all right and where is the big man right now he’s take it off from the North Pole and he just report he’s in Argentina so he’s out and about here and estimated arrival time here in Montana maybe about 122 in the morning so you better be in a sleep in bed with your eyes closed at that time Santa doing a cool 470 miles per hour right now yeah I like that little fog moving into the hell and air of course we had a little light snow the wind is calm black ice may be an issue here tonight so roads could be a little slick and in Great Falls 26 degrees didn’t see any snow today actually had a little Sun up in the Electric City 20 in cup Bank temperatures generally in the 20s and the 30s right now there’s that little area of snow from around Missoula through Butte America over through about the capital Bozeman Billings just a thin little area of snow here through the state generally south-central Montana and the snow right now really has kind of shut off here around the capital still a couple of snow showers out there around Phillipsburg and also a little in the way of some snow from Columbus through Billings over to hard and so some spots here in the state may be a little slick tonight into tomorrow morning otherwise a little white tier on Christmas Eve into the Northeast and then also some snow down into the Sierra of California and into the Great Basin looking at a little snow but that’s where the next storm for Christmas will really hit and bring some snow here down to the south of Montana the storm kind of just ducking underneath us here so here we go through tonight snow exiting southeast Montana and we’re looking at T mostly cloudy nights with again some fog some freezing fog and also a little in the way of some black ice forming on some of the road surfaces so be careful tonight and tomorrow morning if you’re doing your last made a Christmas shopping but heading in through Christmas Day notice a lot of Montana the gray on there it’s just cloud cover unfortunately snow down to the south but heading into the evening hours look at some of that snow crossing Minaya heading up through about Bozeman Livingston maybe billing seeing a little snow here late tomorrow night otherwise most of the state a very quiet Christmas for Wednesday the day after Christmas some snow into the I’m part of the state here early that snow moves out big snowstorm for the Dakotas the day after Christmas Boxing Day in Canada and then we’ve got some snow that is heading towards the western part of Montana for Wednesday night into Thursday Thursday I’ll have just a little aged snow that may accumulate actually a couple inches around the capital and great fall so snowfall amounts not much here for tonight into tomorrow but it’s after about dark tomorrow that’s when there will be some snow increasing around Livingston out through Billings right along the Wyoming border here but I don’t think much of any snow will fall tomorrow across the north central part of the state here and then getting into a Wednesday afternoon that’s when uh snow fall um generally be about one to three inches there into the southeastern part of the state lows tonight a bit on the chilly side temperatures down into the teens for most locations again a mostly cloudy night a few flurries here and there keep your eyes open for Route off here tonight certainly gonna need him and there is the forecast for tomorrow for Christmas some snow late south-central southeastern Montana otherwise we’re looking at a very quiet benign Christmas here with temperatures in the 20s not much in the way of wind for the day after Christmas snow moving out of the eastern part of the state there may be a couple of snow showers after about midnight tomorrow night into Wednesday morning around the capital up through Great Falls Thursday I think this is our best chance of seeing some snow here for a lot of central and western Montana light snow right along the Continental Divide will probably pick up about one to three inches of accumulation here on Thursday and then Friday fairly quiet and seasonable temperatures in the 20s to around 30 degrees here’s the seven day forecast for the capital tomorrow Christmas I know it says 60% late but it’s really after dark and down to the south into the higher elevations laughs just a little snow coming close to the capital but all in all it’s just a mostly cloudy day – maybe a few flurries here they are best chance for snow though coming through on Thursday and then looking towards the final couple of days of 2018 Sunday and Monday Monday’s New Year’s Eve look at that’s maybe a little arctic air mass coming in with highs only in teens and some snow so not everybody look you got a white Christmas for tomorrow with that inch of snow on the ground or snow falling but we will have more snow coming up on Thursday and then also Sunday into Monday sweet great thanks for that Curtis and Sam Christmas means a little something extra to Montana football players that it does that it does