, maybe it was
a Mad Max-y kinda thing. I’m not very good with movies. If any of you guys wanna Photoshop me bein’ Marty McFly in a
Back to the Future poster I will love you forever. Bonus if you can get, like,
Austin and Amy in there as well. I’ve gotta be pretty careful with this ’cause it is probably
gonna be quite sharp. Oh yes. So this is a very dangerous
tool thing indeed, so let’s come down to the choppin’ board, let’s come down. So just for reference
there is no instructions in there whatsoever, so, especially with like a knife, you should certainly
have some form of manual so you don’t hurt yourself. So obviously got this like grippy thing and the aim is that we wheel it along, we wanna slice stuff up. There’s a trigger there. Oh my gosh. Oooh. I know I’ve gone a bit serious, but I legitimately
don’t wanna hurt myself. Y’know, that’s a blade right there. So this thing I’m thinkin’, okay, we wheel it along. Pull the trigger, yeah, okay, so like handbrake
(imitates squealing sound). (digital ringtone plays) Phone’s ringin’. Hello? Hello? Please talk to me. (phone beeps) It’s the perks of workin’
from home (sniffs) sometimes you get a phone
call and you just hope. I’m gettin’ a new studio soon, I won’t be workin’ at home, and I got a work colleague, cha-ching! As an aside to that, please
stop giving me your phone number on Snapchat and Instagram
saying hey, please call me, that would be so cool,
I’m not gonna do that. I might do it when I do the
livestream cook-a-longs though, but, come on now. Got some herbs here,
we’ve got like a courgette and banana as well. That well-known combination of parsley, banana, and courgette. So we’re gonna just
wheel it around I guess. Oh wow. That is really, really good to be fair. That blade is very, very sharp, too. Wow. For anyone that has
difficulty choppin’ things, this would be amazin’. I feel like I’m ironin’,
it’s quite addictive. I might actually use that later. Courgette. Men, look away now. Oh my gosh, straight through like a boss, did you see that? That’s really, really good. I’m not gettin’ too crazy with it, I don’t wanna slice off anything. (grunts rhythmically) You have to make the noises, the grunts, it helps. (grunts rhythmically) Look at that, that is awesome. We’re gonna slice the banana, but wait. We put the brake on, we’re done, we don’t wanna slice it
anymore, I can’t move anymore. So cool! But then we go (grunts) like that. That one’s fine. And then we go, hello? Yeah, I’ll call you back, thanks. Thanks, cool, yeah that’d be great, ’cause I work from home, thanks, bye. Bye. We’re about to show you
a world exclusive, folks. Three exclusive kitchen gadget
by a company called Mico who are doin’ an Indiegogo campaign. They’ve actually sent me the only versions of these models at the
moment that are available, and they’re doing an Indiegogo campaign to help make it a reality. There is a link down below,
and I’m happy to support it, because I’m a nice guy,
I wanna help people out. What I don’t like, though, what I don’t like is that
some people on Amazon, actual sellers, now, who
I’ve no association with, are now usin’ my name to go, as reviewed and
recommended by Barry Lewis. That’s naughty, alright you know, at least give
me some free dog food so I can feed my pug, s, s. Would you like that? Ah, wash my hands. They’re all microwave gadgets, so hopefully you can
tell what this one is, it’s got a potato on the
front, have a little guess. This one has got bread on
it, have a little guess. And this one has got eggs
on it, have a little guess. Worked it out yet? This makes an amazing
toasted sandwich, apparently. This makes (gasps) a jacket
potato in the microwave with an actual crispy finish, apparently. If you’ve ever made a jacket
potato in the microwave, it’s really bland. You get it cooked through,
don’t get me wrong, but it’s really like, (grunts) oh my God, doesn’t have that crispy,
rugged skin, it’s very smooth. And this can poach or fry an egg. This is how, like, new it is, right? It still says on the Indiegogo
page, at prototype stage, and the actual instructions
are on there only. If you actually go to the Indiegogo page, you’ll see all the information. I’m not gonna go into too much detail, but they use Mico heatwave technology that lets you have perfect
snacks in a fraction of the time. Oh my gosh, you totally need
to see the page like that. (laughs) Mico heatwave technology, that harness the microwave power to deliver conventional cookin’ and turns microwave food from
disappointment, to delight. We’ll start with the sandwich
toasty one, cha-ching. Okay, so it’s got these little flap things that secure that together,
these ceramic-y platelets. Wonder if some sort of crazy scientist has used this in his kitchen, be like yes, the prototype has worked! Just gonna butter some bread. Remember doin’ this in my old
sandwich toaster, as well. So that’s goin’ face down in there. Ooh, I could’ve got a
bigger slice of bread, I went easy on it. We’ll stick in some cheese, some ham, and a bit more cheese to cloak it. So now just like in a
standard toasty maker we put the butter side up again. Coulda buttered the inside if we want, but, feelin’ a bit cheeky. Alright. So we know stick our lid on. Oh yeah, yes. And then this. Yes, boom. That is nice and secure makes quite a good lunch
