good evening and welcome to the news at 6:00 I’m Evelyn Schultz thank you so much for joining us tonight we are tracking very serious weather this evening and we want to bring in chief meteorologist Kurtis grubbing it’s right away people were watching in the 5 they know you were tracking tornado warnings in parts of central Montana yes tornado warnings warning means a tornado is on the ground or imminent and right now there are three here in the central part of the state this is the same line that blew through the capitol that blew through Great Falls with hail with torrential rain with flooding flash flooding in Great Falls and now there are one to three separate tornado warned cells here meaning three different thunderstorms could have three tornadoes on the ground and a warning again means that a tornado is either on the ground or it is imminent based on radar here let’s take a look at the individual cells here and again here is one tornado warning west of Christina a little town of Christina north of Lewistown this is where a tornado could be on the ground here looking at the radar very very heavy rain a lot of lightning hail likely with this storm and I’ve been talking about the rain wrapped potential of this tornado meaning the tornado is somewhere in the middle of all of this rain so you’re not going to be able to see it coming if you live in Christina or somewhere north or northeast of Christina get indoors get inside if you’re in any one of these tornado warned areas get away from any window if you live in a mobile home park that’s not the safest place to be go to a tornado shelter if you have want to run to somebody’s house here very very quickly if you’re in the path of this storm now there you can see the storm moving off towards the Northeast here I want to show Suffolk is a possible location Winnifred Fergus also had about 624 you’re in the path of this severe thunderstorm that has a tornado warning and this is a little different don’t show this very often but it applies to severe weather here the green is wind that is going toward the radar site all the way out in Great Falls the yellows and the Reds are indicating where we’ve got wind that is going away from the radar site so you look for where there’s a tight little couplet is what this is called and somewhere in this warned area right in here there may be wind going towards the radar site and certainly going away from the radar site so again south of Winnifred is where we’ve got one tornado warning here a little closer look and again right around the Winifred Highway if you live somewhere right up along that road this possible tornado likely tornado here is moving off towards the Northeast on to tornado warning number two here this going for at least another ten minutes we have a possible tornado once again this is highway 236 that winds through here and once again looking at where the winds are going and where we may have some wind shear and it’s right up in here where we’ve got winds going away and winds going toward so or maybe possibly crossing highway 236 right there also outs over here this doesn’t look too good but again it’s well towards the north of winter Fred and then around the Judith Gap area if you’ve got family or friends that live in this area Judith gap itself is under a tornado warning there’s the cell starting to come off the very tip of the little belt Mountains here it is moving off towards the east and there is that potential for a little rotation right there still well to the west of Judith gap however right there around the tip of the little belt Mountains is where there could be a tornado on the ground moving off towards the east look at this line of thunderstorms here so not only do we have the one to three separate tornado warnings this entire line is virtually a severe line of thunderstorms here capable of producing large hail damaging winds 60 70 80 miles per hour and it continues to move off towards the east northeast here a lot of lightning strikes with this cell yet another and why you should be inside if you’re in the path of this storm have her this cell was a severe here but it looks like the entire have our area through Guilford out there Chester the rain is just getting heavier and steadier hail potentially in some of these cells here off towards the southwest of course Great Falls and Helena we’ve been hit extremely hard by heavy rain and hail and flooding here around the Capitol I’ve got a couple of cells redeveloping and moving back towards town but a flash flood warning remains in effect here for at least another 12 minutes or so until about 6:15 this includes Great Falls Black Eagle and rainbow if you’re watching us right now you probably know from the Great Falls area that there was extremely extremely heavy rain that came down a very short period of time hence the flash flooding fast flooding some parts of Great Falls have water over the roads these are the last reports that we got and some roads may be closed if you’re thinking about driving in and around Great Falls maybe rethink that idea turn around don’t drown that’s the motto here when you encounter water over a road surface just avoid maybe driving uh avoid the Great Falls black eagle area here for the next few hours so here’s a look at where the thunderstorms will be going up through Northeast Montana over the next few hours up into the High Line here by about 9:00 9:30 10 o’clock still a couple of showers and thunderstorms around the capital here over the next hour to an hour and a half but there’s the line up around Glasgow and Jordan by about 11:00 11:30 tonight things calm down overnight tomorrow there will likely be more in the way of showers and thunderstorms and the potential again for severe storms I don’t think it will be as bad tomorrow but nonetheless severe thunderstorms potentially in the central part of the state right where we’re getting hit right now with three separate tornado warnings and these storms will move off towards the Northeast as we go through Friday afternoon and Friday evening and we’ve got some rain showers maybe a few rumbles of thunder coming through on Saturday but the severe threat kind of starts to diminish as we go through Friday Saturday does not look severe Sunday we could have a couple of showers and thunderstorms so here we go the front going through the Western and central part of the state that’s out ahead of the front where we’ve got more in the way of instability so severe storms possible north central and northeast Montana for tomorrow for Saturday some rain showers early a few isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon highs in the 70s and the good news is Saturday the severe threat goes off into North Dakota some day a better day however there still will be some green on the map here a few thunderstorms firing on Sunday and then into Monday we’ve got a few showers and thunderstorms going through here’s the seven-day forecast for the capital there you can see mostly cloudy skies showers and thunderstorms tomorrow isolated over the weekend but all the way into the fourth of July there are more showers and more thunderstorms here expected across the state once again I want to get back to the tornado warning here we’ve lost a tornado warning but there are still two separate tornado warnings and radar indicates we’ve got a tornado on the ground we’ll be right back