really to the things I dislike the most oh really cherry pies the best pie apple pie can suck my D what’s up what’s up friends so today we are going to be tasting and ranking Trader Joe’s frozen desserts originally we were going to do every dessert but then we got there we realized that there were too many we do have like frozen ice cream bars but any ice cream that comes in like a pint or a quart we kind of had that out because it would have taken sixty years there are literally 29 Trader Joe’s frozen dessert is so many I love Trader Joe’s I also love Trader Joe’s I remember when it first opened near my house when I was a kid one time I stole a Clementine accidentally I feel like if you don’t like cooking Trader Joe’s gets you like two-thirds of the way there they’re like you got to do the last third on your own but we are gonna give you a little push right off into the ledge of mouth Canyon I visited there once with an old flame I feel like you go there with every flame yeah yeah I love mouth Canyon so Jen and I love to eat food together we know that like our friend Keith those videos where he eats everything at McDonald’s that’s don’t eat his videos where he’ll order everything at a fast-food restaurant eat it basically we’ve been asked to do eating videos mukbang type style videos for a while also forgive me if I’m saying mukbang wrong and we always sort of said no because we had already eaten lunch we just loved Trader Joe’s they’ve so many desserts I haven’t eaten lunch and my dinner was a light huge thing of fried chicken so I just wanna eat some here’s the thing I’ve thought about this very methodically we are over estimating how much dessert we have in terms of stomach space so we need to be very judicious and take breaks and take tiny bites and we’re gonna put them into three categories just okay pretty good at great yeah and then at the end we’re gonna rank them and we must agree on the ranking so it won’t be that harsh yeah I feel like we’re gonna have a lot of typos Shh I think chocolate ice cream is the worst flavor of ice cream I think you are saying really horrible hurtful things to me right now I think chocolate ice cream tastes like play-doh it doesn’t matter what do you like vanilla ice cream you okay what’s your favorite dessert at apple pie no I like tiramisu I like chocolate based desserts like hazelnut no because chocolate ice cream doesn’t taste like chocolate yeah whatever it tastes like paste okay keep going it tastes like a bore you know what I want your stops oh this is gonna be a day can we dig it yes this person really trying today is Trader Joe’s Tammy sue which is melting a little bit so we’ve already unboxed these obviously and jen has definitely unboxed the living crap out of this dessert looks like a bear got into it it has a good coffee flavor it’s very creamy it’s not too coffee II mm-hmm and I’m already breaking my rule so there’s only gonna have one behind oh this is good tiramisu is officially really great oh yeah next is no cheesecake specifically the New York deli style baked cheesecake yeah it’s a little lumpy yeah I can taste extremely average cookie down mm-hmm yes New York Deli style cheesecake okay macaron Oh Framboise I don’t like raspberries I do like raspberry oh my god my most savory meets person I think the raspberries honestly the best part of it now Graham the cream and actual cakey crust is kind of indistinguishable from each other it’s just okay this is the chocolate almonds butter tart also my senior quote guerrilla solid glass of 2011 I actually really love almond desserts and I like chocolate so I have high hopes for this one I don’t love almonds I think almonds kind of there I like that the chocolate is present the almonds are present and it’s got a decent texture it’s not too soft chocolate almond butter tart pretty good good the next thing we’re gonna try is the Tarte au fruits which is a mixed berry tart I think fairies have been like leaning on their reputation for being really tasty for a long time and I think it’s time for berries to step down the two main ingredients are raspberries sugar and then blueberries this looks like something that you would serve at your Thanksgiving dinner oh whoa this is genuinely a case of the berries are good how much sugar Ariadna harsh this is a category we didn’t think we were gonna have to use which is bad sorry France your daughter fruit was disappointing I don’t think France made this oh just a product of friend why are you still this was bad I just want lunch sweet flights we have raspberry cake I don’t like it oh my chocolate and coffee opera cake that’s great oh you don’t like it it’s okay and a caramel and chocolate cake oh it’s crispy the texture of whatever’s on top I think it’s the caramel it’s like chunky I’m really disappointed I thought these were gonna be the best ones we look cute thing you betrayed me this is just a good get out of here out here six down there you go oh this is gonna take two days next we have very crazy dark chocolate covered strawberry pieces so that’s why that’s so tiny the chocolate is good I love the texture of the frozen strawberry I do not it tastes like it’s freezer burn below book this is oddly okay cold brew latte dessert bars and so as not to waste more than one popsicle we are simply gonna cut off little pieces just the tip no that’s not gonna work nope he’s whirring here we give it to me this is gonna take longer oh that’s not bad at all this might be my favorite thing I’m gonna venture so far as to give this a look I’m sorry you can’t have back so if you want anymore well now I may not give it a lot brain freeze uh-huh did you eat that cold thing a little bit too fast well maybe should you have slowed down all right this is pretty good you want toss it just not old okay Jordan ice cream bon bons what are they clearing but Noah that’s it that’s so boring you vanilla has a place okay you get in the trash this is like a Mickey bar at Disneyland but better that cooking crust is exquisite pretty good dessert girl lunch is here I’m gonna call him the next dessert will be trying is the brownie coffee crisp ice cream sandwiches at first I was excited I think it’s too coffee it’s