box, doesn’t it, actually. For medium browning it says
three minutes, 30 seconds plus three minutes 30 seconds. Let’s try it. (microwave beeps) I’ve gotta say, it’s only
been three minutes now, that’s good maths Barry, and it’s smell amazing already, I’ve got a feelin’ it could be done, but I’m gonna trust it, I’m gonna go with that method of goin’ an extra three
and a half minutes, while Homer looks on
in kind of disapproval. Woah, steamy. Let’s trust our judgement . (doorbell rings) While the door goes, let’s give
it three and a half minutes. Probably another gadget anyway. Another gadget’s arrived. (sniffs) God, that smells amazing now. Butter spreader knife, someone recommend that I get that. I’ve forgotten who you
were but I’ve ordered it, there you go. I really hope that I
haven’t overcooked it. There are three stages
of browning you can do. Ooh! (microwave beeps) You okay in there honey? See that steam? (laughs) Check it out, look how hot that is. Oh please don’t say I burnt it. Doesn’t smell burnt. (gasps) Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m bein’ impatient. I’m bein’ very impatient,
but look at, oh my gosh. That is amazin’! I’m lookin’ at the screen, sorry, you guys hate when I do that, don’t you? You really hate when I look at the screen and not the camera lens. But it’s really weird lookin’
at a circle bit o’ glass pretending it’s a person. Look! Unbelievable. You can see the gooey
cheese right there, look. That little mini cheese pool. It’s gonna be very hot. Look, look, see that cheese? (gasps) It’s hot! I don’t know why I love melted cheese, but that’s blooming gorgeous. I know you can get those toaster bags, but as you’ve seen
before, I’ve tried them, and they’re like really bad. For a first time at that, bang. Okay, Mico, you have my attention now. This is the lid for the potato thing, and we don’t need it first of all, it just sits in here. We get a jacket potato which
has been washed and dried, and I have heard horror stories about microwaving jacket potatoes without pricking them cactus style, they can actually explode ’cause all that pressure that builds up. I’m sure some of you can elaborate in the comments on that a bit more. So we’re just gonna stab the potato, and if this works I’m
gonna be so impressed and back it myself, this campaign. So, jacket potato goes in there. Microwave it for eight and a
half minutes with the lid off. Carefully put the lid on, and then microwave it
for another 10 minutes. Just while that’s finishin’ off, I’m gonna have a tuna mayo fillin’, and this is my favourite version. Tuna flakes in water,
tablespoon of sweet corn, two good tablespoons of mayonnaise, this is actually lemon mayonnaise, (mumbles) squeezed lemon in
it with a bit of zest as well. Teaspoon of Dijon mustard,
and a grind of black pepper. Oh! (microwave beeps) Here we go. (groans) This is like NASA stuff. I shouldn’t really open it yet ’cause of the steam, so
I’m just gonna be super, oh my gosh! (gasps) That’s crispy. Oh my, and the other side is even better. One thing I like about
this so far, as well, you can sorta probably carry
that in your bag to work. Bit better than a sandwich, isn’t it? Oh my gosh, I don’t know if you heard that ’cause of Austin’s paws walkin’ around. Oy, ya! The pug interfered there, sorry, but that was really crispy
breaking through there. It’s all soft in the middle, too, as standard when you microwave a potato, let’s not give it too much credit, but (gasps) yeah. And I guess if I wanted
it even more charred I coulda kept it in there longer. Bit of butter in there,
melt away my beauty. The old dollop of me tuna mayo, ahh, go on, get in there. We have fared well today. And why not some herbs
that we sliced up earlier with our wheely good gadget? That is also a good gadget. Oh! Last one of the Mico ones. That’s a bit close, isn’t it? Last one of the Mico’s, before we go back to
the ice cream to finish, is poaching or frying an egg. Ooh. So, we have this very snug
looking travel case thing with a lid, we remove it. Inside there’s two pods, so we can make two eggs at once. I thought, at first,
you had to pour water. I don’t think, ’cause there’s a water mark that I’m supposed to fill it in, ’cause it’s a prototype I
don’t think it’s in there yet, I think the scientists
know that stuff. (laughs) Scientists, I know science. Look, like a pair of eyes. Hello! The water would go through it, so boom. We actually just put the
eggs in here with the water, but these things sit on the outside. So we need some eggs. Let’s crack on. Egg banter. (gasps) This egg’s still
got a feather on it. I had to get another one,
I just couldn’t do that. This is complete guesswork
’cause I can’t see the fill line, but the instructional video did show this. A little bit of water,
yeah, kinda sat in there, and then we’ll do the other egg as well, ’bout the same amount, see that? I’m no microwave expert, but somethin’ tells me that
water will get very hot. So we sit our egg in there
with the water, and again. If this one fails, let’s
give it a bit o’ flexibility because I couldn’t see
the water level line, but it’s going good so far. And I think we shove the lid on. Oh wow, you can actually
poach, fry, or boil it, so about three minutes
roughly is for a poached egg. This microwave has been
worked a charm today. Alright, let’s give three
minutes. (microwave beeps) I know I can do it just
manually like that, but I just love pressin’ that button. (imitates beeping) Here we go. I guess I open it quite quick, otherwise the water will
keep cookin’ it, won’t it? There’s gonna be some serious steam. Woah! I guess I’ll be patient,
but I can’t, I’m excited. Oh wow, there’s a teeny
bit of excess water in it, so I’ll pour it away,
and it’s still very hot. In fact no, let me do it here, otherwise you might not believe me. Look, the egg’s in there still, and there’s just a little
bit of water there. Oh, do you know what I didn’t do? I think I was supposed
to oil the bottom of it. Hopefully it comes out. You had one job, Barry. Well, several, but. Oh, so don’t, oh wow, oh
my gosh, oh my gosh, it is! (grunts) Yes. I didn’t think it was gonna slide out quite as well as it did, then. Got all the egg white cooked through, slice through it (gasps) yes. Poached egg! Garnish optional. Look at it, that’s awesome. Oh, that’s perfect. So sadly I’ve gotta send those back, I can’t give them away, but
if you do wanna support that and make them a reality, there’s a link to an Indiegogo campaign down below. Last up, ice cream. Who knows, actually if we
can make that thing take off, then Mico might help me
make my own kitchen gadgets as well one day. You never know, with my face on it. So, this was the Sweet Spot (laughs) ice cream maker thing,
and there’s this big, like, heavy dish thing, this thing, I had to put it in the freezer overnight and it had water in it, so
when I bring it out right now, this metal plate, if I
stick my tongue to it Dumb and Dumber style, it’s
gonna be super cold, okay. So it came with this, came with the instruction/recipe booklet, and literally just some
shovelly things, that’s it. Prepare ice cream mixture and pour onto frozen Sweet Spot surface,
which is what I did. Mixture begins to freeze instantly so you can scoop and turn
until the ice cream forms, and then you can, you got ice cream. You can make margaritas
and sorbets as well. So as you know, our
chocolate ice cream mix is in the fridge, and we’re gonna get the big
steering wheel thing right now. I just got attacked by frozen spinach, I felt like Popeye.
(imitates Popeye chattering) There we go. Alright, yeah, this is a clean spoon. I’m just gonna give this
a little mix together ’cause it’s kind of settled. Nice. So this thing is super cold. Let’s just pull you back
a bit, can you see that? There we go. Pour half a cup of the mixture,
which is about 120 mils, onto the surface of the Sweet Spot (laughs) ice cream maker. Oh wow, can you see that steam comin’ up? That’s, just a little bit more. Alright, just to cover it like that. There’s actually legitimate ice in it, as well, right in the corner there. You can see how thin and runny that is. First serving will start
to freeze immediately. Wait approximately 10 to 15 seconds, I think I’ve done that already, then begin to mix and blend
with the included tools. Ooh, it does feel thicker already. Ah yeah, it is, it is. I don’t know what I’m
supposed to be doing. Just moving it around? It’s gettin’ there, oh my gosh. Dogs are goin’ crazy over there. Oy! Settle down, settle down. Sorry. It’s all starting to grip to the bottom, it’s gettin’ a bit, like, dirty, like the bottom of the sea
or somethin’, like sand. This is workin’. What I wanna try and do with this thing is do that thing, you know, when you push it and it
does one big roll together. I’ve never done that before. I’m very excited. We’re very close now, look, there’s actually like a surface formin’ and it’s gradually workin’ it’s way up to freem the, to freem? To freeze the whole mixture. I’ve given up on the instructions, I’m just gonna leave it. (laughs) there’s actually
water, last night, in this. It was like, I thought it was rain water from when the delivery guy dropped it off, but that, I guess, has been frozen, and that’s what’s hittin’ that metal and creatin’ this like
unique freezing point. Well, I think we’re about there, so I’ve never done this
before, it might fail, but I can tell you, that
is legitiamte ice cream. Whether it’s completely frozen or not, we’re about to find out. Ahhh yeah, yeah. That’s ice cream, that is ice cream. Didn’t get the roll, though,
I really wanted the roll. (laughs) No, we’re not gettin’ the roll, but that is 100% ice cream,
with a question mark. It’s so hot in here it’s
meltin’ already. (laughs) Here we go. Oh my word, (groans) that is super rich. Absolutely gorgeous. So we’ve come to the end of
this gadget testin’ video but don’t worry, there is
a playlist full of them so grab the popcorn and watch the rest, and you guys love doin’ that, have a Barry-thon, remember
to pre-order my book if you like, you don’t have to. Please don’t feel pressured. And of course, if you wanna
check out that Indiegogo link, my favourite gadget today was
actually that toasty maker, so I will certainly be helping it. There we go folks, any
cool gadgets you’ve seen, let me know down below. Remember to subscribe for regular recipes and food fun, and I’ll
see you again next time. I’ve gotta have another go at this. (snorts) And that is why I don’t
work in an ice cream shop.