very sugary and it’s kind of uncomfortable it’s just okay okay will you please put the Cheetos down I don’t want to hear you complain in 45 minutes about how you’re full so next are two please Chuck look great don’t like chocolate Phil craps yeah I just look a little sad look like little burnt fingers they also look too thick to be babes that is good the chocolate is somehow sour and also too sweet at the same time I think this goes in the very coveted penalty box I’m good showing for France next con la de Bordeaux oh it seems like it might be French good they look like too Art Nouveau little booze oh it is a rubbery texture we got going on here love that oh it’s not terrible the texture really threw me off the more I eat at the warm light I think I like this I mean I think it’s bad you like it which means just okay I’m sorry I hope we’re still friends we’re not well then enjoy your new best friend mango and cream bars I’m curious to find out what you think of these because you don’t like fruit very much I do like fruit it’s only fruit based desserts and I think for popsicles sake we should suck it I’m like mad they’re delicious I’ve had these before and I eat them regularly I think the tankiness of the mango is a balanced by the cream of the cream these are really good funny thing is about the next five desserts we have are all mochi matcha green tea mochi ice creams I have a feeling it’s really gonna depend on the flavor of the ice cream because mochi is mochi I like it not the best mochi I’ve ever had it’s a little bit bitter this one might be just okay coffee mochi with a saucy mochi Center and I don’t really know what that means does it have a good gooey Center no no it’s weird to have coffee that bitter in something that’s so cold well I would say the best part about that is the mochi the penalty box that’s a penalty box bad more mochi but this time it’s a flavor that we know trade can do really well which is mango so this is not necessarily ice cream this is like actual mango inside and that’s pretty delightful it’s okay if you don’t like it I don’t I think the problem is mochi part melts really fast and the frozen fruit is like frozen I like them you don’t they’re just okay Thai tea mini mochi I’m curious about this because Tai Chi is a pretty mild flavor I think if you like Tai Chi it’s pretty good this one somehow it tastes kind of burnt someone left the Tai Chi on the kettle a little bit too long yeah we’re getting Thai crumbs it’s just okay so our last mochi is mochi strawberry it doesn’t separate quite as easily that’s the other cochise textures a little weird I like it good I use the best mochi we’ve had cookie ice cream sandwiches let’s each bite an end oh my god it’s like a lady in the Tramp as soon as I just made that idea I was like these are too small oh it’s really good when you compared to other cookie ice cream sandwiches I have pretty good trader Joe is so creamy mini vanilla sandwiches oh not bad mmm I don’t love this soy ice cream this one is pretty good root frenzy bars this has three different flavors raspberry lemon and strawberry so I think we should taste each layer if this bark had just been made out of the strawberry and the raspberry part I would be like yes well if it ever juice out too good okay and good I would think this is pretty good the lime fruit flows if you want lemonade but as a popsicle you found your guys this is it I think this is pretty good my hands are very picky the raspberry and vanilla cream bars now we had close cousin of this earlier which was the mango cream bar this adds vanilla to the whole equation I don’t love the vanilla I like this a lot Wow I’m liking a lot of fruit based desserts today but it is pretty good French macarons they have very vanilla and very chocolate they are considered lusciously French the French have not been doing very well this whole video they have been really letting us down it’s like a little hamburger he does taste a little artificial and macaron has to have like kind of a flaky outside yeah and this is a little soggy and it’s cuz they were frozen yeah no that is some artificial vanilla as well I’m not a fan I think these are just okay last five duh certs we are at certs girl ok these are apple blossoms they’re fully baked I don’t really like apple dessert or out these spy apples are but they are delicious I think these are pretty great our next item is more microns oh we have fig lemon apricot coconut pistachio and salted caramel oh we gotta try Oliver’s this is a salted caramel the actual cookie is much crispier and the previous macarons we had I don’t even like caramel that much but that’s decent this pistachio that’s pretty good that’s a great pistachio apricot is a little bit artificial I don’t want the apricot be coconut I usually don’t love artificial coconut hit me whip that nut this one is very very sugary taste like a potion Freddy’s a lemons tastes kind of like a weird lemon bar everything through coconut is like solid coconut and lemon are just bath products so I would say this is still good how many do we have left it’s a three three Oh God give me strength okay it’s very dry it’s very dense it’s not my favorite in fact I think it’s just okay mini mint ice cream mouthfuls I’m taking the world’s smallest bite of this not if I take it first we good the final dessert we’re gonna be trying is mini hold the cone ice cream cone Cheers we did you broke my oh so good really great we tried every frozen dessert from Trader Joe’s we try to do ice cream oh do I look normal of all the desserts we tried today my top three were terribly soup a vanilla ice cream cone and my number one as always phango and cream bars my top three are the tiramisu at number three the apple blossom at number two and at number one though it’s been cooked my bottom three are the fruit tart coffee mochi and the french crepes oh the French crepes think we have the same bottom three honorable mention two worse dessert is definitely to those vanilla and chocolate macarons here’s the thing we taught you all about awesome desserts and we had fun doing it mm-hmm trying every frozen dessert Trader Joe’s lady tasted lady I realize that we’re tired good [Music]